Walk out of my favorite sushi restaurant at the mall

>Walk out of my favorite sushi restaurant at the mall
>see a group of girls pointing at me and laughing

What the fuck

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They're laughing at you because you'd go down on a girl. That's what eating sushi is all about. Yousa on the knees kinda guy. Pussy ass mawfuckuh. Bout to bust a nut all up in yo eye so you bitchass can see me cummin.

Idk man women are fucked. They were all probably talking about how small your dick is and just busted out laughin over it. Shit be cray cray.

So this means that you're
>have no fashion sense
>smell bad
thankfully most of these problems can be fixed, if you don't want to be laughed at sort your fucking life out freak

How do you connect sushi and actually caring about your girlfriends pleasure

>"omg it's one of those guys who masturbates over cartoons, haha theres a guy like that in my class, they're all called, wait what is it, oh yeah, incels, i heard it on the news, they're disgusting, sooo pathetic, how do guys like this even exist?"

The way you worded that sentence makes me want to take a plane ride over to your sushi joint, hop in the stacy circle even tho male just to point and laugh at you, too. Niggas all on his knees slurpin n shit... Mmmm dat shit is raw just my jiveee nigga... Wrapmy dick in some seaweed and smack yo cross da face so hard yo jaw cum unhinged

You've been conditioned to liking the taste of raw fish because of all the pussy eating.

Were you wearing something funny, like a fedora or something?

The prophecy wus true...

How do you not chimp out in these situations? Once some giggling teenage girls passed me in a train station and I shouted at them that I'd done time in prison (I haven't) and they ran away. I think I heard them crying but I'm not sure

I also go to the mall for sushi. Those girls weren't laughing at you, you're just imagining it because you're a little self conscious around girls. Teen girls never take the feelings of others into consideration. They didn't think that if they laugh while looking at you that you'd assume you were being laughed at. Don't sweat it.

Real talk OP they were probably talking abotu gross nerds or somesuch, someone from their school probably, and you happened to walk out at the right time.

Also you being alone and fat didn't help.

It happens that teen thots when in group WILL laugh and giggle at Chads too, but I am confident this isn't the case.

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You can get stopped by the bobbies for that

el oh el
get rekt weeb faggot

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They probably realized from your neckbeard face that you're a Jow Forumswojakposter.

I would be honestly surprised if they knew what r9k is

It just means they were already laughing at something else/some things else, and you have something slightly wrong with you for some reason and in their already histarial laughter, simply pointing at you was enough to continue the mirth.

We've all had it happen before when shit was so funny that the dumbest thing would continue the laughter. No worries bud. You'd have to post too much personal shit for us to figure it out.

I really dont understand what you mean by hysterical laughter

Yeah, it has to be one of these, OP. Why don't you try working on yourself and hit the gym?

>he didn't run over and behead and rape then

>not throwing some shit at them

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