When did you realize you're an asshole, not a nice guy?

When did you realize you're an asshole, not a nice guy?

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A long time ago, my friend.

Unfortunately, it took me until my early 20s.

I'm both, you have to be a brainlet to be a pure asshole. I'm just extremely selfish so I'll do whatever it takes to get what I want. Sometimes that involves being really nice, sometimes that involves fucking people over. I'm never straight up mean to people because that's pointless.

Back in senior of high school. Since then I've tried to at least become more neutral

When my psychiatrist started diagnosing me

When I became one. Age 17, I lost my last bit of hope for the world and started being a cunt.

I'm not either. I'm just a man surrounded by pigs in clothing.

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>Your not a nerd
>Your an asshole
Yeah, whatever you say bitch.

sounds like something a girl trying to rationalize why she won't date nerds would say

I'm not really either at this point, I used to be nicer but am now too poor and jaded to bother.
Kind of just happens when you lose all hope.

I don't really think I'm either. I'm usually just flat and non-expressive because I'm incapable of caring about pretty much anything at this point.

id rather be a dick than a swallower

>todays edition of "incel recruitment"

Meh, at least I am not fake like everyone else.

this, you do more evil by being nice, if you are straight asshole you risk making people try to one up you, if you hate someone just give them bad advice and don't provoke them

Wasn't this scene a commentary about how nerds can't get away with behaviour like a Chad would? The entire movie had themed of the Zucc standing up for himself and defining his own Chadliness. Lmao. The point of the film is to see through bullshit criticism like the woman character in that pic. If you have a good idea - do it.

Thought the point of this film was some dudes taking out their butthurt about feeling cucked by Zuckerberg?

that's what I was getting at when I was referencing the themes of the entire movie

Oh okay, you're right. Like they try to insist he sucks when he's based.

are you perhaps me?

Yeah. People will come from all sorts of angles to fuck with you. They'll try to sabotage you. They'll try to tone police you. They'll even try to steal your success.

say what you want, but Zucc got at least closer to pussy, than I will ever be

>Zucc standing up for himself and defining his own Chadliness
When did Chad come to mean the same thing as lizard-person?

An asshole? Never.
A failure? Around the mid 20s

miss me with that shit losers i'm just ugly