Where do I find an abusive bf who will give me stockholm syndrome?

Where do I find an abusive bf who will give me stockholm syndrome?

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You're looking at it, boy.

I am? Tell me about yourself user.

I'm probably too nice to do anything but superficial abuse, but you'll find one here if you keep looking.

What is superficial abuse?

Well, not serious, or actually meant deep down or permanent in any way. Nothing truly real. Just for your pleasure.

Was in an abusive relationship for a bit, I didn't really like the abuse itself just the dynamic. I liked being afraid of him and not being able to get out.

Why couldn't you get out?

I had no money or way to get home.

kek. I'm sure there are lot's of sociopaths on /soc/

Did you try to leave or ask to go home and he said no?

go find a bf anywhere by the way

He never outright said no, always later, and then if I pressed him on it he would get angry so I stopped.

What else did he do? What level of abuse is too much?

He never really hit me, most of it was just psychological/threats. He raped me and coerced me into doing a lot of stuff I didn't want to do, then gaslit me about it.

Hmm, so what exactly do you want?

It's insanely fucked up but I just want to be in that position again.

I want to get baited into an inescapable situation by someone who's kind over the internet and then once I'm stuck I want to be manipulated and taken advantage of.

Hmmm, that sounds very difficult to have heppen. Sounds like you need to not make posts about specifically wanting that kind of situation. Or just willingly let it happen somehow.

I'd willingly let it happen, I'm just saying don't scare me off over the internet so I'm comfortable enough getting on a plane.

RIGHT HERE BITCH!! Now, make yourself fucking useful give me that ass right here, right now. I don't fucking care if the neighbors are watching, they can watch me fuck your dead body.

thats exactly why my ex left me, im unconsciously manipulative.
comes with the territory of being a borderline schizo i guess

Unconscious manipulation is the opposite of hot, someone threatening to kill themselves if I won't suck their dick is pathetic not scary.

Kinda cute. How far did you go by plane to get kidnapped the first time?

Other side of the country, I was traveling like all day. It was really stressful.

How long before you got out? Did you ever leave when you were there?

Post a discord and I'll tell you more about it there.

Im non abusive but I give people stockholms apparently ;~;

i never said it was hot i was simply stating my experience, in fact i feel sincerely awful about the whole ordeal


user that's just normal love.

Where do I find an abusive gf who will give me stockholm syndrome?

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I love it when a robot knows what he wants

Now this is something i can originally get behind