Be ugly

>be ugly
>"Women only care about looks!"

>be short
>"Women only care about height!"

>be poor
>"Women only care about money!"

>be a nobody
>"Women only want men with power/popularity!"

>be a pussy
>"Women only want assholes!"
Ever notice how incels claim all women only care about the trait which they themselves are personally lacking? Incels would loathe to admit they are simply vapid people with glaring flaws and no redeeming qualities.

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>t. incel
origi and sage nigger

I don't seem to get your point. All these things on this list are true and most incels do have redeeming qualities.

>good points
>says incel
Stop pls is not funny

I am short, very ugly, and poor

I'm really screwed

how do you think your post disproves all those claims? if anything you tried to prove them lol

>be human
>complain when you think that you have the short end of the stick
Wow, really makes me think...

They are individually false, but become true if you are 2 or 3 of them at the same time.

You can get laid if you are a rich manlet.
You can get laid if you are an attractive autist.

Now, can short, poor and autistic dude get laid? Not without paying for it or a shit ton of luck.

Be flat
>Men only want girls with big tits!

Be fat
>Men only want skinny girls!

Be ugly
>Men have unrealistic Standards for women!

I can play this game too OP

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Males care infinitely more about looks. You don't see woman going "Wow, my brother's so rich, successful and fit, I wish I could fuck him", but if this websites taught me anything it's that males sexualise even their own family members, even children, even other males, and almost everything revolves around superficial looks and sex.

Thanks for a great thread OP
Got some angry incels in here :')

All excuses.
I'm at least 3 of these but shouldn't be posting on this board.

what are you walking about? there's tons here that say they would go after the old and chubby. there's really not that much women that are ugly, they just average with bad self-esteem

>Based post
What more can you want?

Mhmmm sure. Or are you talking about "practise girlfriends"?

A side of Fries

>be man
>prefer flat chests
>don't much care about weight
>pursue plain average girls
Your argument is flawed. And then consider that I actually have standards while many a lonely incel have no standards.

a "practice girlfriend" is just a hooker
what other girls are there really that arent taken? you would think this place isnt some thirsty sausagefest

>practice girlfriends
If you needed any more proof robots are trash human beings.

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>failing to see the irony of that concept

First and checked!!!!!
Check em niggas

It's incels that fail to see irony and generally lack self-awareness. Nice sexts though.

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None of you faggots are remotely redeemable. These self-pity parties are filled to the brim with nig tier entitlement on the part of you faggots. It's all
>"waaah why no gf even though I'm fat, ugly, bitter, have no desire to better myself, hate men that are bettering themselves fucking wagies, normies and chads REEEE!"
out of you faggots. None of you want to improve yourselves. You're all Chris-chan lite. You dismiss the very idea of self-improvement. You loathe everyone, hate everyone, blame everyone and then turn amd wonder why no one likes you faggots.

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>first pic
Pink girl puts guy back together
Girl plays hard to get games
Guy thinks she's not interested in anything more because guy can't read minds
Guy continues pursuit of red bitch because he thinks she's just playing hard to get

>second pic
Purple girl pines for guy from the background.
Guy barely even know she exists
Is she even interested in relationships?
If purple just made the first move who knows what would happen?

>caring about what women want

no thanks. i'm not changing myself just to get laid. I'll keep my distance from roasties if they fuck off.

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Complains about women not wanting some fucc

boring tho

that's a local meme
sometimes goes as far as practice children

So why are women so entitled and don't lower their standards? Seems like they are the true incels

>only women are true incels
You heard it first. All men are volcels.

Fucking CHECKED dude

Men are more accepting of women than the other way around. That's why males being lonely is common while females being lonely is nearly impossible to

mother fucking checked

only post of mine in this thread. women can say and do whatever the fuck they want, i dont care. I think men bending over backwards to have sex is scary.

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Well you're half right.
Women are attracted to all the things you list. That's a fact. It doesn't mean it's impossible for a man that lacks some of these qualities to find a partner, even if there is but a sliver of a chance.

Men are gross scum.

fine. stay away from me, i'll avoid you.

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Incels are toxic, but so are these types of images. They are statisticslly untrue. Reverse the genders and then they're more accurate. Incels have a lot of the facts right but it's their response to those facts that make them a problem. And it's people with double standards and a skewed view of intersexual interactions that simply exacerbate it

I'm not failing to see those digits.

>women want men to be nice
>ew he was nice to me, his a creep

>women date assholes
>be an asshole
>fuck off faggot

you can't win. there is some entity or force out there that just wants you to be a lonely virgin forever.

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>>pursue plain average girls
you really mean brown-haired stacy who isn't wearing makeup, fuck off.

sick & piss post M'lard.

Back to back
This thread is blessed

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Women only care about being with anyone other than me.

It's two sides of the same coin. Losers throughout history trying to hold their place in the game by claiming it's unfair. You virgin losers and fat cows are dragging everyone down this bucket because you can't get inside each other. And there's no doubt that genetics play a big factor in whether you'll be successful in life or not. The only thing not limiting you being able to jump over these hurdles.
It's hard and it will take a fuckton of work if you are an ugly short autistic bitch but if Chris-chan can do it then anybody can.

It's because you tend to reference things from your own perspective. Turns out in aggregate woman care about a lot more than one expects.

I feel bad for genuine incels. Just leave them alone OP you faggot nigger.

its more that females want a ton of things, you have to be almost perfect basically

when you aren't attractive, you think "its because im not attractive'

when you are attractive but a nobody, you think I"its because i am a nobody"

the truth is you have to have it all

based and zeropilled

When all you have is a hammer...
this goes for every gender and for a lot more things than dating or w/e

>who isn't wearing makeup
That is basically part of being plain
Not taco though. I mean average as in not attractive alone but also not ugly. Why is that so fucking hard to believe?

Maybe, but I'm white, 5'6, have a 5 inch dick, and am a 3/10 at best. Physically, there is nothing I can do to make myself attractive to women. There's no point in trying to get a gf because women will always be surrounded by better men than me and they would have no incentive to choose to be with me over any other guy, who would be better for them.

Holy shit! Based, checked and redpilled

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That's not true at all. Most "poor, innocent and lonely single guys" have insane standards, like being 30 and expecting a 21 year old girlfriend. The longer they're alone and feast on unrealistic porn, the more deluded they become.

Thanks man, I'll fix my poorness to get surgery to make me handsome then more surgery to get taller, then make more money to just have money then at the age of 40 I'll finally qualify for a high school girl but then I'd be a pedophile so I should just look for older women but then I'd realize hags are ugly and used and I just reached the point kids were at 25 years ago.

>None of you faggots are remotely redeemable.

Green is making shit up about blue and purple is making shit up about pink, they're both irredeemable trash people.
Anyone who identifies with either of them should never procreate for the good of humanity.

At what point do we just retire to the fact that women deserve beatings?