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First time edition

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Being gay is not a natural sex orentation. I'm straight and cool

aka, it'll never happen edition

More like straight CRINGE

ninja ive got your head

last thread because OP is a homosexual

I couldn't do sex unless I loved the person. Idk how people could just hookup and let another person put their dick in their pooper

Always happy to make someone smile!

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Go back to reddot, tumblr, youtube, discord whatever
You're new and faggots, literal newfags
Chechens were right

Tfw no ohio bf to talk to

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Based and true to be honest

self posting attention whore, don't contact

lol. This thread is for ugly men to pretend they're cute isn't it. Pathetic, don't forget it does NOT get better for yoy.

I'm disgusted by myself

You should be, I know you're looking for validation here but just know you're a piece of shit and deserve to feel like one

Smell the part of the chair where you rub your big gay ass. Get ready for some real cringe disgust.

>tfw obese
I need to lose weight but I'm not sure if I can

No you're looking for validation yet you never initiate conversation

of course you can! how much do you weight and how tall are you?

260 lbs and 6'3
It's pretty bad

>tfw obese
>tfw no obese bf to diet and gym with until we're cute
>tfw we won't be permanently emotionally bonded on our weight loss journey

Step 1) Yogurt
Step 2) Oats
Step 3) Mix that shit and eat it everyday for dinner and breakfest
Step 4) Go to a gym
Step 5) Work out
Step 6) run nigga run
Step 7) Buy Avocados
Step 8) Drink Avocado juice
Step 9) Meditate
Step 10) Eat raw oatmeal

Cute and pure picture user

i don't think it's thaaaat bad, you can do it user, start tomorrow

Disgusting, not even surprised this is the quality of "people" who post here. you should try the bleach diet

How did I hurt you so much to make you obsessed :^)

>avaccado juice
I like avacados but I dont think you can juice them

Yes but the doujin is very lewd. Basically that boy has some made up disease where he needs to have his anus massaged or else his penis will shrink, so he asks his best friend help and at first the best friend hates it but starts to fall in love with his expressions and see him in a different light. It's cute but lewd in a good way that makes you feel happy and warm inside.

Being gay is against nature. It makes me happy to know that gays hate themselves but I would rather they cease to exist altogether.


I don't know if it helps lose weight but it's tasty and avocados are green so they must be healthy.

Okay. I'll try, but I know I'll probably fail.

what brings you here user? I was looking through the archive and remembered this shithole board exists, and who ruined it

gay animals exist

Capitalism is against nature but here we are. When will based big dimes good Comunism make a comeback?

My dad, he was such a great, smart guy. His hatred for gays fuels me up inside and gives me a warm feeling. I love my dad.

fat people really ruin amateur porn. I'm trying to find some good bareback but it's hard

I'm just tired of seeing their faggot shit everywhere.

so do infertile and animals that eat their offspring retard

Shut up. I do love my dad but not in a sexual way you sick fag. He taught me well. I know the truth about people like you.

technology is an affront to nature stop being a hypocrite

>being happy about your dad MUST be incest
lol projecting fag with daddy issues spotted, does he know you're a shitpacker? What a disappointment

stop samefagging like a faggot

Anyone else watch videos of middle easterners throwing gays off building and laugh?

yeah and humans do that too thank you for agreeing its not against nature

Ohh shit im sorry about that

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Damn, i closed the thread... where's my fellow Motherbot????


well good for you for actually having a good dad. My dad was a fat piece of shit who taught me nothing. i can't wait for the day of the heart attack

If I had a gay son I would kill him.

Yikes, why are you getting mad user? Did i touch a touchy subject?

Yeah, I see that. Your daddy gave ya good advice.

Clearly your dad didn't teach you that.

ITT: Daddyfags in denial

why do these stupid heteros think they're actually doing anything aside from whining and giving us conversational topic? we're still winning, the thread is still up. it'll be up tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that. nothing you do matters.

epic troll you totally pwned them based like a boss

Calling me gay won't make me gay. Or are fags really that stupid?

20 years from now I have a beautiful wife and kids. You have poz in your loose anus.

>20 years from now I have a beautiful wife and kids
You're posting on r9k, in 20 years you'll be lucky if you're alive

>20 years from now I have a beautiful wife and kids
Are you a repressed 12 year old? If you're on this board and think you have a chance at finding a woman AND think you're hot shit for going into a gay thread and reeeeeeing about faggots

You're already a huge faggot, i doubt i could make you any gayer.

20 years from now you'll be looking for daddies in grindr to breed you so you can fullfill your teenage fantasies.

lmao that's hamas you fag

>Fag are dumdums me smart me bump gay thread so fags go away

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It is against nature, an animal doing something doesn't make it "natural", it just means it is an error in nature.

Against nature is complaining about gays on Jow Forums. Just accept it boomer, your time is up this is /OUR/ board now.

newfag doesn't even know what sageing is

>think 2D boys are cute (not just traps)
>have masturbated to 2D gay stuff before and enjoyed it
>occasionally (maybe more) fap to fantasies about said gay stuff
>have literally never found a man I've ever seen in real life attractive
I feel fucking cursed. It'd be one thing to be either straight and not care or gay enough to find regular guys attractive, but I'm stuck in this in-between where I only find what doesn't exist attractive and want it anyway.

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>it is against nature
who the fuck cares? our entire reality around us is unnatural. Get off your UNNATURAL computer, go live in the forest with no electricity, no buying food if your so concerned about nature.

link to that doujin?

r9gay has been a recurring thread since 2012.

What the hell is a sage and where can i get one?
I came here from youtube comments so i'm not used to this website.

yes but you do realize you're indirectly bumping the thread because "reeeeeee fags" bait makes this general fly by

>tfw no elon musk bf

what is nature then? please define it for me

Shit, i'm trying to find the name.

Hold on user! Have faith in me!

I'm derailing the cancer

How's your week been /r9gay/?
>my friends had a party and didn't invite me

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>tfw no repressed bf to crack open his shell
>having friends
out out out, at least they're not actual friends so up for debate if you should be here or no

you're doing literally nothing aside from giving the thread more attention

Good, you're a miserable loser and don't deserve friends

Imagine being proud of being a friendless loser, just kill yourself you know you want to

are we on the same board

what would he be repressing?

Yes, but I hate you just like you hate yourself

going on /r9gay/ threads and posting cliche edgy antifag shit like the one in this thread
no wonder your "friends" don't like you lmaoooooo

You get more gay over time trust me. I was completely straight in the beginning.

It's been like this pretty much my entire life, I don't think it's going to change at this point.

>How's your week been /r9gay/?

Well you clearly want to be gay so maybe try harder?

Finally, holy shit. Here's the name!

Shinyuu tte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai No?

my mind is rotting

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Finally, holy shit. Here's the name and the cover hahah i just wanted to post it so i made another post!

Shinyuu tte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai No

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>tfw no straight prison gay bf

You'd have to be more than prison gay to fuck an ugly loser like you, LOL

thank you user this is really cute and nice

With enough porn and loneliness you can rewire your sexuality to be whatever you want.

i'm playing breath of the wild and link is unbelievably cute.
what are you guys playing tonight/today?

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planning on killing the one who hurt me

user, i asked what you were playing, not doing. i hope that goes well for you, though.
how and why did they hurt you?

Just kill yourself, drugging yourself is an artifical fix for it

I'm playing Ace Combat 7, and I really wish I had VR for it because this game would be so cool to play VR in! Good taste in games by the way user, Breath of the Wild is awesome and Link is a top tier cutie!

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Not really, I don't "want" to be anything. It's just frustrating to only be attracted to a subset of guys so small it may as well not exist.