I'm about to apply this stuff to my entire body

I'm about to apply this stuff to my entire body
what am I in for?

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save up for laser

chemical burns

Is it more effective than waxing?

afaik it's a very good stuff
ask on /lgbt/ how to use it properly if you have questions

Follow the directions very closely or prepare to be in tremendous pain.

So...you just mean don't leave it on for more than 7 minutes or whatever it says?

Yes. And make sure you do not apply it to any locations that have abrasions or cuts of any kind.

It's really not that bad minus the fact it stinks. Just read the instructions beforehand (I'd lean for the lower end of their time suggestion it's designed for thicker hair) and do it before you shower or bathe so you can make sure you wash it all off.

Probably best to do a test patch on a less sensitive part of your body beforehand though to make sure you don't have any weird reaction.

dont shave yourself

Remember when I was 16 or so I put this shit all over my balls and base of my penor and left it on longer than the recommended time

Nothing happened so I was lucky

Okay, noted

I was gonna do the test tonight. Am I ok to actually wash with soap after I use it? Or should I just rinse with water?

This shit doesn't work for me, it literally took off no hairs even though I mixed it correctly and left it on for over 5 minutes

Did it work?

Is your hair super thick?

>Did it work?
Yes, it got rid of the hair, by "nothing happened" I meant it didn't chemically flay my cock.

No my hair really isn't that thick, it shouldn't matter though because the reason this stuff was invented in the first place is for niggers whose hair is too thick to be shaved without getting razor bumps, so it should be able to handle thick hair.

yeah don't do this. best case scenario, it doesn't work.

t. fembot who's tried it with veet

I heard veet is a lot less effective

i heard it too
veet a shit

why do you want to do this? origiNL

Because I like the feeling of being completely smooth around my dick, balls, and butthole. I have only shaved around my butthole a few times because it's very tedious with a razor, but it's always been nice.
Plus I want to take the chance to see what it feels like to have completely smooth buttocks, and legs down to my knees, cause I'll apply it there too.

I don't think I'll apply it to my lower legs because sometimes I wear shorts inside and I don't want people who are used to seeing my hairy legs commenting on my smooth legs.

Damn I hope this works

Right, so I just did the test but I added more than 1/2 tsp of water to a 1/2 tsp to the powder. Was hard to mix.

I applied it to a spot on my inner thigh. It definitely removed hair but not all of it. I'm hoping that's because it was too diluted. What really ended up happening was, after the wait time, I started rubbing the area with a wet washcloth, and some of the hair came off with the cloth, but most of weirdly clumped up in several spots. When I pulled the clumps the hair easily came out. I'm taking this as a sign that I should trim my legs before applying this ?

As a side note it does smell really fucking bad. It smelled fine as a powder but after mixing with water it was awful

Never use this shit OP. I used it on my face once and, though it did remove the hair, it caused significant bleeding from my follicles. Felt like I had razor burn 2: electric boogaloo

How long did you leave it on?

you dummy you were supposed to buy the one in the gold can. It smells less like shit

facial hair are different that's given

I was thinking of doing the same thing with Nair, I usually shave the shaft and balls but if I find the time then sometimes I pluck the hairs on the shaft instead and that's obviously not an option with the butt

I do have the one in the gold can.

Oh. Well trust me it's way better than the alternative, just suck it up

do you shave for your daddy's pleasure

I've got my Sunday night body shaving ritual down to about 15 minutes.

>shave legs
>two days after have horrible folliculitis that's terribly itchy and painful

Give yourself a good spray with this stuff after shaving and allow to dry. And then apply a quality aftershave balm on top.

I've got a good aftershave balm with witch hazel in in it that really helps but man the razor burn is one hell of a bitch

Do you shower thoroughly to clean the area before you shave? The warm water not only cleans the skin to prevent infection later on, but also opens the pores to make hair removal easier.

Yeah, I shave in the shower and use a shaving gel but not much helps for whatever reason.

Damn. Well I only know waht works for me. Quality shave gel and razor followed by an astringent that's allowed to dry and then an aftershave balm. I sometimes apply the balm again the next day.

I read not to use Nair downstairs, it will burn you really bad

Wouldn't that be the case with this powder too? Maybe soft wax would be a suitable middle-ground alternative?

You're gonna be feeling some very uncomfortable sensations when it all starts growing back