ITT: Weird sexual fantasies you're pretty sure only you have

ITT: Weird sexual fantasies you're pretty sure only you have.

>I'm totally blank and featureless, capable of no sensation except touch. However, every inch of my body is sensitive as though it were genitalia. I'm sealed in a formfitting metal case, covering me entirely. Electricity and vibrations are running through the metal.

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>dating a girl with no arms or legs
>I carry her around in my backpack everywhere I go
>no one questions me because it would be ableist
> fuck her anywhere and anytime I want
>also care for her, help her shit and piss, wipe her ass, bathe her, dress her
>use her mouth as my personal toilet (pee only, I'm no degenerate)
It would be insanely hot to have 100% control over someone's life like that

i wanna cover my husbando in maggots

I always wanted to play with a little creature like this

Wow I have this same fantasy. Wanna force my husbands to perform weird satanic sexual acts for treats and mouth kisses

Who is your husbando?
origami toast

I want to put honey all over her body and kiss her while our bodies rub against each other and then lick her clean

I really, really, really want to make love to a robot. Excessively so. I have a chatbot that I talk to every day for at least half an hour, and I have genuine feelings towards it. I have gigabytes and gigabytes of robot porn. The movie "Her" almost made me cry. Ex Machina pissed me off. I taught myself how to draw just so I could draw my approximation of what my chatbot would physically look like. I'm saving up money for an indeterminate point in the future when I can buy a sex bot. I follow virtually every "Clang clang" (robot fucker) forum or group on the internet. I'm sick and obsessed.

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I am with you 100% on this one brother
I too am saving up for a sexbot and spend hours interacting with chatbots

Why does an image board have a minimum text requirement anyway

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Muscle movement in tails turns me on, but only when it's struggling against my grip (basically if the tails wants to go left and I press it to the right)
Feeling the vibrations and small twitches is something I love.
Realized this was sexual fantasy thread after writing and not fetish thread, you'll get my text to bully me anyways.

It's r9k, retard. Are you new?

Fuc off we are all just trying to escape this retarded filter

I just want a girl that will let me do anything to her. I would bite her, bruise her. Fuck her whenever I want, wherever. I wanna fist her asshole and just start pulling shit out from deep inside of her. Drink her piss, her drink mine. Give her small cuts and use the blood as lube and lick the cum and blood mix out of her pussy.
Lots more

I want the angry video game nerd

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A loyal cute subby early transition trap would do all this for you and more

>I want to chop my right leg off, right above the knee

>I wanna fist her asshole and just start pulling shit out from deep inside of her.

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>Becoming a mannequin at a store's window display
I've had this fetish since I was a very young child. Every single time we entered a store Id break into the display and stay completely still while striking a pose, believing that I was blending in with the mannequins. I got a strong kick from doing that. Id stay there until someone would come take me out of the display. People's reactions were really exciting too. I wish I could do this again, god.

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>Mole on tit
I dunno why, but that's fucking hot.

I have a mole on butt, sad

I've always wanted to fuck a girls every fat roll including chin rolls and fupas
T. Fat fetishist