Praise Him, Honor Him

Saint Elliot Roger of Isla Vista, blessed be his name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, our Lord. Our Prophet.

Lightbringer, we give thanks. Hasta La Isla Vista, sweet prince. Hast La Isla Vista.

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Great job posting a video that's not even available in his home country.

It's Heaven by Belinda Carlisle, a famous Elliot anthem. What about this then:

I can see the title, nigger. It's just not playable in the US. Here's the version that works in the US.
and yeah the ABBA video works here.

I'm calling dibs on 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' though, 'tis MY anthem. :)

I can see that all the other posters except the last have got some replies in this thread already, so I do not feel like participating as I know I will be ignored by everyone when I reply, be them incels who do not accept any non-incels or non-right wingers or some other people who by ignoring me try to make me drop the Supreme, and all of whom may recognize me from my writings style whether I say anything about being ignored or not.

Well, hey, just came in to say this.

I would also link the prolonged version of Elliot's original video "Elliot Rodger, enjoying the sunset in Santa Barbara", by tribute master, if it was existing still. Luckily I have it on my own pc as all the other videos by him and I always watch them occasionally. One of the best song from the 80's too.

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Hey man do you have the 'Legends Live Forever' tribute set to Forever Young, was by the channel OOBLI before taken down.

PLease fuckikng share it bro.

I wish I could encase all the Elliot Artifacts in an underground bunker somewhere that can be sealed up to preserve their glory for centuries. Naturally tours would be allowed but everything would be behind thick vault glass that will also have blast shields that can drop down.

Then After civilization collapses and then rebuilds I want the people far into the future to find the holy relics and create an entire religion based on Elliot Worship god's supreme gentlemen. There needs to be anthems and statues in parks the whole nine yards.

God, I did not realize you should wish him a Happy Valentine's. Of course, Elliot, my dearest, HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S to you! You see, I never celebrate Valentine's Day, even if it's called "Friend's Day" in my country, because I have no friends. Last time I had a friend was about 20 years ago. No friends to sexually deprived people, that's how this world is.

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Unfortunately I do not have it. But I have tribute master's video with the same background song. I might share his videos some day on Bitchute or some other tolerant platform.

That is a beautiful idea. I have been dreaming about something alike too. Added to the things you mentioned, there should be a lead box somewhere buried in the ground with ALL things connected to him, both in digital and printed form. Then nearby, or not that nearby (to prevent people from destroying the box) there would be a statue made of granite in his form, him watching over the beautiful landscape opening from the spot. That way, he could live forever.

And every year on Elliot day random Stacie's will be selected and skinned alive as a sacrifice to the gentlemen.

Only in case they do not bow to their Lord.

Hey can you post the tribute master forever young video somehwere, please bro? I'm in contact with the guy who supposedly made the OOBLI ER tribute and he said he will share with me soon as he is havng computer problems.

Until then I need something to bide the time.

Roasties would rather suffer torture, death and horrific agony than submit to a non-Chad.

I can't post it right now as I have no account for doing it and the videos are on another computer. But I might actually start a Bitchute account for his anniversary or his next birthday in July.

Dammit.Do you know where I could find them in the meantime? Fuck I need that Legends Live Forever tribute video right now, I'd literally pay for it man...

Well I know one channel where there's a reupload of that tribute master's video, but I have decided not to link that channel here anymore as someone might go and report it. Sorry about that. You can always type "Elliot Rodger tribute" in YouTube and you will find some nice videos.

Nice tribute video with a cool 80's song. I even have some vague memory attached to that song, from the 80's, as I already lived back then, but I can't recall what it was. It was something not that happy I am sure about that.

And yeah it's one of Elliot's favorite songs too, revealed by his Google account.

Yeah good thinking actually, that's how the Legends Live Forever video got deleted in the first place man, fucking scum reportfags here.

I search that kind of shit constantly, but I've never found another ER tribute with Forever Young to as the background song.

There's some tributes with A-ha songs though. This one was originally created by tribute master too,

Once, I suggested him to make a tribute to this song too, unfortunately he never did and now he is gone.

YEah the Legends Live Forever one was actually super high quality man, like great effects and perfect timing/tempo and buildup.

Hey you should contact OOBLI on YouTube and try to get it too man. I really hope he sends me it dude. So we can upload it everywhere and mirror.

>So we can upload it everywhere and mirror.
I'm afraid that would only make your account be removed at least on YouTube. Just remember Mumkey.

he wasnt ugly he just had a boring fucking personality. we dont like that shit. glad hes gone... i sleep safer now.

I was thinking other video sites like Dailymotion etc. Not necessarily YouTube itself. Just getting mirrors and safe locations to keep the video so it can always be found and downloaded by collector's and enthusiasts. is pretty good in that sense.

All of Elliot's own videos are there too.[5-13-14] My morning drive to school_(720p).mp4

Man why was Legends Never Die never widely circulated, it was fucking top tier. Do you know the one I mean yeah? You've seen it?

Just stopping by to pay my respects to our one true GOD.

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Yes I saw it for a few times and it is one of the better ones. I truly like this one too though. It's really hypnotic,

Do you have the video this is from, brother?! OOBLI is that you?!?

Eh, hate that one dude. I liked a lot the A-ha one you posted earlier though. Comfy tier and will do me until OOBLI hopefully delivers Legends Live Forever.

>all these zoomers

Only Cho was legit.

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>May 24 2014
Wow my 24th birthday, now I'm almost 29 and balding take me back

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Cho was a fucking real one. Respectable kill count.

Why do you guys idolize him? He failed to kill a single stacey (and the only roasties he got were landwhales anyway).

That Aurora guy from yesterday has to be the worst spree shooter ever. He only wounded like five and didn't kill anyone.

I much prefer this one.

Elliot legitimately seemed like an interesting guy. I'm not the kind of person to obsess over school shooters etc, but I genuinely would have liked to meet him and get to know him.

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He seemed like a narcissistic retard from his YT videos. I would have liked to meet Ted Bundy, Oskar Dirlewanger or Eric Harris though.

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You're right, he did seem pretty narcissistic, but he still seemed like an interesting person. In my opinion, atleast.
Agree with you about Harris aswell, would have been best friends with that guy.

Whiny narcisistic retard. Tomorrow I'll get an escort, when I'm done I'l think about him and how he died still virgin.

Escorts don't count, good for practice though, you can move onto landwhales and grannies next.

>Escorts don't count
towards what?

being a normie

Wew, yeah, times flies. Elliot would turn 28 this year. Wonder how would he be? We'll never know. Until we manage to build up a quantum time machine capable of exploring the alternative time lines.

So many odd things in this universe. Like the fact how I used to listen to these folks ages ago, not knowing that one day, I would know this peculiar guy who commits a mass murder and who knew the daughter (Maddy Humphreys) of the other half of the the duo.

Man am I not "creepy".

I don't mind not being a normie.

Elliot did mind, he wanted to be a normie, that's why he didn't get an escort despite his dad offering.

Elliot wanted girls to literally prostrate themselves at him, which is a lot more than "being a normie". But he also resented being virgin, so much that being reminded of that would always make him rage.

Why no one robot don`t doing what he do?

eric, simply epic

>I take my daily walk in the golf course while explaining how unfair my life is
This tard was the king of the brainlets. These threads are for his deflated-skulled filthy subjects.

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