How do I achieve this physique?

How do I achieve this physique?

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Casually bench 185 for reps without a warm up

100 curbstomps .... Everyday


Pick one

Nigga literally is a fucking spic

remember when you thought he looked massive

He still looks really fucking good user

I might him and barely lift

>>> By doing burpees for your people.

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You might him? You might him? You might suck his dick huh you fucking faggot? Is that what you meant to say you fucking queer huh? Post your fucking body, do it post your fucking body you piece of shit you think you're better looking than edward fucking norton huh? Man you really are a big fucking retard really think about what you just said how fucking stupid you are. Post fucking body faggot? how about that? I might think you need to post fucking body, you know what no dont because I dont need to see it because I already know youre some skinnyfat baitposter huh you fucking retard i have you all figured out, I think u might need to get off this fucking board faggot

He still looks athletic

Racism has no place in the world of Jow Forums

Go back to Jow Forums

Don't listen to this goblin OP.

>racism has no place in the world of Jow Forums

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What is this pic meant to imply

I think he implying that he is a fat bitch.

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>>> r/thedonald

I'm not a boomer but nice try nigger faggot

You're really helping the problem bro. Keep it up

Kill nigs 5x10

I agree. I respect any individual making a serious effort to improve themselves and their life. Race isn't a factor in that, it boils down to an individuals choices and level of discipline.


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>Day after day the bourgeois world sees how poison is spread among the people through the medium of the theatre, the cinema, gutter journalism and obscene books, and yet they are astonished at the deplorable ‘moral standards’

>Sparta must be regarded as the first Völkisch State. The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more humane than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject, and indeed at any price, and yet takes the life of a hundred thousand healthy children in consequence of birth control or through abortions, in order subsequently to breed a race of degenerates burdened with illnesses

>We offer the following as an eternal truth: No state has ever been created by establishing a peaceful economy. Only through the instincts that preserve the species, whether they are heroic virtue or shrewdness, have states been created. Heroic virtue produces true Aryan, working, civilized states while shrewdness produces Jewish parasite colonies. When instincts in a race or a state are overrun by economics, the economic structure itself releases the causes that lead to defeat and oppression.

>The mentality of the broad masses is accessible only to what is strong and uncompromising. Like woman whose inner sensibilities are not under the sway of abstract reasoning, but are always subject to the influence of a vague emotional longing for the strength that completes her being, and who would rather bow to the strong man than dominate the weakling-in like manner the masses of the people prefer the ruler to the suppliant, and are well-led with a stronger sense of mental security by a teaching that brooks no rival, than by one which offers them a liberal freedom.

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__ __ S T __ E __ __ __ E S
R __ __ E __ __ R N __ __

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kill niggers x f

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based retarded zoomer phone poster

why are you talking alone? Are you autistic?

basic lifting


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>the day edward norton posted on /fit

>bench press
>that's racist
But the swastika in the OP is fine? Fucking dyels..

That isn't a lot though


There's nothing racist about swastikas, xenophobe.


Bench press/bicep curls 3 - 4x a week and nothing else
Maybe some cable chest flies too

>tfw many of the bodies you used to found impressive are nothing more than ottermode
Like this guy Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Toby McGuire in spiderman and so many more.

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Should be enough for NortonX mode.

It is tho
the return to the satya yuga means the extermination of niggers
t. rig veda 9 73 5

What a faggot piece of shit. Going after the dorky skinny guy to feel good about his sub-par life of zero accomplishment.

that isn't too hard man
granted neither is physique in op, few months to a year of work if you are doing it right

calm down ed mate, he was only joshin

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