High body temperature

I've always been told by girls that my body temperature is higher than normal, like I'm physically warmer than most people.

I don't think I have a high metabolism as I put on fat/muscle easily (but also lose it easily tbf)

Anyone know what the cause of it might be?

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Maybe you're learner. Muscle has more blood than fat because they demand more oxygen.

I was told the same thing by a girl who only dated a morbidly obese guy before.

You just have an elevated body temp. It’s normal.

Yeah but what causes it

It's a good thing to have if you're with a gril and its a cold climate, but I've always wondered what's behind it

unclear what causes it, but me too
if i measure my temperature though, its completely normal, but women tell me my body feels very warm and i can't stand the goddamn heat, i hate the fucking summer

this is a known phenomenon in chinese medicine, but i dont really know the details about it - maybe try googling that + traditional chinese medicine

Its the furnace inside you

Gratz OP youre an animal

same boat. girl im seeing now told me "i radiate heat"

also fuck summer

Isnt it because you have good blood circulation? I have very bad circulation in my feet and they are cold all the time.

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Good circulation or low body fat. I know when I had a great big belly my skin was always clammy to the touch.

Not OP, but I have a different problem sleeping with women. My body never switches into 100% sleep mode, so I'm lying there with my metabolism running full power and feeling like it's a million degrees. I think it's some kind of autonomic reaction to another heat source in bed. Even after a year of seeing someone I can never get a good night's sleep next to a chick. But as soon as she gets out of bed I'm out like a light.

I put a desk fan on the night stand blowing at either my back or chest. Keeps the heat off and white noise to sleep

No it's not normal

Humans have a standardized range of body temperature

You can't deviate from the norm while being healthy. Theres minor variance

same here. wife says I run hot. the kids have it too now, baby is constantly sweating it seems. I have to sleep with a fan on, window open and in lose boxers to not end up in a puddle at night. ruin mattress toppers in a year. it disgusts me, I always thought it was from being a heavy swimmer in high school.

Yeah women are cold. This is how we sleep with my gf. I'm naked and she's with clothes on under two blankets. 90% of girls I know are like this.

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Im 187 and 75kg (so body fat hypotesis is dubious at best in my case) and all my life I've been around 33/35. Im really hairy and walk around in a cotton shirt in winter (so around 5 degrees in here).

Normal for minor variance

Also run really hot here, no idea the cause but I know it affects my gym performance in the heat vs in the cold.

Its kinda cool because in the wintertime i really start steaming.

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Probably from all that fur you fucking kodiak bear

Yeah, a range. and even then "normal" is just a range that includes 95% of the healthy population. So there are 5% of healthy people who have a body temp outside of this range but who are still healthy. Its the same for just about everything. You can be outside of the 95% for height and still be healthy, your height inst normal but its not unhealthy.

Not OP but this happens to me too, however, I am not lean.
Very bad because I want to be a chocolatier and this makes me not being able to touch chocolate for more than a few seconds, on the other hand it can be 3°C outside and I will still go around my house with no heating in boxers

I would go with Circulation helps irradiate heat

It has begun

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What's it like spooning a girl?

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High blood pressure

Salty coins and bags of milk

Good blood circulation? My hands are warmer than most people's, the hand of almost everyone I shake hands with feels cold to me.

Its caused by being a man.
Wife sleeps away from me in the summer and comes back in the winter.

>that body hair
>that hairline
How do you have so much DHT but aren't balding?


I’m the same. Honestly I chalk it up to genetics. Scandinavian/Russian Siberian blood.

as a hispanic idk why i radiate heat. my metabolism is super quick and i'm naturally lean, guess that's it?

I have psoriasis and one of the conditions is difficulty in heat dissipation.

Do you happen to have skin ailments user?

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I know these feels. When on my own I'll literally have the room at like 14*C (whatever the fuck *F).

Check out bedfans. You can have systems that keep you/yourside cool and hers warm. Basically turns your sheets into it's own little ecosystem of cooling by taking the cooler air under your bed into your sheets.

I'm also consistently warmer than my wife. It's circulation, basal metabolic rate, and thermal regulation habits, like how much you wear a blanket. Everyone is same temperature inside, but if you maintain your body heat at a higher level for various reasons, your skin and extremities will be hotter.

schmood, falling asleep is impossible when its too warm. even when it's -25C i like to keep my window somewhat open cause i just fall asleep so much easier

wtf same lmao

Based Antarctic user

arctic circle gang

I've been told the same thing. I think it's something to with with circulation in my case, because I've also had girls tell me that my heart beats really hard.

