Pete Burns was bisexual, says he was raped as a teeanger and enjoyed it

>Pete Burns was bisexual, says he was raped as a teeanger and enjoyed it
>George Takei is gay, says he was raped by his camp counselor as a teacher and says he enjoyed it
>Milo Yiannopolous is gay, says he was raped by a priest as a lad and claims he enjoyed it
What is with faggots and enjoying rape? Do they not realize this is signalling to other people that they're a bunch of depraved mentally ill degenerates?

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They're like women.

I think the enjoy part comes from their mind trying to cope with it. Some dudes who get raped get an erection or like women who cum from being raped. You start to rationalize your bodies response.

God I hate George takei so much

He makes every other lgbt person look bad, like some kind of fucking perv that fucks in public

This is how gays reproduce.
They can't make children, so they convert the existing ones through rape.

Most homosexuals were raped or molested as children.

>He makes every other lgbt person look bad, like some kind of fucking perv that fucks in public
You're saying that Takei is worse than literally everyone in a gay pride parade?

Gay pride parades are pretty fun
Go to one sometime instead of just assuming its all perverts and rapists

It's a giant ass festival, seriously how bad could it be lmao

I strongly doubt this is true

>Gays reproduce by raping men and brainwashing them to become gay
Sounds like something out of a sci fi film

A lot of males who rape other men claim to do it out of wanting to be powerful instead of being gay

10-20% of males get raped and dont say anything about it

Some dude doing a bit for a radio show VS thousands of stinking, AIDS infested perverts dressing up in nothing but leather belts with their hairy assholes presented in broad daylight to children, shoving arms into eachothers rectums and wearing lipstick while having a fucking beard

Gee... I fucking wonder. You people are all insane. You don't even see anything wrong with it.

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Gay pride parades are retarded I don't see the point in them if you wanna suck dick or eat pussy regardless of your gender that's your problem faggot there's no reason for you to go around flexing that shit

homosexuality is a treatable mental illness

A lot of men who get raped convince themselves they enjoyed it so it doesn't make them powerless.

This, I'm convinced it's a virus.

Anecdotal evidence doesn't mean shit you dumb nigger faggot ...

Imagine aliens held all humans accountable for the perverseness of Japanese men, we'd be fucked.

Cite studies.

I'm gay and never suffered abuse
my bf did though

Inceldom is a treatable mental illness

That's a fun treatment, must say.

>Cite studies.

Anybody who studied this would get lynched, you know that.
Are you Jewish?

>source: my ass
like poetry

Answer the question, hymie.

>I proposed a hypothesis hypothesized by my emotions, if you doubt me you are a Jew
If you can't back a claim up then why make that claim? To start shit? Or do you legit believe in it? And if you do, why do you believe in something you don't have any proof for? Are you a 60 IQ emotional mess? To answer you're question, I'm not a jew and fully support the mass public executions of all Zionist scum.