Is he bigger than you?

Is he bigger than you?

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Not in his pants, as I've recently seen in his leaked sex tape.


His peenu standa straight up

dickie vertical lolol

he was only about 5.75 inches I'm the s3x tape

I am 7x5.5 flawless symmetry with the perfect dick of a God. girls literally suck my dick for hours and worship at its altar. kissing it, licking, tonguing, gagging, throating. thick pulsating manhood made to be cherished and adored

cope more dicklets

t. incel DYEL

W-what are you guys talking about? I meant his physique

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>roiding for this

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Definitely. Most importantly in his cheekbones, chin, and jaw

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t. dickcel cope

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Haha imagine kissing him on the lips really hard and grabbing his ass at the same time haha.

>t. larper

I'm not reading that, imgur link a pic of it

Link? Was it with Helix Studios or Tim Tales? Haha

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why are his biceps perfectly straight? pretty weird...

DYEL spotted

What's his name?

here are normal biceps for reference

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Yeah it's about now you realize most people on this board are closeted homosexuals who have no interest in fitness.

I was going to share, but they already deleted it sis


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Oh wow, you fucked another dude in the ass. Congrats.

>wow another thread about a non-natty faggot who edits all his pics for internet likes

gee I'm sure glad you posted this again

>y-youre larping if you claim your dick is bigger than 5 inches

Would it even be gay to suck his dick? To qualify it wouldn’t be done in a sexual way. I don’t know why he would want to, but who am I to deny the whims of a guy who has developed a physically perfect masculine form? Something that looks more beautiful then statues of the Greek Gods. A guy so noble and fair should be able to stick his penis in my mouth without my consent ever being taken into consideration as he is so clearly superior.

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It's sad how many threads this applies to

his tits are bigger thats about it

Watch the new kenny ko video where he talks to this dude. Nigga looks small af. Not small but natty limits small

What kind of curve is that lmao, How does he fuck

Are you bragging of fucking other men? lmao

How is his dick like 6 inches when he has a huge bulge in photos

He's literally retarded when it comes to sex. No wonder girls say guys with big cocks ( outside of porn ) are shit at fucking.