Raw diet effects

Guys wtf, I swear this is not a lie
It's been almost a week that I'm only eating raw paleo. I'm eating the following in one sitting everyday (love me omad, simple as)
>350gr of raw meat
>A liter of raw milk or raw goat
>Raw sheep cheese with milk called Roquefort here in frogland, and other rawmilk cheeses, and a tiny bit of raw butter.
>Some fruits and top quality tomatoes from my dad that literally let his shit grow alone

I AM experiencing weird shit, my voice is getting deeper, I have confidence to do shit like small talk people, have unlimited eyecontact without even trying, feeling so fucking good overall, not moody not foggy, I'm feeling joy, anyone of you have experienced it or am I trippin?
I swear it's not a superpower ala nofap, I'm living it

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Had to google it


lmao at the subtle bug shill in there

So it's just paleo but you don't cook anything?

I don't see the benefit

Im following the primal diet from vonderplanitz but I eat fruits because without carbs I have shit performance at the gym

Placebo. Sage.

You sure you’re not just on nofap? Btw is it true frogoids don’t shave pits?

Why would not eating carbs improve your performance in the gym, that's a fat loss technique

Oh wait ignore this, reread your post

I'm dumb

I'm more partial to a raw coom diet

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I’ve been doing carnivore for a year and am loving it. Feels like I’m finally giving my body what it needs and veggies seem so minuscule and unnecessary now. My level of determination to achieve goals and be productive everyday has skyrocketed more than ever and my skin’s cleared up pretty well. I don’t follow any strict day by day eating, but it’s mainly raw milk, raw eggs, raw liver, lightly cooked muscle meats, raw kefir, raw yogurt, raw cheese, and fish. I wasn’t making noticeable gains at first just generally gaining weight with no visual change, but I feel like ever since I started eating raw honey before a workout then drinking 8 eggs and milk directly after, I’ve been gaining pretty well

Some say running entirely off fat improves performance anyway. I still use honey before workouts.

You just mix 8eggs with raw milk post workout? How does it taste?
Also how does the honey helps with performance? I have high quality pure honey but I'm never using it, do you eat a lot?

My diet this year has been almost entirely ribeyes with some sporadic raw dairy and fruit. Been dry aging my steaks 30 days and eating them raw for the last few months, I'm as lean and strong as ever and I'm 35.

I put a lil honey in it, tastes amazing. And did I forget to mention I do only egg yolks? I was doing whole eggs, but I heard Saladino talk about some compound in the egg whites that inhibits biotin absorption so I’ve been trying only yolks to see how I feel. I only do one to two tablespoons of the honey before a workout only. Never on rest days. Maybe I’ve just become better at exercising, but ever since I started doing that, I’ve been really enjoying my progress. It’s been consistent and steady. Been taking easy strolls on my bike for 30-60 minutes almost everyday with only shorts on to get as much sun as possible too though, so maybe that’s a factor.

It doesn't not at first anyway. I cruise on ketones because I try to keep my insulin spikes at a low. Glucose is a way more powerful source of energy than ketones but this seems to be really only the case when insulin sensitivity is high for me.

This is dumb. Humans have been cooking meat for a good part of a million years. It's the reason we're not chimps. Raw food tastes like shit. Find something else to waste your time on.

honestly can't tell which is the most retarded diet, keto or carnivore


One eats honey and drinks milk for energy and building muscle
The other avoids almost all carbs since you appearently don't need them to be big and strong but vegetables are still in the diet because they offer benefit in micronutrient intake

Which one is it then, you fucking diet fad retards?

Post body

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Why does that matter

lol there are no micronutrients that you need that cant be found in liver/organ meats

What's wrong with cooking the shit?

supposedly there are enzymes and stuff in raw meat that you need for your health
imo it seems fine to just eat blue rare steaks sometimes and cook everything else

>unlimited eyecontact
Fucking creep