How does it feel knowing that a gaggle of trannies are more aesthetic than you are?

How does it feel knowing that a gaggle of trannies are more aesthetic than you are?

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And yet Dylan rood decides to shoot up a church LMFAO. Clown world

They can shoot roids but their muscle fibers and tendos and skeletal structure stays the same

I'd bet that an average guy could still knock these ghouls around

My reaction was physical recoil. The same as if you realized the bread you were about to eat contained mold.

They legit all look trash.

Damn, that gyno is crazy

So this is underwear for whom? 'men' without penises?

You are perfectly capable of purchasing a firearm and killing trannies. How about you stop being such a fucking pussy and do something you twink.

Oh, no. I enjoy watching the world burn from my comfy sweater. I’m not dying in prison for the sake of “muh white male” lmfao

lol look at their titties hahahah

Why don't you post body, little man?

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these two pass the best, the other ones you can still see the femininity

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Ah yes, the balding roiding 'man'let and the wide hipped soft-bodied-while-having-abs lanklet (though is probably actually still under 5'10" as that's a group of female to males).

Truly the pinacle of fitness.

Let's see that body, cis boi

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lmao those nipples

Don’t all the FtM ones get HGH prescribed to get rid of that pesky estrogen? That’s probably why

The nignog on the rightmost side looks alright, pretty masculine and not a manlet and a decent ottermode physique.

(Also, note tippy-toe regime engagement in the back.)

No, estrogen blockers and T for ftms, test blockers and E for mtfs, no HGH that I know of but any non-cuck ftm is gonna hop on a couple of cycles of HGH and probably blast and cruise roids too cause why the fuck not? I mean not like they can fuck up their natural test production.

what are their heights?

They're abominations, nothing will ever change that fact, ever.
They're but the testing grounds for something infinitely worse, trans-humanism with a hidden does of Eugenics.

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Wait since when the fuck is EddieIzzard an actual tranny? I thought he wore dresses during his stand-ups as a gag? I used to like that guy...

Fuck just imagine how much of a man you'd look if you were on the same cycle

i know right, this pic is proof that AAS are really a godsend in some ways. if it werent for the sides, they would be a fountain of masculinity. someone should do an experiment one day, put an incel on tren, test, some estrogen blockers like exemestane, and see how long they remain incel on that cycle. i bet you they would lose their virginiy wthin 2 years or less.

Imagine the captain America serum these fuckers are on

They were families' daughters once...

GtFO FBI trying to do gay ops to justify accelerated destruction of Bill of Rights.

>20 random strangers on PEDS

Wow you really got me with that one.

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Except they arent

Post body