It's really nice if she makes an effort to cuddle up next to you. If she's just laying there and you're just draping your arm over her, not so much.
Pic related is the best, though.

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Nah fuck that position, my gfs hair is really itchy. Best position is spooning with an erection

My negro. This shit is the bomb.

this man speaks the truth

>tfw your s/o always has icy hands/feet that she warms on a toasty you after jumping in bed
really something you can love to hate

Im the same, im like a blast furnace. I used to attribute to the fact ive been active my whole life. Having a degree in physiology now i know thats not true. It genetics specifically ancestry. If i had to guess id say youre white. People from colder climates have shorter limbs and wider bodies, which produce more heat. People from hotter climates have the opposite, it's called Bergmans rule.

Not so nice if she farts against your dick in her sleep.
Well, she woke me up with a blowjob next morning so i guess she did herself justice haha.

white northerner blood
30 degrees feels good

Dude fucking same.
Also I typically wear less clothes than others when it's cold. Do you also do cold showers?

That's completely normal retard just don't sleep while touching her. I hug my gf a bit before sleep but when I actually wanna sleep I go to my side of the bed and barely touch her or rather just not touch at all, I also have a different thinner blanket than her cause I get too warm otherwise.


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I've had girls tell me I'm running a fever because I let off so much heat. Oddly my body temp is usually lower than normal. Orally it runs in the low to mid 97 range.

Square-cube law. You're physically larger. That's more meat generating heat just to maintain itself. But your surface area for cooling doesn't increase to the same degree.

Smaller people will generally "run cooler".

Internal body temp maybe, perceived temperature felt at the extremities is going to vary way more.

Its normal.
Every doctor I have ever been to says oh you have a slight fever.

Then they look at my chart with past measurements and say oh nevermind.

I run a full degree above average and its totally normal. Have to keep my room below 65F to sleep comfortably.

quit adderall

>Do you also do cold showers?
I've been doing cold showers for 26 days and noticed that my shiver reflex is basically gone.

Went in the main freezer at work which is kept at about -10c to move about 5 pallets stacked 5-6 feet high of frozen shit onto shelves in just a t-shirt and two pairs of plastic food handling gloves.

Thought the him wof shit was bullshit but its fucking insane the differences you notice after doing it a few weeks. Absolutely eradicated all of my general anxiety.

Literally feel re-activated and alive.

placebo works even if you know it's placebo, shit's good

Cold water actually acts as a central nervous system analgesic and floods your blood plasma with like 500% higher levels of norephedrine which causes vasoconstriction to protect body heat.

The kicker being that it also acts as a stimulant, i.e. that good feeling that persists after the cold shower, other hormones are also pretty drastically increased such as dopamine, albeit for a far shorter duration.

The scientists that were studying the effects of cold water on the CNS actually made a direct comparison to shock therapy in effectiveness for treating anxiety.

I think this might be it desu. I don't radiate heat per se, but I am a sweaty cunt who smoked for far too long. I concluded it's because my hands and feet aren't cooling me enough, so sweat needs to do it for me.

Generics probably, haven't seen a single balding male relative

same here
girls love it in winter and hate it in summer

girl's body temp are lower than men its why women think men are warmer

>chin digs into delt/rotercuff

>I've always been told by girls that my body temperature is higher than normal, like I'm physically warmer than most people.
You mean compared to other dudes? My ex GF always said the same to me but she didn't have a comparison (ALLEGEDLY).

Also forgot to say this , hence why I'm asking if she's comparing to other dudes.

This, except bf's head rests on my chest and I'm the one draping my arm around him

Kind of uncomfortable desu, it’s very easy for one of you to shift so your balls are getting smushed. I prefer lying on my back with her wrapped around my side or face-down on top of me

Spooning with an erection I just end up humping her, lying on back is a better falling asleep position

I have this too and girls think I am just being cold to them lol.


oh wait we're on fit of course nvm

Bad user, you should never accept faggotry as normal and always shame homosexuals and trannies online.
I was referring to my bf laying like a girl on my breast and me cuddling him the same way a man would his gf

I always had the same thing, I think women are just cooler on average (it's settled science) , every woman I hug calls me a radiator

huh I have very mild eczema but I've always had an issue with heat dissipation
I just get hot and can't cool down, one issue I have with working out, get hot and want to vomit

On the off chance you're actually a girl, where can I find one like you that actually shows some form of being at least slightly redpilled?