Tfw you fantasize about being a paypig to a girl who milks your bank account with her big feet

>tfw you fantasize about being a paypig to a girl who milks your bank account with her big feet
>tfw you imagine giving her thousands of dollars regularly just to see and worship her feet
>tfw you work a low-paying part-time job and don't see yourself ever being in a financial position to indulge in this fantasy
>tfw into findom and poor

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how big of feet?

size 9+ with long toes

Nah B, couldnt be me

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Those are shit feet.

That is a shit opinion

People like you are why any shank thinks she can be the next big star.

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>tfw huge feet with skelly toes but a man
good bye money

are you a young, androgynous man?

I'm a size 10.5 mens (wide foot) with short weiner toes
Does this tickle your pickle user

yes until you said short weiner toes

Disgusting man feet

no im late 20s and fairly masculine. i wouldnt do it even if i was though too gay for me

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You wish I would milk your wallet with my perfect size 9 feet, broke incel. No amount will never be enough, but you can try for my personal amusement.

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people like you are the reason 'milfs' (12-20 year old men) are getting free money to spend on abdl diapers

tfw tiny baby weiner toes

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Monitoring this thread

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Haha what sort of loser would be into this? R-right? Haha.

>hanging your toilet paper the wrong way

decent soles and big toes, but your other toes are baby weiner tier and that's gonna be a dealbreaker

Shlt tier feet

As a footfag I have to say your feet are absolute meh on all levels.
>wouldn't even give you my spare change if you asked for it

Its not the wrong way I took a better pic for you. The flap was on top but in that picture its still clearly visibly pointig toward the toilet, the correct side. I can't stand people who put that shit on backwards, this actually triggered me

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uh oh triggered roasties

foot girl please ppost moar feet

Full sole pic pls.
btw i can't imagine how much of an asspain this has to be to shoot.



baby weiner toes are elite. they are rounder and squishier and stinkier. long sausage toes can get fucked you have shit taste in feet mate

I couldn't actually see which way it was hanging. I would've claimed either way was wrong. Truthfully though, I share your opinion.

no one here has ever said triggered ever. its against the rules

>this actually triggered me


My kik is kawaiiduterte

poor becky so jealous that stacey has cl

poor becky, so jealous that footstacey has cute feet as well as the confidence to post them and get money for it. your samefag only hurts your case, i'm watching you

Do you use anything better-suited to PC?

Discord is bootybunny94 (pls don't laugh I made it when I was horny)

Get a fucking load of this Chad

You all need to fuck the fuck off (after posting tits too)

footstacey i would pay you for a video of you unrolling that toilet paper with your feet and singing softly while you do it. angel touch preferably.

I did laugh, but I also think it's cute, if that's any consolation.

How so?

>tfw size 5 feet
>tfw will never be footstacey

4 digit tag?

size 9+ is best

ooop #5659

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We can play footsie, my feet can be the big spoon footbecky

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Is there more to this? I am enough of a beta loser to give cute girls who demand it basically anything they want...

Add me on discord or kik you sad cuck. I dropped them in the thread already if you aren't too stupid to find them, try not to let your inferior penis get in the way.

I'm sure we can figure something out. Ask your mommy for allowance change if you have to.

I don't have discord, but I sent a message on kik! Thank you!

>tfw had a chance to findom an user and backed out because I was worried about reporting it on my taxes

please let me worship you like the loser I am..

>tfw I jerked it to these qt feet without paying a dime
later losers

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Why don't you find a non destructive way to enjoy your sick treats though?

What possesses a girl to participate in a thread like this? Is it just about the money? Is it about the ego boost having people like us salivate over her knowing she would never be with someone like us?

As someone with desperately low self esteem and a femdom addiction, I don't know if I could ever be in a healthy, loving relationship...