Tfw deadlift pr

>tfw deadlift pr
>tfw 10 lbs closer to 4pl8

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went from 115 to 125?

>tfw did 405lbs x 1 for the first time

>tfw just did 300x8

I suspect you made this post in mockery to try to bring me down
Careful user, a hateful attitude hurts not only others but yourself

Good job bruh, deadlift PRs are the most satisfying of all PRs

Nice man, you're still weak and pathetic. I'm proud of you. In all seriousness though, who cares and why are you telling us?
It's not impressive and I'm not your friend.

Fag. Do you even have friends?

Yeah, I don't feel the need to brag to them about my pathetic lifts though.

You've contributed less than me to the board

I don't really care because I'm stronger than you. Only weak pathetic cuckolds feel the need to "contribute" to their online friend group in order to justify themselves.

You said no one cares and asked why im posting the thread, which implies you think that people should post what people care about, or in other words, contribute
Either way you shouldn't try to bring others down user, always looking for fault in others will only end up hurting you

Keep crying fot me you little bitch. I would beat you to death and leave your corpse next to your sister while I raped her.

lmao nice try dude I bet you made him so mad

I'm deadlifting 285... shit is hard... how long did it take you guys to hit 3pl8

I'm deadlifting 235x5 how long did it take you to get to 285?

A couple years

I walked into the gym deadlifting 3.5pl, took 6 months of strength training to get to 4.5pl

that's ok everyone starts off small

First time I lifted but I’m a pretty big guy

I finished with 345 2x2 last time, which was a PR. Took 2.5 years.

How do you fags structure your sets. Mine feel suboptimal. I go 135x10 to warm up then, 225x5, 275x5, then basically go for my max which is 315-345 for AMRAP for 1-2 sets.