Stop eating bland incel food and start living a little

Stop eating bland incel food and start living a little

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I never eat sugar anymore so when I do it hits me like a car and my body goes "what the fuck dude"

Post body

Does your face turn red from the insulin spike? I didn’t eat sugar for a year and ate a Reece’s bunny and it did. Went another year and drank a fucking Diet Coke and the same shit happened. I know there’s no sugar in Diet Coke but felt just like it.

Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

Not sure, never noticed

This. I remember going on a big cut and eating a chocolate donut when I was finished. Honestly didn’t think I would make it.

Doughnuts are bland incel food though? Am I missing something?

Fat results in higher estrogen, the promotion of fatness is a deliberate attempt to weaken the masculinity of western society. Have fun with your gyno and wimpy demeanor for that quick sugar rush goyim

based donut poster

yeah donuts are one of the best sugar/fat foods
shit like cake and muffins are trash but not donuts

just count calories, no big deal

I unironically get sugar comas eating sugar, I feel like I'm dying

I made chimmichuri steak sandwiches for lunch. I'll probable use the leftover sauce to marinate some fish for grilling.

I miss eating pastries everyday. Also miss eating bags of chips, drinking sodas everyday, and eating a lot of food in general.

Trying to lose 100 lbs of fat and put on a lot of muscle. It's been brutal and I miss self-harming with food, but I love my wife and kids far more.

>I love my wife and kids far more
Proud of you user

I actually bought sweets yesterday and regretted it immediately. Shit was NOT cash.

rate my food Jow Forums
boiled chicken with cabbage

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Even tho this board is "muhh Jewish coffee", just drink a lot of coffee. I used to be a fat bitch and lost a shitton of weight just by sticking to a certain routine everyday. I used to work 9-5, with 1 meal combined with drinking coffee in between to keep me going. After work I eat my 2nd (and last meal), let it digest and go the gym. Afterwards you will be so fucking tired (especially if you have kids) that you gonna sleep like a baby. The key to this is basically that you don't even have the time to think about shitty food. Goodluck user.

I bet you're white. You need some spices. Shit is whack

You know some people actually enjoy how the food itself taste and don’t need shitty spices that just add empty calories.

My dinner last night, porkchop, steamed vegetables and 2 roast potatoes.
I've been eating quite healthy for the past 5 years, but I really ramped it up this year and have cut out almost all heavily processed or 'unnatural' foods. You just kind of wonder how there are people out there that eat maccas for lunch every single day, and drink coke the same way I drink water or eat chocolate the same way I eat fruit. It just looks so sad, so many obese people think eating healthy is boring and tastes bad, how wrong they are, eating healthy unironically tastes BETTER than not.

forgot pic

Fuck me retard mode

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i eat whatever i just count calories(and protein).

So true, when obese people think healthy eating they think that means starving themselves and eating celery and tiny ass salads and think meat is bad. There’re so retarded and are missing out really.

Then you’re probably still intaking stuff that is either not needed or bad for you.

I don't like spices and sauces in my food


Based dubs.

Anyone else feel like puking cuz of OP's picture?

I've eaten enough junk. Now I'm practicing cooking. The idea that you have to eat bland stuff to loose weight is a myth. Sure, I can't eat lab-formulated addictive sugarcrack, but it's incredibly satisfying to make a meal that tastes good and know exactly what went into it (within reason).

No bro, food is good for food, don't need to fake its taste.

I still eat a lot of shit but lately I haven't eaten much chocolate. The other day I ate half a chocolate orange and the day after I ate the other half.
I then got a blind pimple under my lip that, after trying to squeeze it out, made all that area swell up almost like someone had given me a fat lip. I can't say the two are connected but that has never happened to me before.

Well you kinda need to when it's chicken

Not really, just eat the ready to eat grilled chicken breast or get some chicken, strip the skin off, oven the bitch for 30-45 minutes, then just eat the fucking chicken

How does a thread like this not get removed instantly?

No you really don’t.

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The Jannies don’t lift and don’t know what’s acceptable on a fitness board.

are you jewish by any chance? seriously asking i just want to know.

>strip the skin
isn't that good fat though?

>not needee
who cares
>bad for you
theres litteraly a horde telling me how everything is bad for me (using that exact frase "that's bad for you") so i stopped caring.
its not like im stuffing myself with junk food i eat pretty "healthy" but if i felt like junk food or some trash empty carbs candy with 10 billion chemicals on the packaging whose names are just numbers ill have that(and count the calories).

fuck off kike

Yes because "living" means buying useless shit, right

> spices
> empty calories
Fuck you are a retard who doesn't cook. Tell me how many calories are in salt, pepper and paprika?

You don't tell me what to do, faggot,

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