Should I become a trap? Trips will decide if I become a trap

Should I become a trap? Trips will decide if I become a trap

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I nearly fell for the same thing because of manlet threads a long time ago don't do it there is no going back and you could end up killing yourself due to the results be happy with how you are user

I agree with this fellow. Don't do it. There's so much to lose. You might start a family one day and you can't do that while as a trap.

Dont fooking do it, its not worth it.

No. If you were born a male but want to transition, then become a transgender female. If you are born a male and have a crossdressing fetish, don't pretend to be a girl, just wear makeup or whatever. If you are born a male and want to fuck guys, become a gay guy. Don't be stuck in some weird middle ground that you'll likely regret in you later years, and will probably leave you with legitimate mental problems.

If you are questioning it then you probably want to do it so go for it

Just avoid HRT

it's a shitty guide

If I roll 88 you an hero instead of dishonouring your ancestors

Agreed do as you want just stay away from hrt because that will fuck you up bad and ruin any chance of having kids you will ever get

You absolutely can start a family as a trap, nothing in that guide will make you infertile.
Even if you take HRT there's a chance you won't lose fertility (bruce jenner was on HRT for a few years in the 80s before having kids again)

if you want anything of that you are a faggot and should be euthanized

Become a trap and also be in southern. US ppls

Yeah, do it OP, please.

Just be a closet faggo

Do it fruit

Will you let me touch your bulge?

>imagine wasting time to look like a cocksucking faggot when you could look like pic related

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would originally kill myself

you will kill yourself eitherway, user

>should I become a trap?

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Becoming a chad ain't that easy
Not even possible for some

if you think girls clothes are pretty, sure thing. however, if you're doing it because you feel useless as a man and can't get women, that's an insult to actual crossdressers. also that guide is shit.

im not the op tho
honestly the only thing i want it's to have a bit money so i shouldn't work

If you dont already have a naturally small frame and are bigger than about 5'5 then dont even bother. Because thats the only way you will look remotely attractive after months of tuning your body to be more feminine.

>"actual crossdressers" can be insulted

If you honestly really want to then go ahead, you'll regret it if you don't.
It's a stupid decision either way if you're considering hormones.

Not everyone wants to look like that, I'd want to kill myself even more if I actually looked like that, so thank god it takes a lot of effort to actually get like that.

no you embrace masculinity faggot

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Follow Christ instead op

Nah, just crossdress if you want, keep a healthy lifestyle and when you can no longer pull it off, then just go for the ottermode.
That's what i've been doing, every year i look more and more masculine, soon i won't be able to pass anymore, i think i have 2 or 3 years left at best. So when that time comes, i'll just go for the patrick bateman physique.

>"embrace masculinity, faggot"
>posts a guy who wears a hat with a pompom and likely engaged in sexual contacts with men

Why do you want him to suffer and be someone he isn't?

Follow Christ op seriously

Please do not. You will end up killing yourself.

I mean, OP probably IS a faggot, but leaving that aside, masculinity doesn't really have anything to do with the way you dress, if clothes are the way in which you measure how much of a man you are, then you're an even bigger faggot than OP.
Your goal shouldn't be to "look" masculine, but to be masculine. True masculinity comes from within.

Become the one who bullies traps into finishing themselves off

I think you should huff a friggin' fart instead, nerd.

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just take HRT bro

unironically stop being a disgusting fag

Embrace it fruitcake

No, don't listen to the Discord trannies shilling their mental illness fetish.

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I'm back sliding and vunerable someone send me to the trannycamp discord so I can get bullied to HRT

How does anyone force you to take hrt over discord, literally just lie about it.

I want someone to forcefeed it to me irl.

look user, all the memes are real

eventually some horrible corporate mechanism is going to make all that weird fetish porn real.

Honestly the trans-pandemic is bad now, imagine when hollywood begins to use the word Sissy openly...

we could make each other do it

please do not do it op, but if you do send lewds

You should
>exercise, even if its for desired body form. Running is best
>diet. Even if its supposedly to make you effeminate, eating healthy is always a good thing
>be honest with yourself
>try and meet people that you like
You should NOT
>take any form of medication
>have surgery done
>chastity cages
>try to live a life that isnt you. If youve got broad shoulders, the answer is no.
Pls make good choices and b happy thnks

become a trap, start s discord, and be a total slut. better than whatever else your doing in life

This, unironically, is super based

>The need for any addiction


If you want to follow this plan why not skip straight to the part where you blown your brains out after realizing that you look like an abomination of a creature, seu viado, para o fundo do inferno voces e vossas threads de merda

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Convert to Christ instead op

why do you shill running
it hurts knees
>chastity cages
oh nvm it's a yet another retard

Pleasantly surprised by this thread and anons advising against fucking OPs body up through this method specifically. I only opened it so I could make this post but someone already got there first.

>it hurts knees
Fatty detected

Don't do it dummy convert to christ

Cardio is the best for the look, desu id actually recommend swimming over running because knees but it's still good. Chastity cages are bad and a lot of trap wannabes use them and they really shouldn't, so just threw it out there.

do it user, if you are questioning it then it means you are curious in men

If your figure is nice then become a cockslave

Is op even here? Lmao

oh boy fill op up with that white yummy semen

Do it for the shitty memes

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OP here, looks like I'm becoming a trap and no I won't be doing hrt. I just want to wear feminine clothes and look feminine as well