Realizing OHP is a lower body movement

>realizing OHP is a lower body movement
>rep PR's are more rewarding than ORM attempts
>you stop skipping deloads

what are some other signs that you are a seasoned, mature, and patrician lifter

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progress in strenght is made on 3x3 and 5x5 hammering down volume and perfect technique week after week

OHP is absolutely not a lower body movement unless you're push pressing the weight, which while technically an overhead press, is not a military press, which is what is commonly referred to when someone says "OHP"

Late intermediate and advanced programs all include 1RM attempts (from my experience at least)

Deloads honestly don't work well for me. When I feel especially beat up, I take an extra rest day, which usually is enough to help me recover enough. However, a real deload can do wonders if you're especially fucked up, but it's much better to recover enough by taking extra rest days when you need them than to avoid having to take a deload week.

The one thing that I've truly found out as I've become more and more experienced (2.5 years now) is that diet > all. EVERYTHING is based off of your diet.

>ohp is a lower body movement
are you squat jerking the bar lmao
fucking moron

If you don't feel strict presses in your ass and quads to the point where they may start spasming, I regret to inform you that you are pushing bitch weights

>realizing OHP is a lower body movement
This nigga lifts heavy.

With perfect form and no push press/jerk-style help from the legs, you will find yourself contracting your quads to the point of pain on a heavy grinder.

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Pretty much people that say otherwise don’t push heavy

>the Bench Press is a squat
Numbers flew high once I realized this

you may have just blown my fuckin' mind

My max OHP was only ever 85kg and I still felt it in my legs. Got to squeeze those glutes and quads to get through the sticking point.

>reverse hypers, face pulls, lateral raises, and hip thrusts
am i missing any patrician movements?

How? Elaborate please

Leg drive my fren. Powerlifters have literally blown quads during a big bench. With shoulder packed tight enough and lats tensed hard enough, leg drive alone can get the bar off your chest a few inches. Scott Mendelson (1,000 lb bencher) talks a lot about this

This. It fonolet it changes your form from the structure of the foundation, putting your hips and spine into the best possible stacking position to handle the load.

>the pullup is a calf raise
>the leg curl is a neck bridge
>the Arnold press is a hip thrust

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Not cool, kid

Pushups are a back exercise

I thought my body was just weak when this happened with ohp. I added in Romanian deadlifts to try and counter it.

>the leg press is a behind-the-neck pullup
>the lawnmower start is a treadmill
>doing nothing at all is the incline press

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>Deadlift is a push movement

still on the fence with this one, it's such a complete movement that it defies categorizing
if you're serious that is

>cooming is a hammer curl

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>the OHP is pull up
>the bench press is a barbell row
>the curl is a tricep extention

Gotta say I'm clueless.
Do you guys OHP like 225+ or somethinh?
I can OHP 190 and I've never had any leg involvement in my OHP whatsoever.

I mean I strict press lmao 1pl8, but I genuinely feel the reason it's never challenged my lower body is because I spent years being extraordinarily fat followed by years of biking long distance.

Or maybe 1pl8 is bitch weight. Idk.

What do you think supports your shoulders and upper body? You think your arms just press the weight up and your torso just balances of its own accord on the seat? Most immediately, your core supports your upper body. As an increasingly mature lifter with better and better form necessary for preventing injury, I've also realized that core/back strength are super necessary for keeping the shoulders down and back to prevent overextension. When you require that level of strength and engagement in the back/torso, you have to continue that engagement down through the legs and into the floor. Pressing feet fully into the floor with a lot of effort is what stabilizes the core, engages the posterior chain so the back can be properly engaged, so the shoulders can be supported correctly.

>hammering down volume
What do you mean by this?

Plus the compression of the core necessary to support heavy weight definitely recruits leg pressing/flexing.


Serious question about OHP. Whenever I do it, about mid-way on the push up/decline, I feel some weird pain in my right elbow. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it's as a nerve or tendon is being push-out at my elbow goes toward a 90 degree angle and then it slips back into place after my elbow passes that 90 degrees.

Wtf is it? How do I stop it from happening?

I'm 31 with a family and a house. I don't worry about it. I just make the time to get out the garage, blast some metal and do the lifts.

>the deadlift is an inverted kipping pull-up

T. 4.5 pl8 coom hoopin chomo

it literally is, coomers need to introduce hammer curls to correct their coomer imbalances

I endorse this post.

When you realize how important leg strength is for upper body compound movements.

Bump, because this also happens to me

>Alan Thrall shows me how to properly leg drive
>unlock the knowledge of leg drahve
Unracking the weight feels weird and I think I'm not arching enough still but I'm learning

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Strict Press is an upper body movement retard, yeah of course your quads and core get worked keeping you stable but it’s still a fucking push lmao

Look up catalyst athletics elbow pain. Might help.

Weighted pullups

I agree with this man. The drive should still be coming mainly from the quads, so that you're not necessarily pulling the bar up to yourself, but rather pushing the ground away with the bar in hand.

Lolwut, OHP is entirely upper body. You're thinking of push-press.

ohp is a full body movement you retard gorilla nigger.