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>Height matte-

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He's taller than almost of the girls he is obviously average height

He is 5'7". He should kill himself according to this retarded board.

Why are americans so small?

My mistake, 5'8".
Either way he should kill himself, right r9k?

Height mogs all of us manlets. 5'6" is deth zone.

There is barely any difference between 5'8 and 5'6 you retard.

Actually, no. It makes a big difference.

Unless you're a woman, then it suddenly means alot.

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5'7 is the average height in most countries
The height matters meme was always just that, a meme. Unless you're literally 4'10 as a male, then you'll find someone eventually.

Also his face is 8-9/10. And he mostly went for average girls.
kek I feel him
Most underdeveloped countries maybe? I'm in Turkey and current generations average is 5'10~ while 60-70yo grandpas are 5'5-5'8

>Also his face is 8-9/10. And he mostly went for average girls.
No way is he 9, more like 7-8, but yes, it's the face that is what matters in 80%.

>I'm in Turkey and current generations average is 5'10~ while 60-70yo grandpas are 5'5-5'8
This means nothing as proven by OP video.

This is how a 5'8 looks like next to 5'11s height matters.

Also it does because if you're short like me (5'7) there are lots of girls taller than you. If you went to somewhere "important" all the girls wear heels and becomes taller than you.
I look like a child because of that. I don't know why is this happening but both girls and boys are getting huge here.

I refuse to believe 5'7 being average except for bug eating countries.

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You look like a child because you act like one. Stop being a faggot and be like everyone else your height and fuck bitches of all heights.

Then tell me, how do I act and how should I act?

Like Chad, obviously. Be Chad, get girls.

Except it does not work since being 5'8 and trying to act like a chad will look like you have a chip on your shoulder and trying to compensate.

just get some elevator insoles, even 1 inch would make you feel better and as you gain confidence you'll stop acting like you feel less than other people

It's manlets that say that height matter. Ugly lanklets like me know that it's not as important as the memes say.

It's not everything but it means alot to most women.
They just have high standards in general.

But I don't act like that. I change between normal and overconfident depending on the situation.

It does. I had my first gf when I was in highschool over 10 years ago but it barely lasted 2 months and she cheated on my for my friend who was 6'3, I'm 5'8. The times I saw them together at parties or whatever I would sometimes see her ridding on his shoulders and she never did that with me.

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>rich says money isn't that important
>model says looks isn't that important
>lanklet says height isn't that important

The real blackpill is that they're all correct.

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Girls dony find me attractive. I'm repulsive to all of them.

then whats the problem? I'm sure there are also plenty of girls shorter and some girls that don't mind you being a bit shorter

I'm 5'8.5 , 5'9 with shoes and I never feel short. Guys lie about their height all the time.
t. Texan

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My problem isn't with girls since I don't care about sex and stuff

But Turkey praises masculinity and your average middle schooler is taller and stronger than me. It hurts to see them.
I was never seen as a man because of my height. I was 5'4~ at the start of highschool while everyone else was at least 5'8 which ruined my life...

> Guys lie about their height all the time.
It has never occurred to me at just how much guys lie about their height like girls do with their age it's insane. Like can you even imagine this shit from a girl's perspective? All these guys around you saying they are 5'11 or "around" 6' when they are like 5'7 or 5'9 etc. That creates some fucked up views in their mind which in turn creates this problem that we see on sights like tinder with profiles saying guys need to be 6ft plus cuase EVERY FAGGOT AROUND THEM WOULD ALWAYS EMBELLISH THEIR HEIGHTS. And ontop of women having poor spacial awareness you can easily create this fucking nightmare of a rating system that we have now.

Bro, no joke. There are dudes my height who claim they are 5'10-5'11 (since this is like the cut off for being ""Manlet"") and it's just laughable. They will swear by it and say their doctor measured them to this height.
If we were all much more true about our height, women would just go along with it. women are surprised when I say I'm 5'9 since I'm equally as tall as those who claim to be taller. It's just dumb

He is the only one giving the girls attention in this video, that's the difference. He isn't competing with anyone, put him in a crowded bar with 6'2" Chad's everywhere and see if he can pull it off.

There is no try, just do. Be Chad or don't be.

>my anecdotal evidence trumps everyone else's life experience and scientific studies

>your average middle schooler is taller and stronger than me
What a surprise, the namefag is a larper. Bet you are actually 6'3" and a khv.

