Reminder that if you don't have a physical disfigurement then you don't belong here and should fuck off

Reminder that if you don't have a physical disfigurement then you don't belong here and should fuck off.

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I got a broken nose for bullying, does that count?

What about mental disfigurement? My anxiety is so bad I can't even tell a therapist about it.

my peepee has a bruise from rubbing it too much. Does that count?

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I have disgusting body acne to the point where I know a significant percentage of the world would kill themselves if they woke up in my body. Accutane hasn't fixed it because it's hormonal and flares up every time I jerk off.
I'm still not an incel, although I refused to take my shirt off every time I had sex.

Nah mental illness can be cured with happy pills and easily hidden from public, disfigurements can not.

Do you think I could do the same if I refuse to take my hat off? Do you pay for it?

I have some of that on my neck and I'm missing front teeth. Does that count as disfigurement?

Reminder that you are all newfags and this board was meant for original content, not teenage whiny faggots to bitch about not getting laid, go fuck yourself.

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Yeah you could definitely make up a cool story about why you need the hat. I never paid, although it was only 1 girl that I fucked a few times.

just use a paper bag

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thats funny because I heard of someone exactly like you, whats the first letter in your name?

Fair enough I don't think I care about just having sex sometimes though, I just want someone to love.

If you know who I am that would freak me out because I never told anyone my secret

You told us though.

Good thing it's not me then. I was afraid people would notice that there's something suspicious about an athletic guy who refuses to take his shirt off under any circumstances.

>Nah mental illness can be cured with happy pills

I have some bad stretch marks. I feel like a watermelon-human hybrid

when you look like this, what other option do you have but become a super villain??

I to be Jow Forums but I stopped lifting and running a few months ago when 'depression' and 'anxiety' hit me bad a few months ago. It's good that you can still keep up with it even though your condition.

If I looked like that, I'd wear a Deadpool costume 24/7.

I've been on five different kinds of happy pills.
It's not that easy.

what if you are not qualified to be a super villain

Killing yourself, soon.

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Reminder that if you have physical disfigurement you don't belong on this earth and should die.

I'm the husk that wanders around after a genital mutilation

Are you American? My condolences.

I dont have one of my front teeth and Im an amputee

I had girlfriends, opportunities to sleep with girls but was too shy to go lose my virginity and had depression. At 19 i thought my life sucked until I woke up with psoriasis the next day and need to be in and out of hospital all throughout my 20s including a three week stay once.

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God I know that feel, looking back I had so many opportunities. But I as so scared because I figured people were already so experienced in kissing etc, I didn't want to fuck up and be the laughing stock of the school. And know it's too late.

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i was born with two testes and an ovary and a broken dick, so i guess that counts