Whats the point in aesthetics training after age 30?

Whats the point in aesthetics training after age 30?

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Whats the point in anything you gigantic cock

Well, are you married yet? Are you still dating? Do you still have coworkers you’d like to mog?

Personally, I lift strictly to be disassociated with the Left.

34yo here. Hit on my 38yo teacher everyday. She's single, no kids and looks good. Thick and 6' tall. I couldn't do it if I looked like shit. I lift heavy and do cardio on most off days. I don't look great but I don't look like shit either. I lift to be strong in case I have a chance.

To be aesthetic after age 30, obviously.
Not a bright boy, are ya?

Wait... I lift strictly to separate myself from the right! LOL We have so much in common, you racist, colonialist, redneck fuck.

"aesthetics" are a myth, you either have more or less muscle mass, and the shape and potential size of them are determined by your genetics.

If you're a women, none. You're done once you hit 30. Men can easilly go til 40's-50's without hitting the wall.

>I lift strictly to separate myself from the right!

post body lmao

Ok retard

I’m pretty far to the left living in a leftist coastal city. All my friends are left as is my coworker. I’ve literally never met another lifter lol

Limp wristed fucking faggot.

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tricking your body into feeling good for 20 minutes so you don't kill yourself before you pay your taxes

2 real

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Bro I am 32 and take care of myself. I look great legit flex on Zoomers and fellow boomers all the time. Younger girls in their 20s like me because I’m “mature” but not a slob and all my friends wives and gfs are thirsting for me

32 is millennial not boomer fyi



25 years old pussy

That 32 year old boomer telling everyone that he's a millennial
*Crack* I'm not that old yet I'm basically a millennial*sip*

Turning cougar heads at the office, banging chicks. Same as always brah

>t. 42 year old married Dad

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lifting a fork into your mouth doesn't count you fat fucking oinker

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