Blonde hair, blue eyed white girls will always have a place in my heart. <3

Blonde hair, blue eyed white girls will always have a place in my heart.

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most white girls are worthless thots

That's nice
This isn't Jow Forums though. You must have taken the wrong click.


Women, in general, be they white or not, are absolute thrash.

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I can't say "no" to their faces. I just can't. They're too pure and innocent. Whatever they want, I'll bend over backwards to give. They deserve it all.

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Stop reposting this you faggot. Women are thrash.

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Blonde women are so beautiful. They are my light at the end of the tunnel. I love them so much. Thank god they exist.


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Please, white women, stop being so beautiful. My fragile soul can't take it. Everything about you is just so... overwhelming.

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Are you one of those hapas or mutts? Why do you worship blonde white girls?

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Their hair is a forcefield, repelling evil away. Thank the heavens white girls with blonde hair exist or the world would be overrun in unimaginable chaos.

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Omg, this girl is so beautiful and perfect. That face, that body, that golden HAIR. Everything about her is just so... so unbelievably Godlike perfect.

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You really put her on a pedestal. She looks like the kind of girl who enjoys getting drunk every weekend and meeting up with a carousel of tinder matches.

I worship them because they are visually stunning to look at. They are the awe inspiring landscape that you believe to be a dream. There isn't single female aesthetic that can compete with that.

Blondes has been and will always be at the top when it comes to beauty.

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She looks like she fucks black guys.
Anyway, take a look at this roastie.

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>>Blondes has been and will always be at the top when it comes to beauty.

>he hasn't heard of pre-Raphaelite beauty
lmao at your lyfe

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No need to project your behavior onto others.

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Yes, that girl in the video is just as beautiful. Maybe even prettier. I assume she has instagram? The long haired goddess that I posted does not, so her pictures are limited.

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She's a dumb fucking whore who deserves nothing but death. Stop worshipping these pieces of shit.

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Have mercy, even the chubby one is beautiful. They're all beautiful. All of them. They're angels. Beautiful angels.

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Pic related (goddess) is utterly perfect. No comparison. I have a serious urge to contact her and send her lots of my expendable income.

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I never use to like blonde Stacys but as I get older I can appreciate them more

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>Blonde hair, blue eyed white girls...
stopped reading there, white girls are used up cum sockets

post video link

Fuck you, janny flower fucker.

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Green or brown eyes are a lot better

>I have a serious urge to contact her and send her lots of my expendable income.

I'm blonde send me your money please x :)

I believe you, where can I pay

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OP here

If you resemble pic related or is in fact her, I'd sweep you off your feet and bathe you in riches.

>Can easily prove my money

Can you prove your god tier looks?

>I like'em kinda chubby. Like pic related. That belly is such a turn on ;)

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Why not get a blonde girl in real life if you actually have money? She's gorgeous, I don't look as good as her!

Oh, believe me, I get them plenty. I have trust issues though. Always moving on to the next one. I just think it'd be crazy if I actually got to shag a blonde plump goddess from here.

>pic related is the type of girl I'm attracted to and ONLY approach.

Sex is absolutely fantastic. Whenever I see a blonde across the room, I immediately look to see if they have a belly. If they do, game on. I bring them home. ;)

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