Would it be creepy for a 26 year old to marry a 16 year old that they used to babysit?

Would it be creepy for a 26 year old to marry a 16 year old that they used to babysit?

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Depends if you're a muslim or not

Nah, that's how it should be.

Seems fine to me. Some old roasties would be pissed but who cares.

wait are you marrying her AS A 16 YO
or do you mean dating and eventually when she is 18-19 and you're 28-29 get engaged/married?

Marrying her as a 16 year old.

It's your life, nigger. Honestly sounds great, best if the family is okay with it.

>State laws regulating age limits for marriage are generally similar, although California is one of just a few states lacking a minimum age for marriage. However, minors (under the age of 18) must obtain both parental consent and a court order before they may legally tie the knot.

Do you think their parents will allow you to? I doubt it. At that age she should be finishing high school not touching your shrivelled pedo penis.

>Marrying her as a 16 year old.
How are their parents fine with it?
Can she even legally marry
Plus really dumb she will go through much change in the next 2y and you might end up with something different than what you expect.

Is this a larp

The family will get one whiff of OP's plans and file a restraining order.

>Do you think their parents will allow you to?
It was her father's idea.

Well then why is it creepy? Her parents are encouraging it.

I would find this imaginary situation creepy, and though the imaginary 26 year old probably isn't that bad a guy they obviously lacks female contact so they've fallen for the only female they really interact with.

you people are all so fucking stupid. its like you dont realize that AOC laws are only crazy high in the united states and a few other random countries.

Is there a reason for this? How does the girl feel about it?

>It was her father's idea.
what muslim country are you from again OP

And are you POSITIVE her dad wasn't just making a joke that you took literally because of massive austim

It's not a legal discussion, it's about social mores.

I honestly don't understand what people see in dating a 16 year old. That sounds really fucking annoying. It really is all muh dick isn't it OP.

A 16 year old can be very intelligent and mature. Much more so than your typical 20 y/o roasty. Age isn't everything user.

>The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain's rational part.

Yay, irrational hormonal teenagers. Known for lashing out at their parents and being fucking nightmares, but a pedos dream. Nothing a bit of duct tape won't fix.

eerrrr, ok? lol. im sorry, do you not see all these idiots basically authority appealing to the law in order to attempt to insinuate the op is practicing some kind of universally morally unacceptable act for daring to want to marry a 16 year old girl? guess you dont have eyes, but that would be me pretending to think people arent retarded as fuck so i can hope the world will fix itself. but who am i kidding? youre retarded as fuck.

That's only in men. Women's neural development ends around 20.
There's a big difference in how a girl will act towards her parents (usually shitty ones if the kid has really bad behavioural problems) vs towards her loving partner.

If we get rid of one law we should get rid of them all. Then we'll be allowed to murder pedos.

>Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have made it possible for scientists to watch the rate at which the PFC matures, and have discovered the male brain doesn't fully develop until age 25. Meanwhile, women experience a maturity rate of 21 years-old.

That's really interesting. One, that OP has only just matured (kind of obvious desu), and two why that makes having a fully matured brain yourself and the female being 5 years delayed is okay.

Based. All lights are green. Go for it user. Don't give a shit what the old nags have to say.
16-26 are actually about the perfect ages for marriage IMO. Good luck.

Well, he just likes me I guess. He's known me my entire life and treats me like his son. He doesn't want his daughter to marry some random guy so he wants me to do it since he trusts me. She is a sheltered religious girl and she's not going to college so its either me or he finds someone else for her.

I haven't agreed to it yet though. It's kind of abrupt to just marry her out of nowhere. The girl is pretty fine with it, she's always liked me.

>The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25 or so
shut the fuck up tranny janny tumblerista, people have been marrying as teens since the inception of time now disease ridden trainwrecks like you spend their days pozzing everything up convincing people to marry in their fucking 40s
go sniff ur cat litter

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No, old creeps preying on kids is manipulation. We used to have children working in the coal mines 100 years ago why don't you go fuck off to Africa if you want to live all "primitive" and get your skull bashed in by a hungry Jamal.

It is very interesting. It's also why so many women drop out of STEM programs in university. The programs are tailored to men so they ramp up in difficulty so women can start out strong coming out of HS and then just start to fall behind hard.

Is there any rules to you marrying her?

Maybe they drop out and have children, you sexist pig. Oink oink

>No, old creeps preying on kids is manipulation.
Can you even hear your HRT-addled tranny brain?

>guys in their 20s are old creeps
>18,20yo girls are "kids"
but somehow
>12yos should be allowed to transition and choose their gender

Literally end your worthless life

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Well, if I leave her for some reason I'll probably be taken out back and killed. Otherwise, I have to give them grandchildren obviously but there's nothing else. I just take her off their hands and have her live with me.

I married a family friend who not only helped out raising me but literally held me after I was born. 15 years apart.

they are 16. They are not supposed to have children you ignorant fuck

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What the hell is wrong with you? The thread is about having a 16 year old make a life long commitment to a man who browses Jow Forums, that's a terrible fucking idea, LARP or not.

How old were you when you got married?

I was replying to someone talking about STEM in University you utter brainlet. We should have mandatory castration of retards. Stop shitting up the gene pool.

