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As nofap has been proven in studies to increase testosterone levels (after certain thresholds), nofap is definitively a Jow Forums topic and belongs here as much as /fraud/.

Tell me anons, what's your longest streak of not fapping?

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5 days it was last week coomed on Saturday and coomed three more times. Been back on it since Sunday. Post coomers for inspiration bros.

I jacked off today. This shit is a meme lol

Would’ve been a week but I had a wet dream
How do I recover from orgasms

wet dreams don't count as breaking nofap

In 4 hours I'll be on day 5. I imagine this man's face every time I think about cumming anywhere that's not in or on a girl, and magically my desire to masturbate disappears.

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fucks up the benefits of semen retention though doesnt it?

based and kirkpilled

ima roll for nofap

What happens if the coomer goes on nofap?

>what's your longest streak of not fapping?
I got to 76 days, that was like 5 years ago. I haven't come close since, I think my best after that was 30 days. I'm on week 2 right now, shooting to make it to new years.

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Probably, but honestly I don't think it matters. A lot of nofap's benefits can simply be stated as "you're not jerking off to another man getting pleasured by a woman you can't have."

Week 3

Went three months then broke after having spent several days fighting boredom.

Do you guys ever talk about this shit in real life, lol. Sometimes I scroll through here and wonder what the fuck I am reading, and what normal people would think if they just stumbled upon this...these threads with all the coomer shit.

I do think it’s good not to masturbate all the time, and porn is obviously bad.

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Did nofap for 5 months, all it did was make my dick turn purple and made me extremely sexually frustrated
Didn't give me energy, didn't help motivate me to go have sex

Biggest meme ever nofap is

Made one of my best bros talking about NoFap. At first it was all dudeweed and indie rock...then we talked about how we should become gymbros...then at the gym it came up that we were both on NoFap. He was like
>Day 10!
And I was like
>That's nice
>Day 400

Holy shit, your dick turns purple if you don't jerk off? Like a little kid holding their breath?

I'm 6 days in and I started thinking about my ex again. NoFap is making wanna text her. Man I'm so horny and lonely. Fapping would suppress those thoughts.

What do I do bros?

Don't fap. Make an okcupid account and go get laid

Not jerking off is about harnessing your libido to be more productive, not thinking about how much you don't want to jerk off and hoping for superpowers after 3 months

I keep relapsing. Time for a change. Rolling for how many days I will nofap (fucking wont count tho) I encourage all of yous to do the same

>hoping for superpowers after 3 months
Lol, made me think of this

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You won’t get the benefits of semen retention by having sex either, but that shouldn’t be an issue for any of us.

What positives have you seen or felt?

Am I the only one around here for whom nofap was the easiest thing ever and came about quite naturally?

I'm on my first and only streak (because I'm never masturbating again) for 10 months now.
I never enjoyed masturbating nor watching porn to be honest, found it all disgusting on a moral and mental health level.

I actually forced myself to start masturbating when I was 13 because I thought I had to be comfortable with my body, but years later I noticed that I still didn't think it was very nice or useful. Then, I heard about nofap and just thought: "yeah better stop once and for all".

Has anyone been like me?

Longest streak was 60 days. At that point had complete control and jerked off out of curiosity thinking I had completely overcome this vice. (was funny, squirted like a super soaker)

Shortly after, got dragged back in to all the fetish shit, and haven't been able to make it 2 weeks in the last 5 years.

Jerked off yesterday, last 2 digits decide my next streak length.

11 years it is, you should be fine.

It was years ago, I've since fallen, but it was a pretty transformative period in my life. Made a lot of gym gains, became a little more social. I broke the streak after actually picking up a woman in a bar. I was just cheerful all the time. I want that back.

ur very low test

I've noticed the same benefits.

You feel like you are finally yourself

the only choice is to fap. You don't want to make the mistake of calling up that ex of yours do ya?

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Could that really be it?
What are other signs of low test?

Did nofap for a week and lifts were going up even in my worst day, jacked off sunday and today was full of energy and still failed my last bench rep also didn’t finish squats. This was the proof I needed, not gonna jack off ever again

just give up user. It's all a meme. grab the lotion and feel the sweet release


I can't even tell what No Fappers make as satire and what they actually believe anymore.

The last time I did nofap for like 5 days I came so fucking much, when I see my girlfriend in 4 months she's gonna be in for a surprise. Hopefully I'll have kicked my porn and fap habit by then and have reset, currently on... day 18/19, I think

Tomorrow will be day 5. I can't go back. I absolutely must live NoFap again.

What happens when satan stops being evil

That's the spirit, but keep in mind that such things are only one step on the way to a better you.

Hey user, got a minute to talk about Jesus Christ?

