Shuaiby Birthday

The anniversary of his death is in less than a month

I'm the only one who cares about him? Nobody cares

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Nope, I think about him every day. Happy anniversary, Shuaiby!

Shut the fuck up you absolute FAGGOT

>Puts up tarp to not make a mess
>Brains get on ceiling

kek. Have to hand it to him though, he went through with it instead of whining about wanting to die.

I care, and also hate the gays.

what day him died again?

Sorry. :( I never wanted to be gay if that gives me brownie points at all. I lapsed into a terrible depression when I realized I was.

Get out normie. The only good thing your kind are good for is target practice which frankly is still to good for you.

That was a year ago? I still think about it almost daily.

Why did he an hero? I saw pictures of him floating around over the years, but never got the full story.

Almost forgot about Shuaiby... Almost.

>Using someones death to draw attention to yourself
Fuck off normal nigger

>over the years
He killed himself last year

>trying this hard to fit in

Just another case of teenage meme depression

robot here. I think you all are being absolute faggots over shuaiby

He was terribly depressed, that's what his messages say, he used the anime to escape the reality, it also seems to me that his mother wanted him out of the house and sent him into the workforce, he did not want to be a wagecuck for the rest of his life

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not exactly, he was facing the long dreadful road of NEEThood in a family that does not really care. Pretty based of him to actually do something about it

>would rather die than be a wagie
based level: 100%

The same reason I am planning to kill myself. What it all really boils down to is life is an investment. Our dreams are generally pie in the sky naive when we are young but as we age we get an idea of what the barest minimum we want out of life. Then you realize not only do you not have it but you are unlikely to ever have the ability to get it within reason. For instance thinking you are going to win the lottery is not reasonable.

When you realize this you come to understand that your life is waste and is never going to pay off. All of your useless struggles and suffering were for nothing and things will continue to get worse. You simply come to realize there is no merit or point in living anymore so you plan your exit.

>KEL-TEC shotgun
badass, i even remember the paramedics 'miring that gun in the video. "is that a KEL-TEC? ooooh"

An absolute hero


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what ever happened to doing it in the bathtub?

Ah, an artistic way to die:


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>buying a tacticool semi-auto shotgun just to brain yourself with it

no, it's a practical way, showers and bathtubs are already accommodated to have liquids splattered all over them, pluss the bathtub deals with all your pesky blood.

it'd be weird though to take a bath/shower in the same place someone an hero'd

>there are shotguns out there under 300$ and he chose one of the most expensive.
perhaps he thought he could put it off with insufficient funds as an excuse.

I'm rewatching the video right now, his mothers reaction really hits me man. I really want to kill myself but between knowing this would happen and the fact that I feel like I'm too much of a pussy to actually go through with it. I always wish something would happen to me that would take my choice out of it and make things easier for everyone else.

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Was this that trans kid that was blackmailing other trans kids into sending him nudes and then his mom found them or something?

ksgs are pump action

read somewhere he was planning to go on a shooting spree but lost his nerve. who knows

No, reiko is not bound, but it happened at the same time, he tried to make believe that he was the origin of shuaiby suicide with his friends to build a reputation

Yeah, I guess.
It would be weird, but I think is just the thinking of it.
In a hotel I worked, a guy hang himself in a room, but I enter there before and give shit until my boss told me about it, it was kinda weird being there, but I didnt give a shit already, I take a shower in that room once, kek.

Also hanging is a eficient way, minus the shit

very good engrish

I know it got the job done, but seriously why did he buy a KSG?

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>semi-auto shotgun
librul no-guns detected

I dont think he bought it kill himself with originally, he had for a while if I remember correctly

just watched the video
sadly not the full one but it's bretty estetic

hope he better now

I'm trying to watch the stream but there's this ffucking Roastie crying wtf if someone knows her pls tell to off herself as well


whats always fucked me up about this guy is his room layout especially that window looks exactly like mine

Here is an interesting pic, the top of his head is blown off but he still has a clam continence in his lower face

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Imagine being this stupid killing yourself over some le meme depression xd meanwhile in Africa they don't even know if they're gonna be even alive the next day, I know it's a real bad mental condition but guy doesn't have like schizophrenia, and stuff like that, anyways good meme suicide pajeet kid

Man, I wonder just how hard it is to force yourself to pull that trigger. Every instinct in your body fighting against that urge.

