What are you doing to better yourself user

What are you doing to better yourself user?
Recently I got over my manletism and decided to start working out to get in shape and plan on helping out in a soup kitchen whenever I can.

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>What are you doing to better yourself user?
I'm trying to get a job to fuel my illegal drug addiction

You could try get that job and stay clean maybe rehab

How am i supposed to feel good then?

You will feel good that you managed to get past your addiction and bettered yourself

I'm getting a job to fund my ____! the drugs are just a thing that happens

Your innocence is beautiful user, i love you.

awh thx user :)

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Just started Hitting the weights yesterday will get to everything else later in life hopefully

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I hope you get to everything else with ease and have a great life user

been trying to talk less to the girl who i can't fucking get over but it isn't working and it gets worse by the goddamn day

Ah I had the same experience my friend I couldn't help but message her but then I realised that she just didn't like me that way so I stopped messaging her and surrounded myself with my friends and played constant vidya she recently messaged me instead me messaging her but I just answered her question and then stopped messaging I'm sure you will manage to get over her and will find the perfect person for you user

that's kind of you to say user, thank you, though I'm not that other user.

I'm in a similar situation but she likes me and there's something in between us that's clearing up to make way for our connection.

Don't give up user but have faith and continue on your path.

I hope your connection is strong and works out great for you user and if it ends bad remember there are plenty of girls out there and one will be just perfect for you

Gonna make it.
Good luck on your lifting journey bros, stick at it for me!

Finishing my degree, helping out as much as I can in various roles around campus, trying to get over someone I cant have

hella happy for you user, hope it works out brother

thank you anons, it means a lot. hopefully i'll get through it. spending time by myself seems to help so i'll try that more. hope you guys are doing alright

She doesn't have to be perfect for me, she just has to be herself (which is the person that _______________________________________ and thus we __________.)

I will try my best for you user
Best of luck with your degree and I'm sure someday you will find the one for you
I'm sure it will work out and just try not to become a permanent shut in because I'm sure the girl for you is out there :)

thank you - your hope is more wind in my wings user. You will get through this.

I'm sure you will find her user and I wish you luck in your search

Thank you, I've actually found her and that was a whole other awakening in its own right. Now is the part where we _________.

I'm unwillingly turning myself into doomer meme. But at least some action is better than no action. At least I'm not lying in bed and playing vidya / watching anime all days. Although this lifestyle will fuck my future up in a long run.

Your life is yours user do what you like with it but try and live a good one because you only get one life its never to late to go for your dreams

My mental illnesses and weak will have something else to say. My life has been on autopilot since I remember. I was unironically called an npc like 2 years prior to the meme

Stay strong you are you not your mental illness I hope you shoot and score for all your dreams and stop feeling like a npc I believe you can do it user

Thank you user nice dubs here is a bump

awh thank you user

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browsing r9k

hm well maybe in some ways that could better you

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Volunteering sounds like a good idea, you ever done anything like it before user?

nope I use to help my dad make food for the neighbors but I've never worked or volunteered in a soup kitchen but recently I have really wanted to

They probably need all the help they can get and try to make friends while you are there with the other volunteers user

I will try my best user and I hope I can help them out in anyway possible