Any robots here mailmen?

Any robots here mailmen?
seems like a robot tier job

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oh fug i've been looking for a job that does not lock me in the office and i can't believe i overlooked this, thx user!

>Any robots here mailmen?

mailman is apparently a very hard job or thats what they want you to believe

what's so hard about delivering envelopes to mailboxes?

learning to drive like an euro cuck.

It was I till aamzontricked them into working on Sundays. Government workers btfo

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they don't deliver on sundays everwhere
and don't you still only work 5 days?

>gets automated
nothing personnel kid

>encountering strangers at their door


the hard part of it is scheduling and organizing.
you have a quota to fill daily and you generally have to figure out the most efficient routes

Hey, Brushyplane, just a quick heads-up:
personnel is actually spelled a personal. You can remember it by it is 'cant jave anal without onal'
Have a nice day!

I don't see how that can get automated
they just leave it on the doorstep that's it

This is what he was referencing.
Have a nice night... Fag.

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you pretty much never half to talk to anyone
can't think of anything else like that

doesn't seem that hard in a small rural town though right? not to many people
seemed great assuming possible

LOLOLOL. I was an RCA for a few months and the postmaster had us working 6 days a week. The only reason she didn't work us 7 was because she "believed you should have at least one day off".

I can only speak on the office I was at, but it was absolute chaos. And the way we got paid was based on how many hours the route was rated. Like, a route could be rated 6.5 hours and you'd get paid 6.5 hours irrespective of how long it actually took you. The reality was such that the route ratings were rarely ever updated and there could have been entire 500 unit apartment complexes added to that route without it being adjusted. And they were rated by people who had never delivered in their lives and thus always undercut how long it would take. It would take a regular sometimes 8 hours or more on a 6 hour route, and as an RCA I was thrown to the fucking wolves as their relief on their days off/vacation. I wouldn't even know their route at all and would realistically take 10-12 hours while getting paid for 6 or 7.

Amazon sundays were the worst too. So glad I quit. Didn't even give them a notice, just left my fucking badge in the mailbox outside. I hope the whole place burns to the ground.

Nah. I looked into it before. Apparently they dont feel like paying salary jobs anymore, so when you get hire you are an on call temp and get payed hourly. They also work these new hires like dogs because they just fire them after 90 days and bring in new sheep to slaughter. Oh you want to be a full time mailman? No problem you just have to be an on call temp for 6-7 years and than you can become one. Usps turned into the worse job in government within 10 years because of this. And you dont think an on call temp is bad, but they will call you every day to work 10 hour shifts and do it for 7 years to actually get the good permanent mailman job. I cant believe they are even legally allowing this scam.


As soon as i went to my interview for CCA , saw about 15 other applicants there, and asked me my only interview question about vicious dogs and said i was highly qualified, i just got up and declined the process. Ill just follow my instict which was telling me this job is shit and get out now.

user. Atleast tell them you quit. Dont ever get terminated in a government job, always put in a resignation , because terminations black list you from all government jobs you want in future.

Lol, I worked for the state previous to the post office, which the post office is kind of federal government, and after I quit there, without notice, I went on to work at a county job. After the county job, I'm now working for the city.

LOL, if terminations do blacklist me from all government jobs, then the post office was so incompetent that they couldn't even get blacklisted right.

Wise decision user.

You also have to sort all the mail on your route for delivery. Have fun doing that, especially if it's apartment complexes. Not to mention you have to deliver/attempt delivery on everything received that day by a certain time. It's really not that easy of a job and it's also difficult to get. There's testing and it's all hired based off test scores as well as first come first serve. There's usually a wait list because it's mostly stable with good benefits. Plus you really have to worked as a clerk in the post office for a minimum of 1-2 years to be really considered.

I never did it but I worked at a UPS Store for 4 years and considered it. Talked to our mail guy and that's what he told me. I couldn't stand just sorting the mail we got for our PO Boxes so that was enough of a deterrent for me. I'd rather get a UPS or FedEx route since someone else sorts and loads your truck plus you make way more, especially with OT during peak season. Our UPS driver made $45/hr with OT and the union was always renegotiating contracts so he'd get back pay for like $2k checks once in a while.

seems like you had bad luck
i'd be doing it rural btw
just need about 1500 bucks monthy after taxes and something simply and quiet and it seems to fit the bill
heard you can get raises up to 21$ hourly

seriously? i wouldn't mind 10 hours if it was only 4 days a week i'd prefere 10 hours 4 days to 8 hours 5 days

well as long as it's not a nigger dog area seems good
good god
are we supposed to just kill ourselves?

Anyone else love the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry was a mailman and was happy and extremely good at it? It was comfy.

I know a mailman. He has been paid hourly for the last 20 years. Carriers are hourly. I think only the supervisors are salary? he still makes a lot of money.

>Anyone else love the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry was a mailman and was happy and extremely good at it? It was comfy.
sounds nice and robot

Yes, I'm a mailman!! Ask away if you want, I'll be around for about 30 mins.

>30 mins almost up
how much do you make, rural or city, how long and would you say it's good for a robot?

>daydream and miss an important post again

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fuck it i'll remake the thread tommorow
i want this to work out
it's that or night security and that's it

I think amazon drones dropping shit next to doorsteps can happen, but apartments won't be that easy to automate.

I wish I have applied 5 times in my country but it's a nepotism run fucking conspiracy.

My dad is a logger and the mail woman keeps sabotaging my family's mail because she's an environmentalist extremist, my parents have complained to her higher ups but they refuse to do anything because they don't have proof (and they don't care) and there is nothing we can do about it

Just get a ring doorbell.

recently started as one
it's an ok job
can't say if it's robot-tier tough

I was a CCA in a small station in the black neighborhood.
There were ~4 shootings witnessed by fellow carriers. On the "color coded day off :^):^):^)" we get a lovely 8 hour day. Real days off got cancelled long ago. The managers never carried mail. I don't know the postmaster's name or face.

I had a nice route but I don't miss the job enough to go back. I don't want a lifelong career of 60 hour weeks. What was your worst day? I was out past 12 once.

i work as a bike messenger. best shitty job in the world desu, dont want to do anything else