Dubs decide what i do at the rooftop of my building

dubs decide what i do at the rooftop of my building

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talk with Yukiko and Chie about your plans to jump in the TV

first you take a picture and you post it

invite us to hang out user

Suck cock. Preferably black cock. Livestream it.

Go back to your room and go to bed.

Scream the lyrics to mr brightside and record audio

Trips get, do it user.

originally jump off

fuck, ill climb there in a sec wait

Don't forget the timestamp, faggot.

Thisll had to do i cant focus well

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say "Liquid!" really loud and see if anyone responds

that's cool, the city looks like eyes watching you

Sit on the edge of the building

run on the edges

My building makes some weird fucking noises

Now sit on the edge and light a cigarette.

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winrar is (you) gotta do it now

He already did, nigger.

Already doing that now

well what are you waiting for? Jump! :D

sit and appreciate the view.

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Good, good. No need for a pic or anything or jumping or whatever. Here, listen to this.

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poo on the floor

Thats beautifull, thanks. Already listening

Go back into your room

go back to your room and read the bible cover to cover

Go back home and have some sleep, fren :)

pee and shit off the roof m8

Don't fucking die.

I think we made some kind of little spark right here. Just for a split second, across the ether, we understood one another, and the digits reflected that.

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scream as loud as you can "im ugly and im proud"

yeah, id like to think that. thats nice

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A flip of course. Backwards. A backflip. You backflip away from the edge, go home, and enjoy the rest of your life. Ily OP

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Rolling for this right here. Enjoy yourself, no matter what you do, user. That is what ultimately matters.

Rolling rolling rrrrrrolling for dis

R o l l i n g f o r d i s r i g h t h e r e

Rollerino papichino

Rolly rolly rolly on my wrist (uh)

Smoke a cigarette and look at the stars

These are trips right here lad

Why not just relax and feel the wind while listening to a song you like? That view looks good, wish I could experience it

Uhhhh yeah can I get uhhhhh McRoll?

Hang your dick out over the edge and piss all over the street below

Rrrrrrolling yet again

record yourself ripping your shirt off, scream "IM KING KONG" and beat your chest

Roll modelz

take a piss off the edge post a photo of it

Ro-o-lling, not Constantinople


Scream out the name of your favorite band at the top of your lungs.

>Bowling for this

Ill reroll one on this one i guess

(t)rolling for this niggy


Holy shit trips AND (nazi) dubs consecutively for the same post? It's destiny

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Trips beats dubs 1000000%

no shit but do you really think he'll deliver?

Thanks, all of u are great and i wish we could meet sometime, maybe in another life, but in the meantime this little corner of the internet will do just fine. Good night bros

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Ill take the flip as a metaphore or else ill crack my neck on the concrete

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Welcome OP. See you in another life. It's kind of sad thinking we'll never talk or interact with each other again, but know that this sharing of acknowledgment is ours and ours alone. This is our moment. Now go and create more moments. Moments that define creativity, strength, wisdom - and ultimately, character. Savour each day. I believe in you.

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Thanks man, i hope the best for you aswell. Althoug all of us may be thousands of miles away from each other we can find comfort in a few words exchanged in here. Godspeed frends

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dab on the normies

get smoke or drink enjoy the light show and think about where you are going in your life
god bless you op

Do a frontflip off to your death

Dunno if there's still an opportunity for this but, I think personally you should go inside and enjoy a nice dinner.

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Masturbate to gay porn and smash your phone

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Paint the scene you see before you

ignore everything before this post and kill you'reself

Bellyflop off the roof

Yell "FUCK NIGGERS" really loudly while holding a champagne glass.

You go home and rethink your entire life,

Enjoy the view, open a brew,

Third trips in the thread. We're reaching levels of luck we shouldn't reach at all.

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I have not cried in years, I felt hollow, I needed to let go of that build-up.
Why did this song of all things make me cry?

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spend ATLEAST an hour watching the stars (if theres no light pollution) listening to quiet calming classical music.

have a cup of coffee and think about life

Try to get someone's attention and then tell them that jesus was just a man and hentai was god's only gift

scream like a retard "I'M SO FUCKING HIGH OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT HOW HIGH I AM" till someone tell you to shut up

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jack off and aim down to the street

don't jump if someone in this thread tells you to do it and gets dubs

Because it's gonna be the final music you think about at the end of your life. Mark my words, it will be. It's the perfect ending to a long trail of horrifying, malformed bullshit, and that's exactly what your life is.