And the worst part of it is that they are still together, married, have a kid and a house. Literally highschool sweethearts who lost their virginity to each other.

What are the fucking chances of that happening? god i hate my life

Are you daft? A 6'2" guy won't have a chance against him.

You guys need to stop watching these videos. Do something useful with your time.
Here, teach yourself some machine learning:

Yeah I know it can be an advantage. It's just not even close to being important enough to compensate for an unattractive face.

Why do you base your entire life views on something that happened in high school? Kids are retards and do stupid shit. Start acting like an adult.

They are still together did you not understand that bit? Since when has a couple that started out in highschool still remain strongly in love with each other over 10 years after they get together?

Actually no. How did you come to this concussion?
I'm just kv tho. I'm still pure

It's rare, most such marriages end in divorce. Good for them if they are still happy. Shows that she did the right choice picking him over you. If you can't move on from this after 10 years you have serious issues.

The average middle schooler is not taller and stronger than a 5'8" adult.

But I dont even know what I did wrong. He has the same personality and interests as I do. Why does it have to be absolute worst outcome for me to experience a first relationship like this and just expect to brush it off when the guy also has his first relationship and still together when apparently this isnt the norm?

Oh, when I saw you calling me namefag I though you saw me before
I'm 170cm 56kg to be more specific and I'm 18.
And yes they are stronger and taller. I don't understand how this happened... This isn't how it's supposed to be...

The only thing you did wrong was thinking your first relationship in high school will last forever. They almost never do. And what you are doing wrong now is still dwelling on it. Why aren't you out there getting girls instead of whining about an insignificant practice relationship from when you were a kid?

I was hoping it would last forever and it could have since I have seen it unfold right in front of me that such a relationship is possible. I mean I lift weights and trying to finish college. But even if I get my life together now at 29, look at how much time I have wasted and look at how much memories these two already have. All those unforgettable moments they must have with each other is probably incomparable to anything else. There is no way I could get that time back now. There is no way I could have such a strong and lasting relationship like they do. They are already over 10 years strong and here I am still dwelling on it knowing that no matter who I try to get with I know theirs is leagues beyond what I have. I dont deserve anyone at this point let alone try and make a family with them.

>I don't care about sex and stuff
y-yeah, m-me neither, us 5'6" bros know better than that...

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5"9 with shoes is 5"10. With certain hair styles you can push 5 '11

Lol if you're average height but not getting pretty girls you're doing something else wrong.

Yes there are a few girls who specifically want height but there's enough to go around.

It is exactly the same as tits size in women. Yes in theory it's more attractive and yes evolutionarily it should trigger more real attraction, there are therefore a few guys who specifically want to go after women with a large chest but most will still be seriously fucking attracted to a girl who looks like Taylor Swift.

That's what's happening on a physical level. The only difference there is tall people usually act more dominant and confident which is another attraction reason. But that's something you can do with your behaviour anyway.

I wasn't coping. I refused every sex offer I've gotten. It corrups your soul. I prefer staying pure.

Men don't put "don't approach me if you don't have at least d-cup" breast.

They are not taller for the most part. And if you are weaker than a middle schooler then hit the gym because you're really weak.

Could you be anymore of a depressed whiner? It's like you literally want to be a sad sack of shit. You make any excuses you can think of for not trying.

Cherry picking female tinders many of whom are likely catfish isn't a great way to build confidence. Unironically stop reading that shit get offline and be yourself

actually something weird has been going on lately where a lot of the new staff where I work are really super tall, the young people
There are ~50 employees where I work and in the last ~3 years I've seen 4 WOMEN come in who are all 6 feet tall plus or minus a couple inches, and multiple 6'4ish guys, one guy almost 7 feet tall I don't know wtf is going on

>and be yourself
Sorry chief it isn't working

I'm hitting the gym too
4 months in, pretty much zero progress
But I started with 20kg bench press (machine) now I can do it with 30kg! (4x12)
But I can feel my joints cracking. I hope I won't injure myself.

Because I know how futile it is. What are the chances that I get with the perfect girl and we hit it off and we get married and be together for the rest of our lives on my first try? Pretty impossible right? Some people would laugh at that and other go through their whole lives going from person to person from break up to break up and never having a perfect relationship ever and then they die of old age or some shit. And yet here it is happening right in front of me that someone managed to luck out for seemingly no reason at all. Why even bother being with anyone else knowing that someone out there has immaculate luck and never had to experience heart break even once in their life and got to be with the first girl they met with and are still madly in love with each other. Do you know what that kind of shit does to a person?

