CBT thread

Cbt thread. This is a recent pic I took a few days ago.

I'm 5'9 and 155 lbs. Idk about bodyfat though. I guess you guys have to figure that out for yourselves.

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Nice nips
Would you guys say I'm like 16-18% bf?

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there's already a cbt thread headass

Yeah I noticed it right after I posted this one. Too bad I can't remove threads.

ur nipples look like deadly weapons. id get that checked out

I have puffy nipples and I squeeze them so that they become firm. I did that on purpose lol. Idk why they're puffy in the first place.

>chest gap is bigger than my dick
Hnng gib titfuck bby.
I'd say around 15%. Can't see much though you should lose those briefs haha.

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>Idk why they're puffy in the first place.
because that's how god made you. I wouldn't worry so much.
anyway body looks good, keep up the good work

my recommendation is to eat more and lift heavy, don't worry about bodyfat until you have big muscles

5'6 manlet, 63kg

Working hard on my legs but barely seeing results

Tips on how to take better pics?

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Why does every board have an anime shitposting faggot?
Do you guys have a secret community?

Upper body looks great. You gotta work more on legs though. Use a better mirror and better lightning next time. Maybe a better pose as well.

work on your calves, otherwise lookin good

I feel happy with my body. Give me body dismorphia bros. What bodyfat do you think I am? Not looking to cut or bulk just curious

5’9” 175lbs

You’re definitely sub 18% for sure

I guess maybe 10% bodyfat? Look good tho

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looks good, just gotta lower your body fat

incorporate more upper chest and lower bodyfat by at least 10 lbs

your quads look good, maybe incorporate farmer walks for the forearms and tarps to get that burlier look

5’10, 160 lbs.

Am I think?

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>tfw you aren’t think


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5'8 and 137 lbs. I've been talking Jow Forums's advice to eat more and lift heavier. Hopefully I can get look better

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Just keep working out bro. Be consistent and be patient.

5'8, 170


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Thank you man, I'm currently doing Arnold's Golden Six routine since it was the most suggested one for me to do

yo, good shoulders, what's your routine on them?

ohp, lateral raise, pull ups
f a c e p u l l s

That's a good beginner program. Don't do situps though. Use an ab-roller or do hanging leg raises if you can. Use your knees instead of your whole legs if that's too hard for you. And don't do behind the neck overhead press either. Have the barbell on the front of you instead. Otherwise, you'll fuck up your rotator cuffs. Good luck getting your gains bro, I'm counting on you.

could get your chest a little bigger but that's excellent proportions. I wouldn't make anything else bigger other than chest

Looking good bro I'd say you are around 9-10%
You look like you need to put on about 10lbs of muscle then you will be golden

>Bench 235 ohp 155 squat 300 dl 360
I really need to work on my legs but don't want to have big tree trunk legs and look shorter

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Keep it up man, matter of time and persistence. As other user mentioned tho I’d recommend another core/ab exercise. Reverse crunches are my fav
In my opinion I’d recommend cutting a bit unless you’re going for sheer mass
Excellent upper body, but those calves need work
Juicy shoulders
Lookin good user

I'm mirin asianbrah

Looking good op.

Been too self conscious to post but building up the nerve so fuck it. No bully pls.

Hit calves.

I like the leanness. You're probably decently strong, get more size.

Consistency is key. Don't stop.

Chad lifeguard mode. Good lifts dude

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Post routine

I don't really follow a routine to be honest with you, I just hit whatever isn't sore but a week would look something like this: chest day, leg day, back day, shoulder day, and arm day. I do abs everyother day mostly just hanging leg raises and run about 10 miles a week

I’ve actually stopped running cause I’m trying to put weight but my fat is more grabbable now. How does running affect your gains how much do you eat?

bit more chest but mirin. no idea what you were worried about

I usually only run maximum 2 miles a day as fast as I can, I don't feel that it's really done anything to my gains, maybe help me stay more cut. But i would recommend to keep running for the cardio gains, because I feel so much better and I have more energy. Also incorporate some sprints because it is shown to spike T levels.

Now for the food I eat my own body weight in grams of protein everyday, drink lots of protein shakes, eat lots of chicken, tuna, beef, and burgers. I eat probably somewhere around 2000-2500 calories a day. Don't drink soda or eat sweets.

Thanks brochaco

Built at bear mode. 6ft 205lbs. Need to cutttt

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Shave your body. Jesus Christ.

Girls like it faggot. You wouldn't know

Im self conscious about my nips but i feel blessed after vewing this image

Girls are disgusted If I'm not completely shaved. I can't even imagine the reaction they'd get from you.

You look like this dude on YouTube who benchs ridiculous weight and is small

All the manlets in this thread jfc lol

5'10", 164 lbs. Body fat % estimate? I bet none of you can guess my lifts

You guys are my goal bodies btw:

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Even though I'm nowhere near my final goal. I really appreciate being called a goal body lmao.

Sincerely, OP

Fuck off they aren't that bad. I firmed them up on purpose cause they were puffy.

not bear mode just sort of overweight and way too much hair that's weird and long and thin and in way too many places body hair shouldn't normally grow
Also not a big enough build to justify any of this

That's because i have actual man hair and you are genetically inferior.

My hair makes women cum

I weigh 40 pounds more than anyone else on here who posted faggot.

small ass waist, what are you 99% legs?

how to achieve this body if im skinnyfat? do i just not eat or bulk first?

Thanks user. Yeah my chest is one of my weaker lifts but I'm tryin. Hoping to hit 2pl8 bench this bulk

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Nobody wants to see your ass faggot.

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At least I'm not the one posting nude pics to strangers on Jow Forums faggot.

Back shots are and always will be custom here, sounds like you're just a mad asslet and a newfag

Looking very strong
Mirin' fellow manlet

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>my fat is more grabbable now

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Do I have potential?
6’3, about 145-150
Been lifting/boxing for a year,
Yes I’m stuck in twink mode

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hnng would destroy/10

mirin, my realistically achievable goalbody.
Im 6‘0 210lbs

Why shouldnt you have potential?
Your problem is not eating enough.

thanks buddeh

I was a victim to SS, slowly recovering by doing upper body

Do I have potential?

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5'11" 138 pounds, two months of lifting how am I doing Jow Forums

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19, 79kg, 184cm working out for 9-10 months with body weight routine
started weighing 69kg

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I also suffer from a heavy cooming addiction considering its my last name And I grew up hearing it so now its kinda ingrained in my brain please help

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Thanks boss. You look really lean nice work.

Looking good bro

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this is my back, roast me pls

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why would we roast u user, you have a good back


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mirin, weight?

Bump it

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keep going, if you eat and train enough you're going to make it :)


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3 years working out

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looking good, maybe focus on legs more

you sound hormonally imbalanced

average bf but looking really juicy

Dude your massive you’ve reached your potential as far as many would. Not saying you don’t have room to grow but your look fantastic don’t be so critical of yourself.

i wanna see your legs first before i can roast you properly. looking like they need work

there's never too many cb-threads

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hot dude.. moar?

this pic is 1.5 months old, but I agree that my calves need work so I'm focusing more on them

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imo your legs look even better than the UB

thanks, don't know why but they have always been my strength. maybe because my father cycled with me pretty often when I was a child

>Do you guys have a secret community?
yeah, it's called boards.Jow Forums.org