i know this is bait but it's not just ledepression. He was looking at a really, really shitty life. He may have been a discordfag but he was in the classic robot situation: Highly neurotic and sensitive, no prospects, coming of adult age and still no plans and a mean family on top of it threatening to make him homeless. Can you imagine the dread and fear that comes with that? You know this nigger woke up in a cold sweat every day.

it's sign user

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I think that's why he did it in a livestream. Then if he thought of pussying out of it, he'd think that setting up the stream would be for nothing, and that it'd be embarrassing to live after live streaming a failed suicide attempt. It probably gave him more incentive to actually pull the trigger.

funny thing also, schizophrenia is different for people in the west than it is the east. In the west schizos tend to hear hostile and threatening voices where easterners tend to hear jovial and calming voices.

Link to the study you read this from?

like i remember. Just look up schizophrenia in the west vs east or something.

What shitty life lol
>Has house
>Has food
>Has computer
>Has a bed to sleep
>Has a roof
>Has at least a mom who allows you to live there ( dunno if she cared about him or not but at least she prob. did, they're all mothers after all)
>Has access to whatever he wants to
>Has literally people offering help and discord friends
Again what kind of shitty life?

>Highly neurotic and sensitive
So what? Do you think we're all perfect on the inside?
>No prospects
Did he even try? Instead of watching anime he could have spent time doing something product instead of swimming in a pool of self-pity
>Coming of adult age and still no plans
Again did he even do anything about it?
>Family threatening to make him homeless
If they did that maybe was for a reason, I don't think they did that precisely bc he was working or whatever, your mom doesn't come out of nowhere saying you're gonna get kicked out just because

Well he can't wake up anymore, hes dead, he got nothing in the end, they say you're in peace when you die, bullshit, you're just dead and so you'll be forever.

Just go live in the woods. Surviving becomes your lifes purpose, worked for me. Spent 3 years in the Canadian wilderness and it cured my depression. Humans weren't designed to live in cities. Worst that could happen is that you die, but you wouldnt mind right now, would you? yet I'm still here.

Where should i live? Am from Canada

He was a brave hero. I wanna check out so fucking bad but my parents tether me to this world. Ahhh, Goddamnit. Makes me so mad. Every time I think of them finding my body. I wish they hated me 2bh

I went to live near lake Athabasca, but it doesn't really matter too much. I'd recommend Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan. learn some survival skills first though, don't want to die immediately.

British Columbia if you can't handle the cold.

this is where the line between reality and your mind gets blurred. You point out these material possessions and immediately assume that those nullify any and all real concerns in life, it's a really fucking dumb (and you know it's dumb) way to look at it. Your mental stability does not depend entirely on your material possessions. It relies way more so on basic psychological needs which are based on which of the five big personality traits you have (neuroticism, openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness and extroversion) I assume he had high neuroticism and conscientiousness, so the world was falling around him at the drop of a hat and he- by nature was a very stressed out person and theres not much you can do in psychology to change that even if you spend your whole life trying. So what neurotic people want more than anything is security and he most certainly did not have that, his life was heading off a cliff and he knew it. he faced homelessness and a whole array of problems that come with it, not to mention the taunting of his family to remind him that he isn't safe (at least in his mind). Which is another thing, his parents did not understand nor did they accept that he was a neurotic person, instead they told him that it was all bullshit and thats just a sure way to get him to hate you.

>So what? Do you think we're all perfect on the inside?
normies basically have nothing to worry about on the inside and you cannot just write off these serious things.
>Did he even try? Instead of watching anime he could have spent time doing something product instead of swimming in a pool of self-pity
i bet he could hardly think at all about the future at all without spiraling into doubt and existential dread. He was desperate for what you already have.

>Again did he even do anything about it?
he couldn't really. He was simply helpless against his overwhelming fears. All he could do was remain stoic and face it with some dignity

>your mom doesn't come out of nowhere saying you're gonna get kicked out just because
yeah they do, mexican. They knock on your door at some random time and give you the good ol ultimatum that you have to be out in x amount of time or else you get kicked.

