Nofap is fake shit

Nofap is fake shit

It doesn't help you, it doesn't give you superpowers, you are just suppress your natural human instincts, masturbation is something natural that even animals do.

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animals also eat their own shit.

It's time to take the shitpill user.

NoFap is only useful if you actually get laid every now and then

but somehow virgins and incels flock to it as a cure all for socially retardedness

sounds like someone failed his streak hahaha idiot

>t.coomer the post

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Just failed nofap by getting a blowjob and cumming



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repent sodomite.

That doesn't count faggot

There's a reason the only people attracted to Nofap are people that aren't having sex, looking for a silver bullet to deal with their unattractiveness.

Gymcelling will do more on that front than not jerking off - because at least you'll have an above-average body. Talking about your exercise routine to girls might make you look self-absorbed, but talking about semen retention will make you look like a sex pest.

Nofap is okay as an experiment, noporn is where the real deal is.

First of all, humans aren't animals, we were created in the image and likeness of God
Second of all, masturbating is harmful to men
Leading me to assume you're just a piece of shit of human trash trying to get people to hell with you

for some, its about trying to get laid, for others its about striving for an ideal, whether they realize it fully or not. people are getting tired of mediocrity.

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What does noporn do

>Semen retention makes me an accomplished person

Being "that guy that plays Wonderwall at parties" is worthy of some esteem. Semen retention isn't. Build a better body, learn an instrument, write a story.

Nice trips, and nice post.
I think that all meaning in life is literally found in enacting memes. You may also call them ideals.

coomer cope.

based. porno is the real problem not wanking a few times a week if you aren't getting laid

Not jerking off isn't an accomplishment, and even if it were, it's not worthy of esteem. Stop acting like it is.

Why is porn bad little buddy

>t.coomer who wants others to be braindead coombrained coomers as well

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stop cooming.

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you know why Schlomo

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Stop blaming all your life's failings on jerking off.

You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


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That graph is crap. Amphetamines suck compared to opiates and cocaine

>stop doing heroine user, it's bad for you

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The absolute state of wojaktards


if you say so coomer

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Why would you jerk off though? It's a waste of time that doesn't give you any benefits. It's like being proud of being an alcoholic or a stoner. Watch a good movie or play something, at least those activities give you some knowledge and you can talk about them with other people. Porn isn't something you talk about in public. All it does is releases your dopamine which makes you desentizied to this effect. Save it up for something meaningful.


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(1) learn and build discipline
(2) reduce addictive stimulus which has absolutely zero value, but a negative value in men's lives
(3) utilize the time for masturbation towards other value added projects in a man's life

There's no free lunch with pornography, let alone the modernized variant of fappening. Its the biggest cope for the weak.

>without moral law people are regulated by their sexual urges
>the slaves thinking they're having a free lunch, when no such thing has ever existed

Keep the cope alive OP

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user, you have gay incest sex with yourself and think its okay. how am i the one coping?

>bend over backwards to impress landwhales enough to grant you access to their fetid cunts goy!

just jerk off and cope-ulate some more it's healthy goy

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I'm 5 days in and I'm losing my sanity, it's physiological torture but I'm despite into improving myself. Any tips?

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There's a difference between abusing alcohol and enjoying a drink. Similarly, there's a difference between enjoying a wank and letting porn consume your life

>animals do it so it must be good
>Be like an animal, don't repress any desire

Think of the coomer guy, it helps me not want to fap

false equivalence. alcohol is meant to be drank. your dick is meant to make babies and piss. jacking off is more like funneling alcohol into your asshole so it gets absorbed by your colon and fucks you up more.

how's your discord server going?

when they're stressed out as a way to hide their tracks

watch this.

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just don't pull your dick out and beat it off?

