Give me one good reason to eat more than 90 grams of protein a day

Give me one good reason to eat more than 90 grams of protein a day.

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cause if you dont you will be a skinny fuk

You are going to get big thick and solid

because if you don't you aren't gonna make it



that's a liver you caveman

Enjoy liver failure.

the only liver failure is the failure to eat liver


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Stay small hungry skelly

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I was thinking more of a gangstalking scenario
A diet rich in animal protein and meat in particular is not good for the health, a new study finds, providing further backing for earlier research evidence. Men who favored animal protein over plant-based protein in their diet had a greater risk of death in a 20-year follow-up than men whose diet was more balanced in terms of their sources of protein.

Sure you can keto or carnivore your way into losing 30 lbs in 3 months, but your heart will die out in 5 years and get cancer from excess animal protein consumption.

I'm not a veganfag, but the best diet, as shown in Liguria (italy) and Okinawa - Japan is predominantly plant based diet, plant based proteins, with very occassional fish and meat, maybe once a week to supplement the deficiencies in vegan diet.

yes, user. we are gangstalking you by making shitposts about liver on Jow Forums. what are u some kind of idjit?

Dialysis is fun

I lived in japan for 2 years. They dont have a plant based diet, they hve a fish based diet.

Prove that protein damages your liver

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>science daily

Opinion discarded

A big part of gangstalking is leading the TI (targeted individual) to believe they are crazy and it’s all in his head

> they are crazy and it’s all in his head
yes that's exactly how I would describe people who believe in this stuff.

>I lived in japan for 2 years.
Okinawans are poorfags of japan because they can't even afford rice. These people eat less than half serving of fish per day so their diet cannot be considered fish based. Yet people in the island have the longest life expectancy in the world
The traditional diet of the islanders contains 30% green and yellow vegetables. Although the traditional Japanese diet usually includes large quantities of rice, the traditional Okinawa diet consists of smaller quantities of rice; instead the staple is the purple-fleshed Okinawan sweet potato. The Okinawan diet has only 30% of the sugar and 15% of the grains of the average Japanese dietary intake.[9]

Okinawan cuisine consists of smaller meal portions of green and yellow vegetables, fish, relativity smaller amounts of rice compared to mainland Japan, as well as pork, onions and other legumes. Pork and fish are often served in broth with a variety of ingredients and herbs.[10] The center of the Okinawa diet is the Satsuma sweet potato. The sweet potato also contributes the self-sufficiency of the island. Contrary to the regular potato, the Okinawa sweet potato does not have a large effect on blood sugar. Not only is the potato used but so are the leaves from the plant. The leaves are used often in miso soup. The Okinawan bitter melon is proven to have some anti-diabetic effects. In Okinawa the bitter melon is called goyain and is served in the national dish, goya champuru. The bitter melon is effective in regulating blood sugar similar to the sweet potato.[6]

The traditional diet also includes a tiny amount of fish (less than half a serving per day) and more in the way of onions and other legumes (6% of total caloric intake). Pork is highly valued, yet eaten very rarely. Every part of the pig is eaten, including internal organs.

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>Ah yes look at the japanese, the epitome of health and fitness, truly the highest quality expression of the human genotype below 120 lbs for a grown man

Go be a twink somewhere else

Sciencedaily is just a news agregator for peer reviewed studies.

The actual paper is in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

>eat meat
>roid up
>get shredded
>die at 25 like Zyzz
Truly the patron saint of Jow Forums. I'd rather be healthy man well into my 70s enjoying life with my grandchildren than having some shredded body that last like 5-10 years at most, then die from increased risk of heart disease from consuming a lot of animal protein.

>people that eat clean, and eat a lot of vegetables, are healthy
wow what a discovery


It's a samefagger

Okinawans I met while over there ate a shit ton of pork daily, both young and old.

What kind of psyop is this bro

Yeah no one has ever lived to 70 eating a lot of meat before.

idk wtf ur talking about, i'm and that's it

Feel free to roll the dice to be statistical outliers. I'm staying with tried and true healthy plant based diets with supplements and occasional meat.

Every old person who is 70+ today ate plenty of meat all their life. Enjoy your gay soi diet though.

>yes of course I choose to reap the benefits of a healthy diet, I want my body to live up to its true potential

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Because it taste good user.

false dichotomy, try again

what else are you going to do?

