Fembots, at what age did you get your first buttplug?

Fembots, at what age did you get your first buttplug?

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24 or 25 I think

17 if i remember correctly, maybe 16

I have one up my ass RIGHT FUCKING NOW and it's the best feeling ever

im a girl (male) btw

when will this meme die. vaginal+clit feels 2000x better, and without shit bacteria

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The best orgasms I've ever had in my life were anal + vibe on clit. Idc if anal needs more prep.

17 i think, maybe 18
now i have five

Can my dick be your butt plug femanon

>anal needs more prep.

It doesn't really desu, I fingered and fucked my ex gfs butthole often without preparation and it was clean

i'm 20 now so I'm old

but yeah ig

I don't know how much of a meme they are, one girl once mentioned that she walk around most days with a small to medium size buttplug, and that it gave her some mini-orgasms during her day to day activities.
I also got told by another that she tried a buttplug once and it was very uncomfortable to put it in, and was a very weird sensation the hour or so she had it before she decided to take it out

Wonderful can I drop my discord so we can arrange this?

It is my first and only one

>It is my first and only one

So you intend to be faithful to your buttplug until death?

You just got lucky, unless she was actively paying attention to how clean she was.

Maybe it's due not being american, I heard shitdick is a mostly american problem due to the lack of dietary fiber

>vaginal+clit feels 2000x better
This is why anal appeals to me, fembot.

Oh youre a discord fag? Never mind I would never like you anyway

No it's simple, people that like anal pay attention to cleanliness. People that try it for the first time spontaneously get shitdick.

I fingered a girl in the ass one time and my finger came out clean. (to be honest I stopped after a few minutes because she was saying that it was hurting a little)

23 or 24 when i got my first house and had privacy. Was the starter set of 3 you get. still have them

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Speaking as someone who does a not of anal play. If you are shitting regularly, have done recently theres not likely to be any up there even before you clean yourself out. But if someone is really disgusted by the prospect of a trace of poo then they have no business near an anus anyway

If you eat enough fiber and you go poop right before anal, there really shouldn't be any poop left in there.

Do you unironically think discord is only used by fags for communication

You're preaching to the choir. I'm very experienced in having anal sex I'm just telling you how most normie women operate in terms of anal prep. They don't care.

I was offered my first buttplug at 16