Death Roll Thread

If dubs Larry King dies tommorow

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Trump if dubles

if dubs I die in exactly 1000 years

if quads nuclear war in one month.

if dubs ill stop being lonely

I thought so originally

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If dubs, Betty White goes.
If trips, the Queen of England goes.

If dubs your mother goes in her sleep tonight

If dubs nothing will happen

If dubs person below is gay

rerolling because I want this
wait does that make me gay?

Welp, I guess there is a chance he does die

Original I guess.

Dubs I'll stop being lonely and be happy
Trips I get a gf also

As expected

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if dubs i'll die as soon as my friend with benefits relationship ends, i honestly dont want to live after that

Congratulations, user. Quads if the nuclear holocaust happens july 21st 2033

Where's the 51000000 post?

Dubs of death, bless my corpse.

Dubs if i die in my sleep tonight

Ruth Ginsburg will die before februarys end

Fuck, you missed