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reminder that porn ruining your brain is a meme.
reminder that semen retention is the only thing that matters.
reminder that edging causes retrogade ejaculation and/or semen leakage.
reminder that wet dreams are a setback.
reminder that nofap won't help you get girls.
reminder that nofap is not for everyone.

>nofap won't help you get girls
But that's a lie

if you're doing nofap to get girls you're a faggot.
thats how you misinterpret nofap, turn it into placebo and prove you're a coping incel.

Just ended my first NoFap streak, it was 21 days.

>A girl gave me a blowjob
>I then ate her out until she came
>I then fucked her
>The next morning I woke up with massive morning wood
>Fucked her again, she came before I did

feels good bros, she might turn into a gf, who knows

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how did you meet the girl?

Outstanding, soldier

can you teach me how to eat pussy

>>I then fucked her
>>Fucked her again, she came before I did
This implies she didn't cum the first time you fucked her. You already screwed this up.

I haven't watched porn in 25 days. feelsgoodman.

how is your story relevant to nofap?


My gf is legitimately offended when I fap. She says it makes her feel inadequate. It's just a recent thing because we're busier and don't see each other as often. She tells me to save up to give her a monster creampie. That's hot but hard to stick to in practice. What do?

not me personally, but there are people out there who just have lower libidos. I'm sure there are folks like you out there.

save up to give her a monster creampie

Not him, but man, did I get good at eating pussy when my high T cohabitating slut gf wouldn't fuck for two years. Got me started on NoFap too. After that I had a submissive gf I absolutely railed. All stages in education. And to think there are virgins on this board!

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can you teach me how
i've eaten pussy and the girls love it but never cum

>My gf is legitimately offended when I fap.
>She tells me to save up to give her a monster creampie.

Ivanka at dentist not related

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hmm makes sense, but I wonder how many, it doesn't seem to be common

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lick from the bottom up, play around with their clit

girls can come multiple times retard

Brutal mog


Don't do too much. Like with fingering, you have to earn her trust, make her feel comfortable giving her pussy over to you. Firm but not too aggressive. Like you're picking someone up in the air, you want her relaxed. Sometimes, and especially at first, it's not movement you need, just warmth and pressure. I like to start out with big old doggie licks of the whole pussy. You don't finish the lick, you're basically just pressing your tongue flat against her and letting her move. She will. This should be the same as when you first grab 'em by the pussy: gently take command of the thing and let her show you her tempo. From there you can move to licking the areas to the side of the clit above the small labia--that's where you'll direct most of your efforts. 10 and 2, like a steering wheel. As she gets more excited you can take her clit in your mouth, roll it back and forth, etc. Be careful to keep it in its hood. At the plateau you should really be teasing her, like just barely touching her clit with your lips, backing off for a second, breathing on it. When she comes you're probably going to be going all-out on the clit, but not directly, of course. Going over it with your tongue between those two side areas is money. 10 o'clock over to 2 o'clock, back in time to 10 o'clock, repeat. At all times listen to her. Don't talk, that's so¥, but pay attention to her movements. Err on the side of less movement, but maintain tongue-to-puss contact. You want her pressing into you, asking for more.

Ok roast me Jow Forums, tell me how I don't know anything and should get a sex doll.

I wish I felt like than when fapping
I feel nothing, but I still do it

I'm glad there's a general to keep you cultists in one place.

Several years long

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Just finished day 4, it's getting harder, but I can feel the extra energy, I think it's just horniness motivating me to do more




hahahahaha this is the best representation of nofap

Rolling for 99 will tripple it if get

fuckit ill do 317 days


yeah just started 2 weeks ago and I am exactly the same. I know I will never do it again because I used to be an alcoholic and released the point when I would never do it again. When it no longer is appealing you can easily stop it forever and masturbation is a foolish activity

Coomed today, on day 8. But it was without porn so I suppose it's an improvement.

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how did you feel after 76days? 30days ?

How long into nofap do you get christ approved cooms (wet dreams)?

Well you'll also turn blue if you hold a lot of coom in your mouth

In my opinion semen retention is 99% bullshit and placebo, I do believe there are benefits of not watching porn or not masturbating but the whole semen retention thing is a bit of a joke. You didn't decide to have a wet dream so you didn't break your streak, besides your body probably did it for a reason.


That's exactly why we don't do it bros.

Im confused. Were you able to make her climax from penetration? If so then why would you eat her out? Eating pussy is strictly for little dick niggas that cant make a girl cum

Beware of false teachings. Wet dreams are often times a product of sinful thoughts.

These are unironically so good at instantly getting me to not want to coom, I should bookmark this shit and just click on one whenever my pp goes uppy.