I couldn't care less about

I couldn't care less about
right now. My cousin just got diagnosed with cancer. She's like a sister to me. When I lost my mom, her mom played the role of a mother figure to me. We've been through so much together.
>her hair
>her smile
>her scent
>the warmth of her hugs
>her laugh
>the smell of her house and her car
>her dumb music and the dumb shit she fangirls over
>holidays together
>swinging in that hammock together
>going to the beach together and watching the sunset
>the way she always remembered to get me a present
>the way she would annoy the shit out of me when we were kids
>the way she still loves Disney and going to Disneyland in her 20's
>the way she stepped up to help us shoulder the burden of grandma dying
>the way she was always willing to make the drive from San Diego to help
I'm so scared and angry and sad right now. She's the last person on Earth who deserves this. She's been volunteering to help kids whose parents had cancer since she was a little kid. She has such a good and beautiful heart.
My throat hurts it's clenched up so tightly right now. My fucking chest hurts.

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This is the first time I feel remorse for someone on Jow Forums. Sorry mate, I hope you feel better. And maybe, just maybe, your cousin will be cured.

that sucks op but instead of telling you some uplifting horse shit like any normie or npc i instead will drop a hardcore blackpill on you for the sake of increasing your power and strength to exist in a world/universe that gives no fucks about you or anyone else
god bless you and all other anons in your journey on this twisted nightmare we call earth

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user the brightest lives burn the shortest. If it is any reconciliation just realize that everyone knows someone with cancer and to these people this person is also extraordinary to them. Be grateful her life touched yours and in her absence when she is gone live so that she would be proud of you

i wish i had someone like this
im sorry OP hopefully she gets better with chemo n shit
glad that you at least had that

Thanks, user. I don't have any friends to vent to. It means a lot.

This honestly shook my faith in God for a minute. It's been Book of Job-tier on my family the last few years.

I'm sincerely trying.

I seriously hope she doesn't need chemo. I hope it hasn't spread. I hope she doesn't need a hysterectomy. The idea of her in pain makes me want to fucking scream.

I'm sorry you and your cousin are going through this right now. My sister is going through something similar so maybe I can help you. Do you know anything about the situation? Like what kind of cancer and what stage? Cancer is terrible but at least there are more, better treatments available than just chemo, surgery, and radiation. Although depending on the situation these treatments aren't the worst thing in the world, per se. Don't get me wrong I don't like chemo but it saved a good friend of mine and it might help save my sister. In modern times we have methods such as several forms of immunotherapy, cryotherapy, ablation, and I would like to see gene therapy and "nanotherapy" as I have theorized it

get her some weed op and alkaline foods. try to treat her. dont mope OP.... if you just loathe all day youll regret being useless. roll up your sleeves and do everything you can to help. try every method in conspiracy videos no matter how retarded it seems. just dont live knowing you could have done something but didnt even try

Ovarian. At this point I'm hoping it hasn't metastasized, but it's been causing her pain in her abdomen. I think they're gonna wind up operating.

Dude, I'll drive out to her at 3 AM if I have to.

user, Cancer isn't nearly as fatal as it used to be at least. So, hopefully she in her Youth can heal up pretty fast. Make sure to be strong, and help rekindle the fire in her. So she's ready to take on the world again when she gets better.

in my research I haven't found cannabis to do a whole lot but I could be wrong or simply haven't found enough sufficient evidence. There are people who claim it can cure with skin cancer as well as help cure several other cancers. Possibly the main thing it helps with more than anything is being a good nausea medicine, it helps with chemo immensely. My friend would smoke weed when he was doing chemo and it helped him feel better. I have read about alkaline foods but diet in general is so important it cannot be stressed enough. Most of us Americans have such a terrible diet and either don't drink enough water or don't drink quality water (most tap water is not worth drinking) Interestingly sugar is one of the most unhealthy things there is, apparently it also makes cancer grow. Staying active/exercising is also huge, it's probably my lack of activity that will give me cancer if I don't already have it. I also agree that trying anything that is not harmful is worth doing. That's one of the problems with my sister is she only wants to do what the doctors and medical professionals say, despite the fact I have spent countless hours researching the subject. I'm not saying to her to only listen to me and not listen to them at all but if I were her or any cancer patient I would be as open minded as possible and listen to anything and try anything I could. But I understand that she is going through an unbelievable hell right now, and it is difficult to talk about and deal with for her no doubt.