Women don't do that in real life, that's Tinder shit. When you approach they make a judgement and take everything into account. They will take your height into account just like you would take a women's tit size into account. Will you reject a cutie with average tits, even if you were a 9/10 guy? No. Will they reject you if you're confident and good looking with average height? No.

You have a bad case of the special snowflake syndrome. Somehow you, as the only male in the history of the entire humankind, can not get a girl no matter what you try. Contact the media, you are the most unique man in the world.

That's not what I am saying at all. You are missing the point. I don't think I am special at all. In fact I said multiple times that the guy she is with now has a very similar personality and interests as I do.

Completely missing the point. You could have got a girlfriend years ago but didn't. And you still don't want one. So stop whining.

What are the chances of the next girl I get with will be the one and I could live a happy life and start a family with?

that's just your perception, he's probably better than you in every aspect

if this is a legit post and not a troll you should off yourself, the universe owes you nothing

Probably, I mean why else would he still be with the first girl he has ever gone out with and know has a kid and a house with.

I agree it does not owe me anything. In fact I just said in that very post you quoted that I'm not deserving of any relationship.

I'm learning java and don't want to jump from one language to another. Java isn't used as much as python in AI if I presume correctly. But AI still fascinates me.

Isnt java on it's way out though or becoming more irrelevant? wouldnt C# or something be better?

I don't know, I thought it was in demand.

Well from my game design courses they dont teach java any more at least where I am at and moved to teaching C#. Dont know how significant that is but that is just one perspective from me

What the fuck
Isn't he like 5'9?

Nigga I hope you're trolling. Java literally runs on billions of devices

And your game design course was in Unity, which uses c#, that's completely anecdotal.

god i wish more tall girls were into manlets like me

I'm just saying man calm down. Not everyone is trying to attack you here, relax. There is no reason to be on the defensive here. We are just having a conversation.

He is 5'7" according to what I found.
Just goes to show that even if you're a handsome, rich and famous actor it might still not be enough for modern roasties.

I'm this guy not C# is in demand as well, but job listings point me to java. I would honestly take any IT job though like entry level helpdesk, but even those require experience and certs. I just want to get out of this neet hole.

Higher than if you never ask a girl out.

You seriously think he gives a shit when he has thousands of girls he could immediately call up and they'd be jumping on his dick?

I don't know if he cares or not. Propably not much.
Still it's a good example to showcase that height matters alot for women.

On the contrary, it proves that taller men are seen as less attractive generally. Those two dumb roasties are a perfect cherrypicking example that if a woman has a height fetish she's pretty low quality. Why do you think it's only ever ugly girls that say men have to be tall?

Kek what do they even want. They realize he could still beat them to death?

> it proves that taller men are seen as less attractive generally

Just fucking lol. That is the biggest cope I've heard in years.

Why are all the most attractive celebrities under 6' tall?

shit son, come to Ohio
we're water buffaloes

because the average height is under 6ft, but no doubt being taller would help those men

5,0- wizard
5,4- wizard
5,5- robot
5,6- failed normie
5,7- Chad
5,8- normie
6,0-failed normie
6,6- unless basketball/football player robot
6,7 unless basketball/football player robot

t. ugly 6'4" kv

based inconsistent rankings

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that image made me laugh fren but it's very accurate if you remember anything from american high school I don't know how it is other places.

Wtf... How did they know?

5'7 is actually pretty good.

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Watch OP video. It literally disproves your theory that height matters. It doesn't. He is also in pic related. And this is his video also:

It's all about face.

Why are most models over 6ft? Why is basically the most attractive dude on earth Francisco Lachowski 6ft3?

I didn't make that image I just posted the stats this is just all I can recall from all my experiences in life usually this is how certain heights act portray themselves although there are some exceptions

t. height expertise at yale

Corellation does not have to necesserily prove causation. There are literally 100s of different variables that have caused this, with FACE FEATURES difference being on top of the list.

who can even tell the difference between 5'10, 5'11 and 6'0?

Height is the gayest thing ever

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user I'm literally namefaging here. Didn't you see my other replies? like ?

Someone's who's 5'11