He doesnt have eggs for breakfast

>he doesnt have eggs for breakfast

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I usually drink 2-3 raw eggs first thing in the morning, nice and cold out of the fridge.

Very nice buttocks.

Forget eggs I'd have his kids pumped inside me for breakfast desu lol

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300 kcal
>my shake
1100 kcal

fuck your eggs

Fags are weird.

Why would you post this onlinw

>only eating 2.5 eggs
>not adding bacon, butter and cheese to the mix

Because thats what the internet was made for?

But that unironic fag apparently does?
And so do I. I aim for 3 a day.

Not gonna lie, admiring glute strength. No homo.

Eggs, butter, onions, garlic, peppers, cracked pepper, sea salt, paprika, turmeric and some herbs is GOAT and I dont give a shit what you say.
Add toast and mustard, mayo, cheese, spinach or arugula and good tomatoes for lunch.
Rice and peas for dinner. Sometimes other legumes and even tuna or chicken.

Piss off gemfag

ass is fake

I mean why would shitting an egg be what you choose to post

Hats the amino acid, omega, and choline profil/content of your shake?
3 eggs is less than $0.25 where I live. Does that shake cost less than $1?


coomerfags pls go

I wasnt expecting it to shoot out like bird shit lmao

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fuck good point

Reminds me of >>/gif/15631483

post recipe

Scuffed Ricardo

i don't eat breakfast

currently on a fast so breakfast is out of the question, but normally I'd eat about 4 eggs every breakfast