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"Is it possible to change your type"? edition

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MBTI doesn't exist in the real world. Everything varies from situation to situation unless you purposely try to act exactly the same all the time.

I want to un-INFP myself. How do I achieve this?

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What complete bullshit; you're saying everybody starts off with the same personality, which isn't true.

Yes it is, my type throughout my childhood and teens was firmly intj, when I went to college it tested as intj half the time and intp half the time and now it tests as intp consistently.
If you bothered, I'm sure you could find many other cases like mine.

You don't change your type, you change your personality. Then your type changes along with your personality.

>tfw I'm a procrastinating, lazy, pseudointellectual, eccentric and odd, hermit ENTP who can't stop talking
>want to become a dynamic, ruthless, highly motivated, leader of men, ubermensch, stoic ENTJ

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People can be mistyped. These tests rely on the user to provide accurate data and in order for them to do that they would need to understand themselves. Most people don't. It always perplexed me that people incorrectly filling out a self-reported inventory meant that the theory behind the inventory itself was incorrect.

Big/Global Five is waaay more accurate than MBTI.


Yet another INTJ that is probably mistyped and gradually overdosing on Fi

I think that it seems like it's accurate only because of how overly-simple it is. It doesn't offer a whole lot of insight into who a person actually is, especially for complex individuals. At least Jung's cognitive functions and MBTI are more fleshed out and less likely to suffer from the PT Barnum effect.

Actively as an adult? Probably not. Incidentally from childhood into adulthood as you mature and your brain physically changes significantly? Definitely.

Ditto Baggins

I think what most people don't talk about is even within certain types, there's degrees of fulfilling your potential. Post Lvl 1 vs Lvl 100 comparisons

Lvl 1 ENTP:
>argues mostly on message boards
>"devil's advocate" nature lends itself to strongly disliking normies
>has elitist taste in good movies, music, video games etc.
>will be your best friend if you share his tastes
>has some friends IRL, enjoys banter
>may or may not know how to control spergouts about random topics in social situations when nobody wants to hear them
>can somewhat figure out what makes a person tick, doesn't know what to do with it besides come up with more "struck a nerve" banter
>social ability limited to men, doesn't know how to maintain extraversion and frame when talking to girls

Lvl 100 ENTP:
>very good at making friends with absolute strangers, and especially proud of this ability
>wide circle of casual friends as a result
>flirting with women consists of tongue-in-cheek "I am so great humor", making then laugh and bullying them
>understands people's emotions but doesn't necessarily sympathize ("I get what you're feeling, but you're still wrong")
>stirs shit up between his friends but they all love him for it
>many times gets affectionately told "you're like, the most evil person I know"
>everyone considers him a fuckboy and a natural flirt, and thinks he gets more girls than he actually does (but he does get girls)
>still elitist about tastes in things like movies, music, games etc.
>ESTP tendencies pop up heavily if he works out/is remotely good looking, takes off shirt at parties constantly etc.

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>many times gets affectionately told "you're like, the most evil person I know"
i cringed

God damn it. Im an ENTP and I wish I could be an INTP again. I just wanna stop being disappointed in people. I wish I didnt want to be around them but the truth is I crave attention more than anything and I hate it. I fucking hate being a socially isolated extravert. Even an ugly dumbass can make friends but I cant

this is a real thing. Multiple people who don't know eachother have independently said that to me
I get that it sounds like some fedora-wearing fake chessmaster "I'm literally the Joker" boast, but being told this is usually just a result of the ENTP being a person who stirs up arguments between others and watches. It's not some pseudo high IQ boast although it is nice to be told that

How does one improve as an ENTP? Is there a book I can read or something?

This, I test as INFP, but I used to test as INTJ and I still act as one half the time, it's kind of a relief realizing you can completely control your personaility and people will still have gone through the same situations as you despite having a different personality type.
They tried to cover for this by creating the idea of "shadows" and stuff but it is all unverifiable pseudo science.

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Good to know that instead of having those traits ENTPs just bitch in MBTI general

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INFJ can't be a stacy, they're the weird creepy looking girls with eccentric interests like the occult and obscure hipster rock bands.