Everytime you feel the urge watch this, working for me so far

Imagine being such an incel that you believe jerking off is the thing holding you back from sex and a qt gf

>this is how he rationalizes teh gay

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>gave my first donation at the sperm bank today

It was a weird experience. I've never felt so clinical while masturbating before. I barely even thought of anything. The orgasm wasn't hugely enjoyable cause i had to milk it into a cup, but if I do this regularly it'll be a nice way to get the release I need without feeling like as much of a degenerate.

still better than being a coombrained coomer

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funnelling alcohol into your asshole is tangibly harmful, theres' no reason to believe jacking off (especially without porn) is harmful. So you accused him of making.a false equivalence while making one, nofap brainlet.

>he give his sacred seed as a sacrifice to moloch
user, i...

>jacking off is harmless, goy!

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this doesn't say it's harmful?

How dare you ask people to work out and socialize and do interesting things instead of praying for superpowers after 30 days of not masturbating

>I don't have any arguments better call him a Jew
post body dyel

Nice coping with your inability to imagine a life without COOMING

Lol sad.

Just coom lol

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Haven't masturbated in 20 days,
Pretty much on the verge of rape

NoFap turned me into a deviant that creepshoted girls and even guys with round asses

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start building good habbits. they serve 2 purposes 1 it keeps you busy 2 accomplishing something worthwhile gives you satisfaction and self respect

>praying for superpowers after 30 days of not masturbating
that's how you see it through your cum clouded brain? weird cope bro

stop cooming.

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Iktf bro

Every time you feel the urge, try to pee, works so damn good

Based emj poster

Animals do alot of things user. That’s a bad argument. They eat their young, they kill the young of others, they (gang)rape, they use violence to get their way, etc. That does not make it moral or good (for you and your mind). Infact for most behavior the standard ‘animals do it’ is a pretty low standard, like rock bottom tier.

Kekekek. Very based indeed

if a jew makes anything then release it for free on a mass scale, you know something is wrong.

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we need a study that shows how much the alpha animals of the pack masturbate if at all, that'd be interesting.

>he doesn’t eat his own shit
You’re wasting a lot of nutrients, faggot. Also ngmi.

Doesn't cumming reduce your testosterone levels and make you weaker? I'm not sure 100% if it's true or just BroScience

Take your medicine goy

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Oh wow, I jusy heard it from Frank Yang. Apparently nutting also makes your joints stiffer

No, sorry kikes! Keepin my veerya for m'self and m'lady

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can you elaborate how? I've done my fair share of nutting and only stopped recently and my joints are damn stiff considering I don't spend all day in front of a computer.

my inner groin is tight as hell always, I have hyperlordosis also

>This is what the people crusading against beating your dick look like
So that dude accused you of being a dyel, and you posted body to confirm for everyone that he was right? Was getting caught part of your plan?

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post your pathetic nutrient drained body coomer

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Mogged, I fap every night If I can’t fall asleep feels good man

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you better grab the lotion now user. You deserve a reward for making your goal.

You've made it 5 days. You deserve to treat yourself to a good time!. THink how good that sweet release would feel. The fat chunky loads that'll give you the boost you need to go further next time.

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>the people who excessively masturbate are typically the most depressed, those who hate their lives the most

Keep coping friend

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I jerked off so much I had issues cumming with fucking. Took like 2 months of no fap to get to the point I could cum via intercourse. Fuck jerking off

Oy Vey Goyim don't stop masturbating, it's not good for you to stop cumming, you need porn.

based anti coomer story

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nofap is real, you notice the effects after 24 hours. idk about that pheromone bullshit or testosterone boost but I think its because we look more lively when we go without c00ming, if we coom within 24 hours of going out in public we truly resemble the coomer, probably not physically but psychologically they can sense our degeneracy after cooming too soon.

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I'm not even trying to meme or whatever, what happened was when I broke up with my ex I was single for like 18 months and in that time I was jerking off multiple times a day to more and more degenerate porn. Got back into the dating pool and struggled to even get a erection when trying to fuck. Wasn't till this one time when a girl was over, couldn't get it up and soon as she left I was jerking off to vomit porn rock hard. Now I got a steady girlfriend and the start of our relationship I had to fake cumming or she get all hurt that she couldn't make me cum. Now I can cum via normal intercoruse/oral without issues and being I don't jerk off I end up wanting to fuck more which is always good in a relationship