How do I achieve this body?

How do I achieve this body?

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Drink whole milk and eat lots of Onions for xeno-estrogens

is this an actual scene or something someone has just made themselves for perverted reasons?

It's just fetish material, but the fact that you had to ask at all speaks volumes about the show's quality.

>show is bad because people of people who haven't watched its opinions
This makes no sense

I would have genuinely believed it was a scene from the show lol


Try a kosher diet. Jewish woman have huge boobs.

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holy shit is this real

Me in the white shorts

Lol yes

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Cowtits aside what is wrong with these genetic trainwrecks

Brutal mogging

Absolutely nothing

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The brown one putting tits aside is clearly overweight, the white one is a goblin with about six foreheads

still hotter than any girl you've banged

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Imagine acting like having any sort of standards is a bad thing. Especially if you're a thot posting selfies constantly you're implicitly agreeing to be heavily criticized


Haha imagine being this person

Haha yeah imagine having hobbies besides lusting after e-thots on Jow Forums all day

Haha imagine projecting this hard

With girls like this, I wonder if her parents literally gave her estrogen shots during puberty.

Haha imagine referring to using context and logic to come to a conclusion as projection. Shitposting aside, cowtits, thicc and such is what happens when normies let porn take over their lives and they branch off to extreme proportions and such, 4channers among various niche internet communities have far more access to other forms of extreme porn and fall down that rabbit hole instead

I unironically chuckled at the Petercrane

Haha imagine being this person

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If she lost weight, would she still have big boobs?

must starve to death in order to get regular size tits tho

I'm using you as an excuse to ramble and you're using me as an excuse to post thots. Good talk

Haha imagine being a gay retard

But the jewess is the one in the blue shirt....

>me too>

That's because you're low IQ

Pretty sure 99% of slightly chubby women do not have boobs anywhere near that size

it would be extremely painful