Post your favourite soft drinks here

Post your favourite soft drinks here

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I can down a whole 2 liter bottle by myself because I'm morbidly obese.

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u dont have to be like that forever user i used to be like you but decided to change my life and self improve and its unironically worth it.... i believe in you fren if i can you can

Does this count? The peach tea flavor is my favorite.

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Dr. Pepper is by far the best soft drink so I can't blame you, I'm underweight but I could do the same because I love Dr. Pepper so much, worst part is that I live in a third world country so it's really hard to find.

I appreciate the sentiment but I've given up on life a long time ago. I'm just waiting for the inevitable end of me dying of a heart attack or some other fat people related thing.

Fanta lemon is up there, but here in scotland they are taking sugar out of things and it fucking sucks. Lemon drinks need that sweetness more than other drinks. I still quite like the revised vanilla coke though

cmon man you cant just give up i know how you feel man i really do i was a near 600 pound fat fuck who could barely use his legs i had to use the little scooters in supermarkets or i would get winded and faint i promise you it cant be worse i truly have faith that you can be great my friend

This looks like cancer in a box.

Yeah I'm not at that level yet but it's not even about the fatness, I just don't care about anything.

I fucking love mountain dew

Not even Scottish

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I'm only legally scottish however I'll admit that irn bru is pretty good

even now the sugar is lowered? it doesnt taste bad to me, but its just sort of flat or bland. fucking hate this country

i didnt care about anything either but one day i just decided to turn my life around and i unironically dont regret it trust me user as a bot who was in an even worse situation than you ask yourself what do you have to lose. everdy when i woke up user i felt as if there was nothing but darkness no light i could foresee-ably see but goddamn, i crawled and dug through that tunnel to be what i am now believe in yourself user

Irn bru and fanta lemon both have half the sugar of coke but are more flavourful in my opinion. I'll never drink coke again. Don't even have weight problems but it's just a ridiculously unhealthy drink.

this tastes like shit but i got used to it like any other person in uni

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The most fucked up thing is I know if I changed my diet and exercised even a little bit, I wouldn't feel like such a low energy piece of shit. I don't want to be happy, I don't even know what it means to be happy but all I know is I forfeit this life. I don't have it in me to kill myself directly so I'll just do it indirectly by having a shit diet and sedentary lifestyle. Again, I appreciate the sentiment but you really shouldn't believe in a piece of garbage who chooses to be a piece of garbage.

This stuff is my favorite to buy at the store.

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This is my other favorite as well.

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I love all things cherry, but code red hits that spot that others don't

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tonic water
i guess the alcohol threads have been really active with that one because that wasn't original. point still remains though

Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer is pretty good

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Both this and dr.pepper. Though i rarely drink soda anymore.

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This is the best everything is irrelevant

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Stopped drinking soda a long time ago, but I remember pic related was something special

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>I appreciate the sentiment but you really shouldn't believe in a piece of garbage who chooses to be a piece of garbage.
i know this feel bro trust me its gonna get old but just do you for now user but in time thingsll change just remember to believe in yourself friend

based and sodapilled

Literally nothing can compete

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damn wtf

we don't have that flavor of Fanta in my part of the US
shit sounds good though

Michigan confirmed?

patrician taste

ohio. close but no cigar.

The only place near me that sells it is this one white castle chain.

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Just got a 24 pack a week ago...but it's turning into an addiction.

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I mean, it's been an addiction for over a year now, but now I'm thinking about ending it.

Whats the red? Strawberry?

This but unironickally

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based and monsterpill

>tfw my uni alwayshas red bangs soda stocked in the cafeteria

>tfw your 24 pack of Ultra Black Cherry Sipps arrived in the mail last week

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I don't really know what it tastes like, it just tastes red. It's extremely sweet.

DP and big red are the only sodas i will drink.

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Im jelly i must find it

After all these memes i finally tried and they aren't bad. Especially cuz they don't fuk ur teeth

I've been meaning to try this solely because of the memes
What does it taste like?

This is my favorite, with beer occasionally.

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I've heard good things about diet dr. pepper. I look forward to trying it out soon after my fasting diet ends. On day 4 now.. Tired of being a fat worthless bitch.

The god drink

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any strong ginger beer/ale, but this stuff is available in the most places. great by itself, even better with rum and tropical fruit juice. if I ever stopped drinking alcohol, this would be my beer substitute

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a man of culture has joined the lobby

A man of the filtered list has joined the lobby.

make way for the champion of all sodas.

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original, code red and baja blast are the three kings. Even the lowliest scum have to admit that it is a solid choice.

quite refreshing t b h

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oh but there is a competitor

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Props if you remember this back in the day

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>fanta orange

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ive seen a black can if mtn dew at a gas station recently. fuckin delish. could not find it in any other supermarket. sad because id love to buy s few cases

And they still have it now at least where I live they do

they have the OG, This is the 2nd variant that was sour grape

Best soft dink out there is water

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This or This stuff fucks ur teeth up if consumed too much.

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Best soda ever, but most of you fuckers have never had it.

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why would you even drink that