Why arent women repulsed by pink dick?

I mean its pink for God sake.

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Why would they care? 99% of the time the dick will be in one of their holes

Mine's more closer to purple

They say this but ethnic girls literally beg for white cock.

they say white guys but they only mean chads

I'm a white guy. I've got better lips than most women desu

>thinking uncut is bad
Enjoy your jew cock, whore

>whore says whore things

Uncut means the opposite though

Pink and white dicks look perfect to me. Brown dicks look like poo and gross me out

* no wait I get it he jew

Unseasoned ass? Does she only eat ass if curry eaters or some shit?

White guys are so sexy but I don't want to fetishize them.

We're cool with it, we won't think it's racist

>non whites are all circumcised

Because girls like pink. pink and pretty. pretty in pink.
Also I wouldnt judge a guy for being cut but Think bodies should be left natural. Can't imagine holding my precious baby boy in my arms and then being like yep take him away, chop off his foreskin.

Do none of you autists understand sarcasm?

It really is a barbaric practice. Imagine the uproar if female circumcision was legalized

Yeah people are gonna be sarcastic about that. White guys are universally liked by all races. A tortoise would even get the hots for us

The funny thing is that going by her profile pic she is probably like 40%+ white herself. Fucking mutts should be exterminated at birth.

Nah, don't exterminate anyone. Purity can be breeded back

Well my dick is cut because of some GOD DAMN FUCKING KIKES. So I guess this doesn't apply to me. But I am everything else she has said.

yeah I can't even comprehend it. Its not much of a thing here in the UK as far as I can tell. Its weird to me to see (american) girls mouthing off about ugly slug dicks and stuff.imagine hating bodies as nature intended.


>Black girl made me her bf
>Over the course of her relationship her black friends are so thirsty to try she actually lets them fuck me

Not a regular thing only happened a few times through the relationship, but nonwhite girls behave totally different towards white guys when it's not a usual public/social situation. Just hanging out with them, they're so eager and nice about being white. And thirsty.

Of course they do, god made whites in his image

this. brown cocks are gross.

America is total cancer from top to bottom. The worst thing that ever happened to this planet by a long, long way.

I love the brown/black ones personally

It is just twitter bias garbage, only mouthy retards show up, so people use that bias to think that is the opinion of many. I am an uncut american and women either never talk about it or in the case of my current bang piece, she talks about how it is the best and asked if all uncut dicks are this good.

>women either never talk about it or in the case of my current bang piece

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black women hate the white man, but they love white men
>t. black manlet khv

Thank you for sharing, reiko.

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As you may have gathered, OP, from the replies in this thread, pink is more of a plus than a minus. I've been with two asian girlfriends and I had a hookup with an indian girl on tinder. Both of my girlfriends were with Asian men before me and they specifically said my cock's pinkness made it attractive. I didn't spend much time with the indian girl but she flat out said she preferred white guys in her tinder bio.

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I don't want to risk it, don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

>I've been with two asian girlfriends and I had a hookup with an indian girl on tinder
oh my fucking god

pink dick > brown dick
just like pink nipple > brown nipple

no idea who that is desu

She seems really upset at white people for existing

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I'm a true progressive I love all cocks uwu