What is your favourite band, Jow Forums? Mine is Jimmy Eat World

What is your favourite band, Jow Forums? Mine is Jimmy Eat World.

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Probably Metallica but I feel like a normie saying it.

Limp Bizkit, greatest band of all time

Motorhead, Nirvana
any of the ones that play that hard shit. not that upbeat bs

AJJ, Yes, NMH, King Crimson

By far Nine Inch Nails. Perfect Robot music.

this board has really normie taste lmao

Rise Against

>King Crimson
my nigga

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Unironcaly I enjoy coldplay.but I mostly perfer their older stuff.

The Beach Boys.

shut the fuck up nigger limp bizkit is the greatest band of all time

apparently r9k has generic as fuck tastes
yall niggas should check out some 90's indie rock

Why is that? Because it would appeal to the "generic" genre?

Probably Mastodon or Tool

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I unironically like all girl 90s feminist punk bands
Babes in Toyland
7 Year Bitch
Bikini Kill

Oh and Camel

Nirvana is fucking god tier, stfu nigger.

no, the opposite actually
because it's actually unique and personal and fucked and ugly

what's your fav album from them? i only know this song
from tony hawk underground 2, i really like it but never got into actually listening to a full album

That's actually really tough. I would probably say either Hatebreed or Iron Maiden is my favorite band.

Normie answer
>System of a Down
Oddly specific answer
>Jonna Lee
Dad rock answer
>Electric Light Orchestra

Nah fuck you
Either all music is unique or none of it is. You can't say that one genre is more pivotal than another, because music is a product of time, which is continuous and not quantative, and specifying a frame of a moment necessarily loses information about that continuum in that act of compression.

Oh, autistic answer
>Talking heads

iron maiden is that band that the least you listen to it the more you hate it because of how normie and entry level it is, but when you actually go back to it you remember how fucking good it is

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i agree, but you can't deny that some genres are way less creative than others, try checking some random metalcore songs for example

Perhaps the formulaic part upon which you've fixated allows the artist to improvise more easily in other aspects of songwriting, or to showcase the craft of their instrumentation.

well most of the artists you're thinking are like 16 yo kids so idk

Either Death, Megadeth or Judas Priest
This is an unoriginal comment

For me, its Bleed American and Clarity is a close second.

where my chronic future and offspring bros at?

Either Thee Oh Sees or Guided by Voices

lately ive been listening to a lot of deep house though, moodymann calms my anxiety

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Cheers man. Like every 12 yr old hot topic kid in florida I was a huge jack off jill fan. Still love babes though.

My favorite to listen to right now is Low because their music is relatively calm. I like to put them on when I feel brain scrambled.

Good taste.

based op

Hard to decide on one, but the three i would name are Melvins, early Sonic youth and mbv. Those three influenced many of the bands i've been listening to for years. runner ups would be big black, Acid bath, Trent Reznor and maybe Beach house

death in june, meme division, bauhaus

Death in June are the shit. Not sure why you're on this board when you ought to be dancing your ass off and making friends at your local goff nite.

Love me some Acid Bath, nola sure knows how to make em.