Why do so many "men" on this board like women who lift weights?

Why do so many "men" on this board like women who lift weights?
It isn't attractive on a biological level. Are you are really that brainwashed by instagram?
Do you actually believe your body is telling you that you want muscles on your woMEN?

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I just want mommy to scoop me up and Amazon position me with her big mommy clit. In my fantasy I’m the baby

Masculine women will give me masculine sons. Would you rather have a son with a 6'0 amazonian goddess or a qt 5'0 asian girl?

lower body muscles on women are attractive though

Crazy to think different people might have different preferences in women. Glad you made this thread, OP. Definitely needs to be investigated.

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No they are not. They look like men with underdeveloped upper bodies lmfao

Do you even use this board? At least half the posters are closet fags

We don't like women on steroids, we just like women who lift. This is because the average woman these days is a lazy, entitled fucktard who -if she isn't fat already - certainly will be the moment she feels secure in the relationship. So a girl who clearly enjoys training is far more attractive both for the short and long-term.

I just like abs on a girl.

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Women who lift are disgusting. They look like men, yet arent even good at anything like they would be if they roided.

Qt Asian obviously wtf r u gay?

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come on you're telling me quads, hamstrings, and glutes are not attractive? I agree with you that arms, shoulder, and chest muscles are manmode

I want to reproduce with such woman to give my sons the most likely chance to dominate in athletics.

No. Women are best when they look completely untrained, yet not overweight from a bad diet.
Good diet and sedentary life is ideal.

I really don't know, but I've felt the shift for sure.

Your OP pic is disgusting, but my idea has shifted from pixie goth kinda girls to pic related.
It just signals to me that they are focused on good things.
I'm far from having my goal body, but after putting on about 20lbs, I know the dedication and work it takes to change your body. When I see a woman with an amazing body I recognize both the work and the mindset needed for an accomplishment like that.

IRL, I've been dating the same girl for 7 years. I've gotten fitter and she's gotten fatter. All day she lays on the couch with her phone and binge watches shows.
But she's the most even-keeled gf I've ever had. We don't really fight, and there's no reason for me to leave her. I can't just break up with someone because "eh, I'm not as attracted to you now", can I?

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Enjoy having an Elliott Rodger as your son faggot.

you're telling me this is unattractive?

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and this?

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>But even to the women Lycurgus paid all possible attention. He made the maidens exercise their bodies in running, wrestling, casting the discus, and hurling the javelin, in order that the fruit of their wombs might have vigorous root in vigorous bodies and come to better maturity, and that they themselves might come with vigour to the fullness of their times, and struggle successfully and easily with the pangs of child-birth.
Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus, 14.1

Because I'm a manager at my job and constantly in charge of everything in my life so a woman who looks like she could man handle me in bed or even be competitive is incredibly attractive. Dominant women make me coom

Well sure you can. But also, don't mistake different goals for laziness. Plenty of driven people aren't the fittest in the world.

The real question is, do you love her or are you too complacent to leave and too afraid to make the first move? Because if that's the case, someone will make the move to leave eventually.

what about this?

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That’s just fucking creepy. It’s not natural for a woman to be built like that. Women should have a thin frame and feminine features. That bitch has shoulders like I do.

You’re only into that if you’re a fag.

Looks like a smaller version of my own ass if I shaved.

let me guess you like "fat asses" because you can't discern between shape and size

No, I'm a tits guy.

When we say we like girls who lift, we mean girls like this.

Hope that clears up the confusion for you.

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well you can always go to mcdonalds and put fat on a muscular lower body and it will explode in size and actually have decent shape this time

Ah, so transexuals. I truly appreciate the clarification my dear fellow!

Steroid chicks I would never fuck. However, Fit type girls are god tier. I will alway choose sexy toned women over women with cottage cheese cellulite asses.

>Its an OP has no argument so he just spergs at everyone who responds episode

Back to r*ddit.

good advice?
on Jow Forums?

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Nothing wrong with muscular and fit women. It's when they start injecting male hormones into their bodies that it gets weird.

You also want goblin daughter?

shut the fuck up fat ass

speak for yourself. there is nothing better than a roided out gym bunny whose sex drive is off the fucking chain. especially when you're a male also saucing, shit fucking becomes your cardio

you're in for a rude awakening when you finally actually have sex and see a woman naked. almost all of them have cellulite especially post 25

This woman uses gear. Virilization and excessive muscle mass and leanness is not attractive to me in women. But I am a sucker for ecto/mesomorphic women at natty limits. Hot quads and calves with good insertions means hot butt and violin-shape body for life, and devotion to exercise means their abs and obliques will stay as toned as they can get, and they won't get a gut as long as they can keep up relatively low BF. Most natty women who aren't on the endomorphic side of the spectrum can't get that built an upper body or put on powerlifter weight.

Reminder that OP is low test and gay

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Stopped reading there

Retard, women are healthier when they do aerobic and anaerobic exercise, just like men.

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No woman can get that big naturally so it's weird when guys say they like women like that, maybe they're gay but don't wanna be called a fag. honestly in my opinion a woman should have a nice toned ass, toned tummy and a little toned muscle on the arms, her body should be hourglass shaped as that's what signals she is good for birthing your future alpha children. Women like pic related are what a woman should look like not like men in Op's pic.

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Lol many guys here are still in their teens. They think those chicks they see at the gym with the tight spandex and firm ass have smooth skin all over.

ITT: fatasses

Go back to

if women could have bodyfat this low and still have tits and ass i think i would choose a tomboy over a princess

this body is perfect kind of sucks that she has no ass and had fake tits

They do, its how I got my girlfriend, bro women don't really start to get saggy or rough skin till mid 20s or later

imagine fucking this shebeast in the ass as she screams like a banshee while you pull her hair. You are gay user because you see a man and not a woman.


you want a non-natural post-agriculture woman, then? i want a strong feral wife to breed with my godly mountain-man seed. we will populate the earth with a race of beasts

lifting weights isn't a sex specific thing.

Kek most of Jow Forums just wants to bang sluts

everytime i see a pic of a girl with built legs bent over, I think of this

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sounds like you're into Bestiality. Who the fuck looks at a womans ass and thinks of a horses ass ?

>It isn't attractive on a biological level
oh word??? thats how it works?

cuz fbb ass aren't women, they look like either men or horses

> I can't just break up with someone because "eh, I'm not as attracted to you now", can I?
Of course you can, what the fuck? If you're married, you can't just up and leave especially if a child is a factor. And the responsibilities justify letting yourself go a bit. But you're not fucking married.

Irony is some of these girls legs dwarf horses legs

>posts women on HGH
>why do they look like men guize?

>T. OP is a low test DYEL who got mogged
Is this entire thread a cope thread for a fat bitch or a cope thread from a dyel. Post body +timestamp pls so we can find out

Even girls who lift 4-5 days a week don't become she-beasts, it just doesn't happen due to a low testosterone level.
Any girl who has biceps like a man and has that weird thing where their tits are stacked onto their pecs and kind of makes for this square invisible tit is certainly on steroids and honestly I think very few men unironically find that hot apart from a one-off domination fetish.

Girls who lift and work out in general are hot, girls that do steroids however..... Yeah, I don't think so.

The attraction has more to do with physical and genetic similarity than it does aesthetics; i.e.: if you meet a girl at the gym who also lifts with a barbell, you have a similar cultural background, and there's chemistry; there's a strong likelihood that the both of you are going to have sex.

Wow op kill your self
>women who life weights
>isnt attractive

I have a qt short asian gf who lifts. What now faggot?