Have you ever broken up with a girl and if so why

Have you ever broken up with a girl and if so why

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We had nothing to talk about. I'd ask her what she's up to and she would say "listening to music". That's not a hobby, she wasn't even a musician

I feel that man its just hard to pull the trigger sometimes you know

If you want an honest answer, I get repeatedly dumped, and then finally the last straw is laid and I stop talking to them and after a period of time they start to guilt trip me over leaving.

AKA mind games 101.

She kept saying that she would suck my dick loved me but she wouldn't date me so I got frustrated and told her no more

i was bored with her and i ignored her then i was sad for about a few months and now im fresh as new

My childhood friend and high school gf cheated on me with one of my best friends at the time and repeatedly whored herself out to lonely guys online

how did you know she whored herself online?

A mutual friend of mine showed me screencaps of her admitting to it

She was pressuring me to have sex with her and she was underage. Also, she bullied me relentlessly and I got to where I had had enough of her shit. Fast forward ten years from the time we met and I still haven't found another girl or lost my virginity.

Did you try asking her what kind of music she was listening to? What artists she liked and what she listened to on her happy or sad days? No, you fucking permavirgin

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She wasn't over her ex and he told me that she had sent him nudes and tried flirting with him. He played along for awhile just to get screencaps. He was lookin out for me even though we weren't friends

I've broken up with girls I was deeply inloved with who were also deeply inlove with me also. Many times. Why? I have a mental condition where if they do the smallest thing against me, let alone fight right regular couples go through, I have a full blown panic attack (most people don't actually know what that is) and after that I associate them with fear and anxiety. Being with them is physically painful. So I have to let them go. I've learned to never get in a relationship again because my brain is broken.

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This happened to me too! Some rando fucking sent me screencaps of my ex being a pathetic loser. I hope they spent their Valentines alone in a pit of misery, but life hasn't gone my way so far so probably not.

yeh, back in highschool, perfectly shy submissive quiet book nerd gf

broke up with her one day because i didnt know if i could keep it going, or get a job, and was failing school hard

10 years later and shes a lesbian, man hating SJW who just bought a house with her FTM dyke boyfriend

My ex used to depend on me alot. We were in highschool and in the same classroom, so we would see eachother for 6 hours every day.

When I had an activity of the student society, she actually pleage me not to leave her. Another was that she got really jelaeous when I had talks with other girls. A short conversation would cost me 1 hour of discussion with exbae.

She really was very nice with me, but the necesity of hanging out with here 6-7 hours a day was suffocating me.

Then she started to call me by skype at night, and that was my time for playing videogames with the squad. Used to talk to her about whatever shit I came up with, even read her some Lovecraft stories.

One day, on skype, she seemed to have fallen asleep, so I sent her a message telling her to see her tomorrow, so I called my hommies for some csgo. In the course of 15 minutes, she called me again and told me she fell asleep and wanted to chat more.

HOLY FUCK, I said. You just didn't add anything to the conversation. you had me 1 hour monologing. So told her I was with the boys and I really wanted to play with the for a moment. She hung out, and I gave a shit about it

The day we broke was by messenger because she didn't want to talk to me at the end of the classes. I said I was getting really mad about not having time for me, being so jelaous and dependable of me.

She got really pissed, so I didn't want to put more logs in the campfire, so I told her to gave us a time, but she refused, so had to broke with her in that moment, because she told me that if we gave us a time, we would break.

She was really nice to me. She made a surprise party for me, we exchanged really romantic gifts, and she really was proud and into me when I started to get kind of buffed by the gym.

We used to get really horny bellow the tables of the classroom when there was nobody, but never scored because no money to pay for a motel, and too autistic to not fuck her at the dressing rooms.

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Damn boy. What a save

Also my ex was a shy submissive quiet book nerd. I understand your feel

Have you gone with the psychiatrist to treat that?
I'm very courious about your mental condition

Can you pass some of the screens?

I told her that if she wanted to be a 24/7 sexpet while she was living with me, I wasn't going to be comfortable fucking her if she spent the entire summer break in an alcoholic blackout again. I just wanted her to get sober(er) a few times per month so I could get reliable feedback.

She didn't like discussing her alcoholism, so latched on to me being uncomfortable having sex with her while drunk and decided to try to shut the conversation down by falsely accusing me of rape.

Having eliminated all trust in our relationship, I sat back in stunned silence for a bit. I think she realized she'd gone too far because she started trying to roll it back ("not like I'd report you to anyone or anything since I enjoy it, but TECHNICALLY..."), but I just slowly typed out "Please never contact me again. Enjoy your summer." while I tried to come up with some hypothetical way she could recover from what she'd done... never came up with anything. Pressed send.


Yeah, and psychologist. Supposed to expose myself to small amounts and bigger amounts slowly for about a year. That doesn't exactly keep a GF.

Yeah, I imagine is just to break your fears slowly. But what's the name of the condition?

It's called "psychologist with 10 years schooling and 20 years practicing scratching his head itis"

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I feel literally identical to that..except without the panic attack because I'm not a bitch.You make it sound like a disorder but I think it's just a case of extreme preferences. One of my life goals is to find my soulmate and if I ever fought with her it would mean I was with the wrong girl. The girl I've been with for the last 2 years has never disappointed me

>needs another human to confirm his worth
>calls me a bitch
>learns nothing
>replies with arrogance

You think living my life with these panic attacks makes me a bitch? Panic attacks are the worst thing you can experience besides getting hatefully murdered and recovering from it as a near death experience. You don't know shit about what you are talking about you fucking child.

Btw soulmate's are a philosophical falcity, you are a cuck, you will be destroyed, and you will deserve it. You can't be happy unless a girl accepts you, you peanut brained self hating shit.

lmfao you are crazy I was mostly agreeing with you. You are acting extremely unchill. Also I would bet money that your IQ is lower than mine.

>except without the panic attack because I'm not a bitch
Layman, stick to your mindless business.

>Btw soulmate's
You typed an extra character just to be wrong.

Nothing logical about this post, it doesn't even make sense. Forever denied.

I did when I was like 11, was in a relationship for about 3 hours, she wanted attention and then I realized that I have no interest in relationships and prefer being alone.

I could probably have an easy time though its the whole thing when you go on sites and see women doing that pose with their boyfriends (you know, that one where the guy looks awkward and a little stiff because they don't do photos much while some disgusting ham-planet leans on them like "yeah, look what I scored girls, I'm sooooo much better than all you bitches!" with the smuggest looks ever. I'm not being one of the guys in those pics, NEVER).

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I was making fun of your grammar.

she was becoming progressively more wack
anytime i did anything that upset her she would tell me everyone hates me
she seen me talk to my female manager at work once and came in the store the next day, told me to come out in the more open area then started yelling asking me to stop touching her and that she didnt know me and i nearly got fired over that
then after i broke up with her she told everyone i raped her and i got fired from my job and nearly kicked out of school

she was my first and i ignored a lot of the shade because i did not want to go back to being a shutin inside all day with no one to talk to
but its kinda nice being like this again

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