Will you ever marry?

Will you ever marry?

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>thinking I could even get a woman to marry me
Lmao, I can't even become a beta provider because I am poor

Don't see the point, co habitation laws come into effect anyway

Yeah, if I can ever find a gf who wants kids. I wouldn't get married to a woman who doesn't want them.

I doubt it, I don't think we would be able to put up with each other long enough.

Unlikely but I have like 50 years left to live assuming I don't become an hero or die in a horrible accident in the mean time so there's still time.

I am although it was a shotgun wedding.

If she looks like that I will marry
before I'm 26-27 at least

Fuck no, marriage is legal suffocation

Probably not, I had to live and grow up through my parents' deteriorating and miserable marriage for 20+ years and they're finally getting divorced now

My dad is the breadwinner and has been for those 20+ years; he's been working for 60+ years (he's at retirement age) and his net worth is around $1300000. He's set to lose almost 75% of that given he actually gets to keep the house, if not he might actually lose everything

It's fucking scary and it's the main reason why, if I were to be asked about what has scared me the most about getting into a relationship, it's actually succeeding in getting into one that scares me more than failing.

If I try and fail, it's just the status quo but with more social experience, but if I succeed it could be potentially life changing/ruining and I don't think I'm ready to handle such a thing

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Unlikely. Who would want to marry an civil servant approaching his 25th year on this planet whom is overweight,shorter than average and lacks initiative and is socially awkward?

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Doubtful, very doubtful with the fact that all my work and worth will go to a woman automatically even though she didn't buy the house, car, camper or plane. Also she would destroy my children's future by the cancer that is single motherhood

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No, I don't think so and I'm okay with it because people are untrustworthy.

And also extremely sexist if pic is related.

I can't think of anyone that would say yes.

God I hope so. Just looking at how my lifes been so far I dont see a bright future man. I dont know

I hope to someday, and have a nice family of my own.

I married my wife on last November.

What kind of rope should I use to hang myself?

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Only if we can elope. I don't want a ceremony. Rather, I don't want to share our vows in front of a crowd.

god i wish
i want to have a son who isnt a loser like me

nice dubs, already engaged, planning is a bitch and weddings are expensive and only for her basically i would've gone with the cheapest option but no this shits gotta be fucking "dream perfect". so yeah try not to jump into that shit unless you know she worth it. never ever doing this shit again.

If this was 100 years ago, yeah. Now, absolutely not. It's a trap

Already have. It was a good decision.