4'7 is the ideal height for an adult female. Prove me wrong

4'7 is the ideal height for an adult female. Prove me wrong.

>inb4 haha manlet
I'm 6'0, I just have good taste is all.

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Agreed I can finally be seen as tall by the ideal female id feel like a god at 5'3 can someone please implement this in the next update?

You're right, the smaller the better, so long as they don't get into midget range.

4'7-5'0 yeah
i'd say 4'9 or 4'11 to be particular

>haha manlet
From what I see, manlets tent to want normal height women or tall women. There's wanting what normal people have or trying to overcompensate from their own disadvantages, but there's also a fear that their children will be short as well.

I'm 6'1, I don't care, gimme a cute short girl.

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its actually 4'11 OP

haaha manlet

Im exactly 5'1 and Im practically a midget, being 4'7 would be a huge hassle jesus

I'm 4'6" and it's kind of a pain. On the one hand the issue with having more difficulty with things for being short but on the other hand the way people treat you.

I'm not saying they aren't cute, but average and taller height does equal better looking proportions.

>wanting a goblin waiting to happen
nah thanks

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Wrong. The ideal height for a female is 3'0

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I think the only "problem" is that they really only look good at this height if they're asian, Irish, Scottish, or Norwegian, but then again those are frankly never actual problems. I've met a few really cute looking black and Indian (read: poojeet) girls, but a lot of them are rather ugly at any height, doesn't help that black culture has (d)evolved into wanting fatter women. Nice thighs, hips, ass and tits are one thing, actual rolls is something that needs to be purged from this earth.

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>tfw 5'4"
>tfw GF is 4'6"
>tfw none of you faggots will believe me even though I'm 100% serious

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50 feet is ideal

I honestly don't care. All but one girl I've been with has been taller than me. Face at tit-height is all good with me if it's good with her. Tiny enough for me to manhandle her is fine, too. Girls care way more than we do.

man dating an 11 year old must be fun huh?

Holy fuck, how are her limbs so skeletal while her head and torso are so bulbous???


theres no ideal height but i think thats pretty short. i cant say much since im a foot and four inches taller than my gf but at least she's 5 feet. being 4'7" as an adult would be awful

>being 4'7" as an adult would be awful
It would be perfect for her partner. She would end up becoming completely dependent on him, while not being disabled like most dependents.

Why would anyone enjoy having to act like a guardian to a child-sized human?

she looks like mike wazowski

it can be cute seeing her struggle to reach things up high and i do feel like a man when i have to help her out but i wouldnt want to have to take care of everything for her 24/7. independence is an important part of a relationship too and at 4'7" a person may need a rig to drive a car and who knows what other things would be hard at that size. personal pref though so if you were into that i would understand

yes i like them short

>at 4'7" a person may need a rig to drive a car
That's cute as hell.

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>tfw want a 4'10 gf again

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5'2" or less desu

t. 6'4"

Based gts bro

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A girl should be at least one foot shorter than her male counterpart.
If you're 6' tall, that means 5' or shorter.
30cm for Europeans.

>4'7 is the ideal height
based, haters and niggers will call you lolicon

Nobody /tall girl/ here? Dam

Nah man
I'm 5'8 and women 5'2-4'8 are ideal
Manlets want short women so our children will be our height

want a smoli 4'11 goth gf

5'8 is not manlet, don't fall too hard for memes here.

what's manlet for you?

5'3 is the ideal height in my opinion. Wouldn't date anyone shorter, would cap the height at 5'11
t. 6'6

>ywn hold a hand that's so much smaller than yours

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5'6 or less
real 5'10s are tall

I mean worldwide yeah, but in the US it's avg.

I'm 5"6 I would like a taller girl. Apparently tall guys don't want them.

To any fathers who may have thought like this: thank you, sincerely, for making myself and so many others shortfags.

Yeah but tall girls don't like us short :(

I'm 6'5 and I absolutely agree. They're perfect for switches, they can be submissive because they're smol and weak, and they can be dominant because they're smol and can make you let your guard down.

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I have trouble visualizing a woman who is literally a full foot and a half shorter than me. I guess there's the pro that my penis would look like an anaconda going into her but on the other hand our kids would all be manlets and I really don't need to grow the population of r9k.

>I'm 6'0, I just have good taste is all.
6'0" is manlet territory, sorry son.
If you're shorter than 6'4" you're going to be forcefully castrated and feminised.

But what do we do ? Tall guys are taking all the short women

Driving isn't a problem for me. my seat is all the way forward though, so anyone who borrows my car has to slide back a significant amount.

I'm also 5'4, gf is 4'10.

4'6 is nuts that's like genuine dwarf territory. Good for you though, manlets rise up! Or as high as we can reach at least!

>6'4 with a 5'0 gf

You look like a child predator in public just fyi.

4'7 is the ideal?!? i already feel so short to do anything and im 4'11, i wouldnt even be able to get anything from any slightly higher shelf except if i climb on the counter top

OP is just a pedophile

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Good smol. Rely on tols to do everything for you.

i usually climb on the counter top instead of having to bother my brothers everything i want something in the pantry

The counter top is an honorary tol since a smol relies on it then.

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does that mean i can step on other tols to reach higher stuff?