>living beyond 70 eating meat is a statistical outlier
You shouldn't use technical terms you don't understand. The average life expectancy in USA is 76 and 81 for males and females respectively. Given that one half of one percent of Americans avoid meat altogether (vegans; 3.4% strict vegetarian, which barely counts considering they still get animal protein), it is literally impossible to conclude that you are unlikely to live beyond 70 if you eat meat.
This is the average life expectancy including all of the SAD eaters, obesoids and slum dwellers. If you controlled for people who actually are actually active and eat a variety of good quality meat and fresh vegetables, the expectancy would likely be significantly higher.

kidney failure actualy

How is "risk of death" even calculated?


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Post body

Because it's the most inneffecient calorie source you have access too, and coupled with vegetables with lots of indigestible fiber makes it really easy to control caloric intake while also having the amino acids available to synthesize new proteins and grow muscle.

they just compare how early they die. so if u begin to gather data on two sample groups in 1990, and then in 2010 one of the group has more deaths compared to the other one u can calculate it

It describes the diet of the generation of Okinawans living to 100. Younger Okinawans eat shit tons of fast food and their life expectancy is declining.

>Sure you can keto or carnivore your way into losing 30 lbs in 3 months
nah buddy, we're all about /fast/ing now

Yeah that's fine just make sure to get 90g everyday, you only need .5g per pound of bodyweight

Was just about to ask someone to post this

>Tfw 310g protein a day
3.3g/kg or bust

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Same...i saw this thread a week or two ago, same exact first couple of replies

Based Italian poster.

>he weighs over 220lbs

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there is literally nothing in animal protein that promotes heart disease that isn't present in any other nutrient, even carbs promote heart disease once you eat enough of them

>statistic outliers
dude, average male life expectancy in countries that aren't shitholes is like 78y old, the average person eats meat and isn't restricted at all in what they eat meaning they drink alcohol and eat pastries and pizzas and burgers and fried food all the time.

Diets high in plant matter cause intestinal distress like cramping, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.
Also OP, diets high in saturated fat are the actual recommended treatment plan for people with gallbladder stones and low carb/high fat diets are great for healing the damage done by fatty liver disease so I don't know where you get this silly nonsense about meat being bad for your liver. I can't be bothered to look it up but I remember seeing a study that showed saturated fat in high amounts actually healed damage from alcoholic cirrhosis but that may have just been in rats.

This isn't including one of the most important tenets of Okinawan eating.
"腹八分目", "Eat until you're 80% full"

Eating until you feel right out satiated during the meal is considered unhealthy and avoided, leading to an entire population that's only eating exactly what they need for sustenance, no matter if they're heavy physical laborers or sedentary people.
Over a lifetime, this trains your body to be more calory-efficient, meaning it has to work 20% less to keep itself alive every single day compared to someone stuffing themselves full on the regular.

Coincidentally, 20% is approximately how much longer Okinawans tend to live compared to the rest of Japan. (Average life of 92ish against the mainland's average of 80)

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Waste of trips on ape-tier pseudoscience. Israel has a high life expectancy even with a failing healthcare system and 20% of the population being Arabs who drink energy drinks instead of water, add sugar to their foods, smoke pipe and cigs from the age of 10, and you also have malnourished orthodox Jews who are 10% of the population. We have absolutely shit tier cuisine, we love dairy products, chicken, meat, and we don't give a shit about our health.
You know what we DO have? Sun. We have warm seasons in spring and autumn, hot summers, and gently rainy winters.


Japfag here.
Okinawans eat like trash and have easily the worst diets and obesity rates in Japan.

Today yes, not traditionally, which is the whole reason why okinawa first became a blue zone.many decades ago.

I have never seen someone who's jacked on less than 100g of protein a day without drugs

That's a really funny picture bro

Yeah same, these mf‘s don‘t die out

>shit tier cuisine
>we love dairy products, chicken, meat
you know the things you just listed are the healthiest foods you can eat right?


Not if you aim for a life expectancy over 80.
It's a knee.

>Is protein hard on liver?
>Proteins normally help the body repair tissue. They also prevent fatty buildup and damage to the liver cells. In people with badly damaged livers, proteins are not properly processed. Waste products may build up and affect the brain.Apr 24, 2017
>MedlinePlus (.gov) ency article Diet - liver disease: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Literally a fucking Google search.

>(((New study)))