How do black parents react when their son dates a white girl?

How do black parents react when their son dates a white girl?

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They blame the problems of their son on the white girl and her family manipulating them and start to think that their son is ashamed of his race and wants to be white so they exclude him more and more as his mannerisms change

It's like winning the lottery.

How do you think? Nigga on the right is crying because he lost his homie,

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That girl is such a disgrace.

fuck off you basement dwelling pasty white faggots

my first kiss was a blonde girl with blue eyes, stay mad.

My mommy is okay with my yellow fever, she said
>"At least it isn't white girls, they kill their boyfriends for insurance money. But be careful with those asian girls. They're not submissive and they'll beat your ass if you disobey them"

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My mom was extremely disappointed when I brought home a white girl (friend)

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I used to be repulsed by white girls dating black guys but then I realized, why is it any different from them dating white guys? It's still pretty gross as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm only capable of loving virgins.

>blonde girl
>blue eyes

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same but reverse our genders

Black girl with white bf or white whore with nigga bf?

you mean their crack head single mom. daddy is in prison
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Yeah and now she smells like nigger forever
Anyone who kisses her after is going to smell shit on her breath unless she has drowned the nigger stink with a mouthful of mints

This and they're scared their son is going to end up dead or beat up or in prison because of her.

at least im not a nigger


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Because they might breed low iq violent subhumans

Probably ok, but with some angst or passive aggressiveness, if she is just a black normie.

Disowned tier if he is a nigger/thug type.

Depends, if they're the racist kind they'll probably say something along the lines of "What? Black girls aint good enough for ya?" in a sassy reprimanding black female tone. If they're not racist, they wouldn't give a fuck desu, they'd probably even be proud, a black son dating a white girl is like coming home with a million dollars to them.

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>That girl is now a certified coalburner
>90% of white guys will always just see her as a coalburner, even if she isn't one of the "I only date chocolate boys tee hee" girls
>When she almost inevitably goes back to trying to date white guys, they will either avoid her for dating the negro, or will dump her very soon after finding out about it
>She will then settle with one of the 10% of white men who don't care that she fucked a black guy
>These men are the bottom of the barrel betas, and she will never be happy
Who cares how the nigger's parents react?

Imagine being this insecure

I don't think most black people care about interracial dating the same way most white people don't. This isn't the 1930s anymore Jow Forumsniggers

Im sure the guys he replied to dont have to imagine

I've got a black friend who says his mother is disappointed that he likes white girls. Kind of hints that they're not loyal, shit like that.

Overtly racialist posts coupled with cutesy anime images will never stop being funny.

My mom was not okay with me dating a white girl, even though I'm half white myself (Hapa here).

>implying that we care

>Still a fucking nigger.

I keked

>Im not an orignal robot

We disown them, literally no black family sees a white bitch coming home as "a million dollars", do you SEE how normal blacks treat mixed people? Or how black women see white girls? Come the fuck on.

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bump for the redpill

They probably smell her or try to display dominance.

They raised an Uncle Tom that hates his own race. Don't believe that it's common that black people somehow think dating a white person is considered a "win" to them.

It isn't common at all. That's a European style of thinking projected onto blacks.
>those savages must be grateful, practically crying with happiness that they could fuck one of us!

whyte boi scurred we taken they women
how can the whyte man compete

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My grandpa's second wife was white. I think his kids were a little resentful, not because she was white, but because they felt like a lot of kids do, like their mom who had passed away was being replaced.
But I was raised around her and loved her dearly. I stayed with her when she was dying.

My cousin's wife is also white and she seems nice. I don't know her that well though. They have two kids now.

You are either a black person with mad baggage or an idiotic white person who's talking out of their ass.

What if he brings home a white guy?

Always a Tyrone. Being a beta black guy is even worse than being a beta white guy.

Black People don't care about "race mixing" sorry the internet lied to you