That's what I'm hoping. We get the results soon, and if it hasn't spread, I hope we can just operate. Those are good odds. But they're also kinda in a hurry to operate just from how bad it is, so I don't even know. I never thought young people just got tumors like this. I mean, I knew in theory, but I'm just gobsmacked it heppened to her.
Like, it just occurred to me that ovaries are analogous to our balls. I can't imagine how much that shit must hurt.
For what it's worth, this has tripled my motivation to get into a surgery residency. I feel so fucking useless.

Do you know what stage it is? Sorry I should have asked that in my first post. If it hasn't metastasized (or even if it has) they might end up taking out her ovaries which could save her life. It sucks she wouldn't be able to have kids though, how old is she by the way? I've googled ovarian cancer and am reading about it now.

imagine being friendzoned by your cousin

A similar thing happened to this guy Chris Wark. At least that's what he claims. Long story short he had stage 3 colon cancer, but his tumor was small, about the size of a golf ball. Anyway, he was only in his mid twenties iirc, they removed the tumor and wanted to give him chemo but I think he refused. Instead he went on a super health kick for lack of better term. Everything, food, water, gets more sleep, pretty much anything you can think of to live a healthier life he did. Now, I'm no doctor and neither is he so do your research and take it with a grain of salt, but his among other people/stories are worth looking into if nothing else. It sucks, I would like to see the data whether this is more or less common in modern times as opposed to back then. People have been getting cancer for a very long time but it seems to be more common in the modern world. My sister is only 32 years old and for a year she was having pain in her gut and was misdiagnosed with something called diverticulitis, of course it was really colon cancer. The idiot quack doctors that she was seeing could not even read a CT scan, this was confirmed by one of the much better doctors she has now. They showed her the CT scan and the tumor that the other doctors were too stupid to recognize, so it screwed my sister and made it much harder for her to survive this, she's late stage and had I think half of her colon removed and has a colostomy now. She has had several chemo infusions and will likely also be doing immunotherapy soon. I'm really sorry this is happening to you all and I hope your cousin gets better

and then yeah my friend had stage 3b testicular cancer so he did several chemo infusions along with stem cell therapy to help him heal after the chemo and his cancer is gone, total remission. I really, really don't like chemo after seeing what it put him and my sister through, it also made my grandmother go through hell I'm sure, she died from breast cancer. An aunt of mine also died from colon cancer last summer. The thing about chemo is some chemo drugs are better than others. Chemo sucks but it can be manageable, I used ot think it was poison, and maybe it is, I don't know. But it saved my friends life so I have a different view of it now. My sister is on 5FU at the moment, I read about it and it sounds like it works best under best conditions but even then is still toxic. I wish they would give her something else like this guy had:


And soon she will be doing this or something similar:


Apparently Jimmy Carter had cancer and was given "Keytruda" he doesn't have cancer anymore.

Reminder, she's dying because of christianity and trump. Atheist science would have had the cure for this shit 30 years ago if it wasn't suppressed. Remember that till the day you die. Remember who brought you this pain. I've given you the target to blame.

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I don't like Trump but he's got fuck all to do with it, Don't be misleading. As far as the whole atheism and christianity thing idk. Depending on who you ask we already have at least one if not several cures, the problem is disinformation, misinformation and the possibility that these cures might really be hidden from the public for whatever reason(s).

Genetic engineering/splicing would have cure cancer permanently 30 years ago but it's illegal and banned because christians don't want you to play god and republicans are majority christian.

How did she get diagnosed? Her symptoms could shed a clue into the stage of her cancer. Ovarian is bad, but can be okay if its caught early and incidentally...

>but it's illegal and banned because christians don't want you to play god
you got a source for any of that? sounds interesting and I want to read about it. trump isn't a republican though he's a RINO

If I could, I'd gladly trade my health for hers, so that I'd have cancer instead of her. I want to die, she probably wants to live, so both sides would win.

She should start making crystal meth.

Just google the legality of genetic engineering in the usa.

okay but what about other countries? I get that it might be illegal in america but surely by now we should have seen this cure in places where it's not illegal? or are you saying that america is sequestering it everywhere

People in China have already been cured of cancer.Though that still isn't good enough, We need more people funding and studying it. The onlything stopping us is religion. Old dudes in robes who middle americans worship as the voice of god.

Nice, can I get a link on that?

Honestly, with good intentions, I advice you don't believe me. Though that's only because I'm incredibly drunk and cannot provide sources. If you'd like to investigate yourself that's cool,but I'm unaible.

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Op, just try to help her out with it, there's nothing more you can do. Just have hope and that will help. Hope she gets better user!

Is this the article you are talking about?

She could at least take your virginity with her. Try bringing up the idea.