OP, do you love her? Do you think she'd make a good wife? Will she finish high school if she marries you?

>Maybe they drop out and have children
OwO whats this a fucky wucky

19 and 34, me and her.

Keep shifting the goalpost tranny janny.
We were discussing your assertion about "mental age" and why marrying young is BAD.

What's the deal anyways, did you get raped as a young teen and is that why you transitioned and now hate """pedos""" (who are actually young men barely older than the girls)

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> It's also why so many women drop out of STEM programs in university.

This is what I was replying to. Imagine being one of the only females in a room full of absolute dipshit sexist STEM nerds who don't take you seriously and noping out to start a family, what a stretch. No on would want to work in that industry, they'd either be perving on you or abusing you. You're a virus on the earth, have a shower.

the age gap is concerning to begin with since legality =/= morality and dating an underage person, let alone marrying them, is kinda creepy, yeah. but then again nothing's stopping you two if her family's fine with it (while she's not 18) and if you really do like each other. personally i wouldn't date someone much younger than me because different generation = different interests, plus the fact that i'd be a fully grown adult with a job while my wife's still in uni would be kind of annoying. just be careful with whatever you decide to do user, and make sure she's comfortable with it since the fact that her brain's still developing really isn't a meme

No. Such relationships have been the standard for pairing husband and wife for literally the entirety of human history.

Only old blown out roasties and their beta male white knights will get angry.

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I like her as a person. She's quiet and a sweet girl. I can't say I love her or anything, I've never done anything with her. I do enjoy being around her though.

I think she'd be a fine enough wife. She knows how to do all the basic wife shit because of her mom and that's all I'd really ask of her to do.

I don't know if she'd finish high school or not. I'm not going to force her. If she wants to quit then that's fine with me.

Woah, that's crazy. We shouldn't be allowing teens to vote or legally kill or be killed on a battleground either.

Do it OP. Pick her up from school next week and drive off with her.

user, you're talking to a literal tumblr tranny who somehow became a janny here

Look at this faggot talking about morality when he's probably a moral nihilist atheist and then outs himself and just thinking it's "creepy". Then he outs himself as a modernist faggot that thinks his wife should be working instead of bearing and raising children.
>her brain's still developing
This is a worthless statement. You could argue all human brains develop until they die. All females are mentally 10 their entire lives.

you are saying that men that want to start a family are all perverts. Classic asshole

There is no need for that. It's perfectly legal to court and marry her in any first world country.

that faggot is a fucking JANNY?? what mod fucked up that bad?

Go and do it then. It's not creepy, it's normal. I see it all the time.

I would if I had such a relationship. I'm only 22, I've got a couple years yet to find my qt wife.

OP do you live by yourself?
Do you have a good job?
Are you ready financially and mentally to start a family?

Oh, you're not OP. Where is that mad lad?

>that faggot is a fucking JANNY?
Yes. You can easily tell HIM apart from his writing style which is exactly how the faggots and sjw roasies write on tumblr all cutesy and gay (he isn't shitposting btw)

And he can't deny or discuss being a janny because it's against Jow Forums TOS and would be fired, i've been calling him a tranny janny for hours and he never even aknowledges it

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how the fuck do you know him?

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I don't know. Financially I'm fine but is anyone ever really ready mentally?

oh wait nvm im fucking dumb

If you got married to your child bride, and 6 months later she developed a rare disease that means lumps start growing all throughout her body. The cells are continuous and must be regularly trimmed, leaving huge wounds that then regrow, and this was to go on indefinitely until you two died together in old age, would you divorce her?

How long have you know her, OP?


Forever? Since she's existed?

>child bride
She isn't a child, you retard. She's a post-pubescent human. She isn't any biologically different than a woman in her 20s, other than the fact that her eggs are in better shape.

So you watched her grow up? That's kind of creepy, she's like your sister.

This pedo witchhunt just gives pedos ammo to claim they're not unique at all because moralfags have "proven" themselves that most men are "pedo" for finding teens attractive. That's what happens when you go full retard.

What if you caught her stealing from you? But she goes to a psychologist and gets diagnosed with kleptomania, it's completely involuntary. It starts with small items, but then she starts getting into your bank accounts and she has black outs so she has no idea where the money goes. She does a lie detector and three psychologist confirm she's telling the truth, and she cries every night with guilt, meaning you can barely sleep. Would you divorce her?

Reminder that anyone that types the word "creepy" is a normalfag and does not have you or the woman you love's best interests in mind. They are only trying to influence you to satisfy their own desires.

Don't listen to anyone on the internet. Follow your heart.

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If OP truly knew he was right he wouldn't be seeking validation like this. He just wants people to tell him his views are normal. That's all.

Well, you're not wrong. She is like my sister.

She can't steal from me user, whats mine is hers.

Perhaps but you're ignoring a climate can create insecurity in people. People don't have to think they're wrong to not want to suffer the consequences of taking a course of action.

She steals from your friends and family too. But that's good you're passing the loyalty test, user. To death do us part.

Or he just wants to brag, you stupid normalfag. The fact remains he IS right and his views are in fact normal, while the feminist roastie brainwashing is the deviancy.