Are ALL fembots ugly as fuck? Please tell me no

Are ALL fembots ugly as fuck? Please tell me no.

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the only way is if they were ugly but became pretty and didnt gain the social skills

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The majority of them are just here to get money or attention from people who they would never pay attention to in real life. I'd say the majority of them are average to attractive women who have many mental disorders. I'm not saying that this is true about all of them but the ones I have met have all been like this.

I'm average, my fucked up brains are the thing holding me back.

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I wanna see your face, can I? Discord?

I don't trust discordfags, shoo.

Everybody that's here is here for a reason, and that reason is always an ugly one.

90% hambeast and/or plain ulgy
9% average looking but severe mentally ill
1% beautiful and manipulative of wage or wealthy family robots to get money from online "relationships" or even camwhoring

Then where can I see your """"""""average""""""""" face?

Most that I have befriended, seduced, or otherwise been made aware of are average to above average. I would say if a user on this site is deformed-level ugly they would never discuss/reveal their looks, male or female

t. good looking fembot

Yes these thots are master's at hiding their ugliness

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The "fembots" I talked to that self claimed to be "cute" were like average at least, not even good looking, you even know what good looking means?
If you're a fembot is for a reason and I don't think cuteness is your strong point lmao

IME, some are shockingly hot. And some of the shockingly hot ones are legit crazy.
There's a reason why we're all here.

I'm a fembot with a penis and I don't think I'm ugly

I'd say I'm ugly. Not the worst but below average at best. I hate it when beautiful women self post for attention, I like to think of this as a place for people who aren't getting praise irl so it's a bit disheartening.

She wasn't atleast. Pretty eyes that I'll remember.

If they're not ugly they're extremely mentally ill.

The real ones must be, but this thread will get filled by the classic:
> N-no! Im an honest to god 7/10, but Im just like you guyz! Because Im weird and mentally ill Chad doesnt aproach!

Woman dont get to be virgins into their 20s unless she is ugly as sin or waiting for Giga Chad to make a move.

I think I am considered pretty attractive but I dont conaider myself a fembot

Do you want Stacy to dominate you?

From what I've seen most arent so bad, but I think it is true the more attractive they get the more insane and psychotic they are.

Not a fem"bot" but I'm pretty beat. I think I'm also probably too old to be considered attractive now.

No, I don't. I want a bf who will love me and be nice to me.

Where are you from then and how old?

I'm from the US and I'm probably the oldest woman on the board.

Give fembots support and reassurance

Do not be cruel to fembots

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There are some robots that are in their late 20s and early 30s, why not date them?

I've noticed men closer to my age want young women. I've had better luck with men in their early twenties but I usually get ghosted at some point.

it's all subjective but i can't deny that i get enough attention to be considered at least kind of attractive

rules 1 and 2 nigger.
pretty much this

Cause you're a fucking tranny

I don't think I'm pretty, but I've been told otherwise

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How old out of curiosity?

I wouldn't say so.

Yeah sure mentally ill """"""""""""""""average""""""""""""""""" girl

Go to sleep fatty, obviously I'm not a supermodel just a hopeless shut-in and awkward af with social interaction

Kill all cucks

I'm not a fembot bur I want Stacy to dominate me.

Let me be trapped in your shut in space with you, we can be awkward with each other all day and night

Nah mate I can't sleep now, but whatever you say """""""cute"""""""" girl.

I'm not a tranny. I might as well be at this point but I'm not.

I'll be 36 later this year. Still a khv but I have hugged someone so look out.

I just got out of a relationship with a fembot I met here who was really good looking but was a severe nutcase.

It was a lot of work and stressful and she still fucked off in the end. Would not recommend.

Obligatory why

I'm a 33 khv. We should get married.

here is a throwaway if you want to talk. I dont really have any social or chat apps. [email protected]

Is this real time cuteness in action.

It's real time proof women can't be robots.
Merely mentioning that you're an ugly 36 year old virgin woman will immediately get you male attention and validation.

Why would two virgins in their 30s getting married anger you.

I wish there was a place to talk to other older fembots, or robots too. Older robots are chill.

Most of them are pretty fucking ugly, if not they're pretty fucking ill, or both. The pretty ones are just attention seekers looking to feel like they're worth a damn.

No they're not? They're batshit insane, and fat.

Regardless of how hot they are (and some of them are legitimately pretty fucking hot) they are always ALWAYS on the wrong side of the crazy/hot curve.

I don't mind batshit insane, as long as they don't use non-prescription drugs. Fat is a problem though.

Theyre all disgusting hags

All fembots need to be fucked, deep and hard.

No, old robots. Fat drug addicts. Pedophiles.

>They're batshit insane, and fat.
I don't even care about either of those things anymore. I'm batshit insane and everyone gets fat when they are older. It is what it is.

I met a fembot once, she was a solid 3/10. Obese, but had an okay face - could have easily been much more attractive if she took care of herself, had the potential to look great, but obviously just didn't care at all.

Then again, I guess that's the story with a lot of robots, too. Although we're often held back by things we can't change, like skull shape, height, etc.