Femanon if you had a dick how big would you like it to be?

Femanon if you had a dick how big would you like it to be?

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Femanons would either have the biggest dicks or the smallest. None of them would be average.

OK seriously I wanna know.

Dick and vagina or only dick?

>Dick and vagina or only dick?
Whatever you prefer

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If I had both It would be average size, if I only had dick it would be below average. I wouldn't want testicles in any case.

like 6 or 7 inches would be sweet. i'd just jack off 24/7

>If I had both It would be average size, if I only had dick it would be below average.
Can you explain that thought process
>I wouldn't want testicles in any case.
Do you dislike them?

What would you jack off to and would you like to have balls too for that?
Also jerking off 24/7 would make your dick very sore

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As long as it's not a micropenis I'd be good.
Somewhere around 5-6 inches would be good.
'lil thick would be nice too.
Also vagina + dick would be neat

Not her and not a grill but girls think testicles are a lot more inconvenient than they really are. She's probably worried about sitting on them.

most "fembots" here already have dicks

6 inches, grower, big nutsack

>What would you jack off to and would you like to have balls too for that?
the regular stuff, chicks and nice dicks if you want me to be specific. and abt balls, they aren't pleasing to the eye but wouldn't it feel like something's missing without them? so i guess i'd want the full package
>Also jerking off 24/7 would make your dick very sore
omg i know but if i grew a dick overnight i'd probably do it anyway, on the first day at least. guess i'll die

How thick should it be?

What would be your most fapped to scenario? Ideally you'd like one without refractory period then? Should it produce more cum too so you're not shooting blanks after a while?

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0,1 inch clit tier one.

Why are all the answers so small?

Maybe they don't want to be seen as greedy

There's no shame in wanting a 9 inch pp.q

I'd like it to be big enough to perform fellatio on myself.

Hmm, 11inch and thick enough where I can get about 3/4 of the way around it with a big shiny head on it. Nice big balls with a tightish ballsack.

Oh and I always shoot huge loads no matter how much I jack off.

>I'd jack off 24/7

Oh yikes.... Having a dick sucks because you get horny and hard easily but you also cum fairly easily and after you orgasm once, you're done for at least 20-30 minutes. The meme is that women can masturbate longer and have more intense orgasms.

I think the number one biggest difference you'd feel is having a cock and balls between your legs at all times, something that you're always aware of and you have to move and sit around them. But having an erection is pretty cool, I mean what do women even feel that's equivalent to an erection?

boys cant do that silly, penises need time to rest between cums. Also if you jack off constantly your loads get really small and unsatisfying. It's much nicer to jerk off once or twice a week and dump a huge fucking load. The cum jetting out of your urethra is the best part especially for cutfags.

This is the correct answer, especially if you like sucking dick as is.

>tfw you will never fuck a fembot's pussy while she sucks herself off

it would probably take femanons a full day just trying to figure out how to not sit on their balls

This is your new dick and you better like it because you don't get another one.

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Depends how big their balls are, mine are like a walnut in the shell each and its a pain but when I was a kid it was hardly a problem.

yea but we're used to having balls hanging between our legs

I would thoroughly enjoy watching that, along with everything they'd have to figure out.
Just imagine them trying to figure out how to arrange their boner in their pants.

i want to see femanons trying to piss with a boner. they have no idea

Especially in tighter pants, trying to not make it look like you're touching your dick

I know it's a frequent subject of fantasy on places like /d/, but I'm curious, how many people would seriously take an offer to magically switch their genitals with the opposite ones while keeping the rest of their bodies the same? Would it depend on whether the switch was permanent? Would more women than men accept this kind of offer or is it just that the "girl with a penis" fantasy is more common than "guy with a vagina"?

i'd temporarily trade my dick and balls for pussy and tits. i wouldn't do it if it was permanent. i mostly just want to know what it feels like when they play with their clit and get fucked. also playing with titties

Genitals, no. If I was going to be a girl for a day I'd only want to do it if it was the full body experience. I don't really have an interest in having a vagina while still being masculine

I have a long, even prior to pubescence sexual fascination with the idea of being pregnant though so if you gave me a fully functional womb I'd probably indulge in it even if it meant me staying a girl forever even though I don't actually enjoy the thought of being female outside of a sexual context, mpreg is just not appealing at all to me but transformation into pregnancy is basically the theme of all of my impossible sex fantasies

I know this is weird but I think I'd sign on even if it was permanent, I don't have issues with my dick or anything but it seems like it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to find out what the other side feels like instead of the rough approximation offered by sex change surgery and I'd probably walk around wearing the tightest thongs on the planet

if I was a futa 8 inches uncut with big balls. I'm black but I want to have a pink tip that peaks out from my foreskin. I never wear skirts but if I was a futa, I would start

>8 inches uncut with big balls.
You can borrow mine if you want.

>I'm black but I want to have a pink tip that peaks out from my foreskin.
From what I've seen this is actually the norm, uncut black guys tend to have a bright pink, glossy cockhead just the same as uncut guys with any other skin tone while cut black guys tend to have a more matte head that's the same skin color as the shaft

maybe being cut made it turn darker? like oxidized. I just want a pink tip because it like cute when it peaks out and it looks like it would be super sensitive
sure I'll be a futa for a day

Exposure causes the head to develop a layer of keratin over time, basically imagine if your clit was permanently exposed to open air and it's like that

if futas became real i would totally suck a girl's dick and let her fuck me

no homo

It wouldn't be homo then either way because futa wouldn't be male or female (though I guess they're both so it would be quantum homo?)

i dont know but i aint gay pardner

This is why white genocide needs to happen

I have 9" black dick uncut. It's really not fun to have. Jacking off is a hassle as it nuts everywhere. I can't wear gym clothes because it's mad visible. I actually got banned from my gym because I got an erection and some roastie called the cops on me for sexual harassment.
Also, sex is fucking terrible. I keep hitting their cervixes so I can never fully enjoy going balls deep

Shooting everywhere always looked like fun, I'm a bit jealous of guys who can shoot 3 feet in the air

Then it gets on the walls and bed so you're cleaning cum for the next 15 minutes. This is why all my past gfs had to swallow because washing off backshots of that size would take forever. Plus swallowing is my fetish

At that point it sounds like condoms are mandatory even when jacking off just to minimize the hassle of cleanup, that sucks to hear because it sounds like it would be a lot of fun in the heat of the moment but not so much afterward