Alright boys, placed an order for mk677 and RAD140. What am I in for? Did I fall for a reddit meme?

Alright boys, placed an order for mk677 and RAD140. What am I in for? Did I fall for a reddit meme?

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That's a lot of cash

Well for one you’re not my fren anymore

Got supply for a month. Came up to about 95 USD including shipping. Not too bad honestly, cheaper than frauding gram for gram.

>What am I in for?
Better sleep, lethargy/lack of energy, and increased appetite from the mk-677. If unlucky, also possibly achy joints, bloating, and numb or tingling fingers and toes. Don't know about the RAD140 though. Good luck.

LMFAO wow sounds definitely worth it OP. Good luck in old age - don’t worry, stuff like this rarely has consequences

Is it a good substitite for HGH?

Literally the same could be said for roids, retard

yeah, roiding is just as retarded but at least you get more gainz & the consequences are well understood


Side effects in bodies are noticed almost immediately. Long term sides that occur in old age are seldomly directly caused by whatever you did decades ago. Correlation doesn't imply causation.

Nah, people can't even agree on what the deal is after a first strong cycle. Also, unless it's all pharma grade, which it likely isn't, you get bonus uncertainty mixed in.

>cheaper than frauding g per g
You got sold bunk, roids are cheaper

With MK677, you'll be hungry as fuck and sleepy as fuck 24/7. And your dick will get a tiny bit bigger

Not him but at the very least you’re fucking with your cholesterol, triglycerides, increasing hematocrit among other things. You’re increasing risk

Test is safer and more effective stop coping and get on something well researched fgt

Yeah, true, risk is always increased with powerful drugs. It's never a free lunch.

Im currently taking RAD 140, 10mg daily. Im aware of the potential consequences, idgaf. The gains are pretty incredible. Im currently on a cruise of 250mg test enthanate. My friend got a large shipment in of sarms so i brought some off him, and im taking the sarm at the same time.

The pump is great, i can see vascularity on my chest. However my heart is seizing up. Ill finish my course but i doubt ill do it again, im going to listen to my body and my heart. Its nothing major, just a slight pain now and then. ill stick with tri-tren.

Would i recommend them? Yes, if you have no pre-existing heart conditions. And only if you care little for your life. These chinese chemicals might result in brain damage 15 years from now.

>What am I in for
The same gains you were always making, but now you're tired all the time and have to drink a bitter gross liquid daily.

Never had heart rate problems till RAD as well and I BnC, weird I thought I was the only one.

Have you looked into injectable sarms at all? From what I’ve seen about injectable LGD, it has fewer sides then oral and is a lot stronger

How much are you dosing at per day?

20mg just like the other user said the pumps were crazy but it’ll shut you down so I suggest pct

Also not to shill this kid but search up Ryan Russo rad140 you’ll learn more from that then me telling you

I see. Does it shrink your balls? I'm thinking of stacking it with Tren or is that a bad idea?

I think moreplatesmoredates has extensive summary of most sarms

Lmao if you’re stacking it with a 19nor sarm suppression is the least of your worries

Well if your going to run that might as well do test+tren honestly way better for you then these sarms, any questions you have will be online etc. Better results as well.

Yes that guy too, sarms work but it’s not worth shutting down most of the time for 10% of what test can do for you.

Look into magnalone, thank me later

Tried it? Injectable LGD might be goat

I really think it’s the future, I have some in the mail now

I've read about RAR pumps which got me me i interested. I don't get pumps on tren.

Start with 10mg first

What sarms did you do, what was your experience?

assuming its real, prepare for being extra horny and good gains on rad-140

Oh yeah, I did see some stuff about it. It's not that common, but has a lot of potential. Obviously the major side of suppression is still there, but avoiding all the weird problems is a big plus.

The problem with sarms is that you never get what you order. It's either underdosed and/or spiked with other substances like prohormones or other oral steroids.

>roids guy get pre offended in a sarms thread
lmao dude

isn’t rad140 the shit that turns your vision yellow or is that a different substance

S4 iirc

cardarine + ostarine for full cycle cost like 100-120 bucks... from legit source, so no...
>been there, done that

Ryan is most based SARM reviewer... he knows his shit and he did a lot of shit... listen to him

So what's the qrd on rad140 from that faggot?