>>Has house
>>Has food
>>Has computer
>>Has a bed to sleep
>>Has a roof
You know people in 3rd and 2nd world countries still kill themselves and eachother over emotional shit, never heard of honor killings?
You don't have a guaranteed great life just because you live in a 1st world country, normies like you keep complaining about "1st world problems" because you can't comprehend emotional suffering

Find a place with a small clearing as well as a reliable source of clean water (which you should still boil). Don't choose a national park as this is technically illegal and you don't want to be caught by a park ranger.

Imagine being so averse to getting your shit together that you decide to blow your head off with a shotgun. That is the situation this man found himself in. He wasn't horribly disabled, he hadn't spent his entire adulthood trying and failing to achieve something, he wasn't disfigured, he wasn't obese or dying of some illness. He was just too retarded to put in even the base amount of effort that most robots put into life. Why you people idolize someone who was barely old enough to be a failed normie is beyond me. You're not a robot unless you've tried and failed, and you sure as shit haven't tried and failed if you haven't even hit 20 yet.

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>You're not a robot unless you've tried and failed
>robots even trying
nope, robots were doomed from the start. what you are reffering to is a failed normie who tried and FAILED to be a normie.

Pi Day 3/14. I remember someone asked what to call it and I suggested "Pi Day Bye Day."

He was the last true robot

Kel tec is making another version of that gun with only one mag tube

I still remember vividly the day this shit happened. I'm kind of a jaded oldfag (28) and I've seen a lot of fucked up shit but for some reason this kid blowing his head off with a really cool looking gun and his mom coming in and finding it, like, fuck man.

Am I the only one surprised by how much people are caring about this one dude?

No thats completely made up.
The "trans kid" along with his buddies kept pushing it though so they could get famous.

Hahahaha. If you love him so much why don't you marry him- or marry his splattered brains and skull fragments I guess. lol

I'm a video editor and VFX artist and I see this video for the first time. It definitely looks edited. I mean his motions after the shot are too fast and also before shooting camera goes out of focus(which is a great trick for easier editing). Am I the only one who sees that or there's been speculation before? Also I didn't find any news article on his suicide with real name

You're a fucking idiot, my guy.

that's not serenity user that's all the skin and flesh on his face being blown off his bones into his chest

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It was livestreamed, so you're either full of shit or you're just shit at analyzing things.

you can livestream a prerecorded footage my man

I may be wrong but it looks very shady to me

You're right. I'm sure he made it for a laugh. He's reading the thread as we speak and having a giggle.

You're fucking retarded is what you are

Not every suicide gets put on national news you utter brainlet

and just because youre a dumbfuck who sucks at gathering information doesnt mean something is fake.

i can get your skepticism but the little tranny really did blow his face off and dabbed for us. rip

he was a tranny? he doesn't look like a tranny

A mosque speaks about it: faceb**

No, it's a rumor launched by Reiko, completely stupid without any proof for the sole purpose of making him believe that he was the cause of shuaiby's death for celebrity, shuaiby was a man, and he was hetero

reiko really is a piece of shit
also consider those dubs checked

Yes, this faggot does not deserve our attention

>t. normie nigger roastie cunt

remember he was killed by /r9gay/ trannies blackmailing him into doing gay shit.

>hey guys i saw a 2h video on how to your afterefects

just off yourself faggot

His mom was kicking him out of the house (this was just a threat she wasn't really going to go through with but shuaiby didn't know that)
I also think I remember something about it having to do with stealing money from his parents.

Shuaiby had nothing to do with trannies, he just wanted to be a NEET but his parents had other plans for him
Buying a shotgun to kys isn't a bad idea. If you just get a pistol you have a much higher failure rate, you could just end up like a vegetable. Shuaiby's head fucking exploded, no risk of failing there. Besides, what does it matter how much money you spend if you're dying?

This story is wrong

lack of girlfriend

Yes, he stole money from his parents to buy the KSG it seems to me but I'm not sure

As a robot that's been homeless a few nights because of my parents, they don't know the psychological dread when they threaten to kick me out. Like yeah I'm just going to get a job out of nowhere and pay 1.6k a month for rent

he did buy the gun with stolen money. theres no way some little barely legal tranny could afford that on his own

Shuaiby was not tranny, inform you, it's a stupid rumor without proof launched by reiko himself

the worst thing about the video wasn't him killing himself or his mother seing his blown out brain. it was the attention whoring female crying in the background on discord

Wow, you're a fucking gullible retard, congrats

Happy birthday Shuaiby