How much can you bench Jow Forums?

How much can you bench Jow Forums?

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Started at 95lbs 3 months ago. At 170lbs now. Just over my body weight.

390 pounds


DL 6pl8± sq5pl8+



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I can bench about 5hundo at 181lb

85 lb dumbbells x8

More than you, weak minded bitch.

245. Up from 155 a year ago so not bad progress, although at this rate, I'll never make it to 315.

Mostly made major gains in the past few months because stopped bitching out on asking for a spotter. I usually know it's time to go up in weight when I start being able to do 3 reps of my current max.

not enough
currently sit at a measly 105 lbs, any tips bros?

Closing in on 600lbs

6’5 148lbs btw

About 225 x 8 decline, so probably 225 x 5 flat bench

120 lbs I am beginner tho

volume and time.

thank you user

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200lbs x 5 for incline bench

I genuinely have no idea what my flat bench is, I haven't done it in a good half a year

Same bench here.

You literally went up 90lbs in 1 year, for bench that's great progress. I'm positive if you follow a legit program you'll hit 315 in a year or 2, both of us. Just dont be in a rush.

We got this bro

Well just did 125 3x5 so next week I’m shooting for 1 plate

what can you do with barbells

365 for 1 in comp

160 ib been lifting for about 5 months 6'2 158 pounds last i checked

1 rep like 260ish and I have absolutely no size or definition in my chest, shoulders, or tris.

My best is two 100lb dumbells for eight reps.

>6'2 158 pounds

Thank you hungry skeleton

gained like 15 pounds of muscle tho so not so bad

>Get to 2 plate bench for 1x5
>Suddenly lose all motivation to get better on bench

Does anyone else know this feel?

Fuck no. I'm at 315 for 5ish on flat and it feels so shit. I want to be able to put up 315 easy

70kg, started this year

70 kg x 3 its not much i know, been lifting for 4 months

Did 245 for 4 last week. Trying to hit for 5 this week. I'm 186

you got it user

I never tried maxing but I did 195x10 last week. Last year I was doing 135x10 so there’s been some improvement

275 is my 1rm as of a month and a half ago. I want 3 plates so bad honestly it's my number one obsession in life right now. I already have 4 plate squat and 5 plate deadlift so this would complete my collection of 3/4/5. fuck... desiring something so hard can be annoying sometimes

I love thots

305 for a 3x5

4 plate


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Wait wtf, that rep rule actually sounds based, thanks user


I use dumbells but anything over 50s I feel are way too much for my size, tho I could probably do it just won’t cuz injury are you some large cunt or did someone spot u ronnie coleman style

Medically can't.
Tumor running up along my sternum prevents any kind of barbell bench, or front squat.
If the bar ever landed with more than ~20 lbs of force it could rupture and cause internal bleeding, so it's the dumbbell life for me

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Whatever I think dumbbells are better anyway
More stabilization, numbers chasing is irrelevant honestly
Being able to not injure is more important

Holy shit rip dude, I’ll dedicate my squats and deadlift this week to you

Over the years my routine slowly became more bodybuilder style for upper body, and powerlifter style for lower.
It works for me, but shit still sucks for aesthetics, even if the only people who'd ever notice something's off is Jow Forums.

Idk, haven't benched in a few years. What's the equivalent of doing 6 reps of weighted dips with 85 lbs at 185?

Couldn’t you just do shitloads of pushups as well or is that off the list

95kg cmooooon 2pl8 this is the year for me

I could, but I hate calisthenics, and still have a decent chest thanks to a mix of DB flat bench, DB incline bench, and cable crossovers.

Yesterday I benched 1pl8 for 5 reps after 3 years of working out, not too bad.

hit a pr today of 205 x10 pretty based



Plate and a half 13month in. 75kg on incline

6'1, 180

>incline 235
>decline 295
>flat 305

I don't bench, I only do weighted dips

do not be ashame, tomorrow you will lift more

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Magical skellington

The very reason I switched to DBs was the lack of a need for a spotter. I push every set hard, and on the last rep lower the DBs very slowly, hold for a few secs, then toss them to the side.

gotta try that on the last rep, cheers

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Coomer btfo

Started at not being able to lift the bar (40 lbs), able to lift 3x130 lbs on the Smith Machine now after a year.

Too autistic to get a spotter, too lazy to eat right.

I can't progress on my bench because of searing front shoulder pain whenever I move my arms below parallel to my body.

Was able to bench 110kg for 3 reps, now switching to higher reps at 6x100kg

Sounds like a rotator cuff injury.

Don’t do upper body for 2 months, and get some resistance bands after you recover and learn how to warm up

Once or for reps.


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I weigh 70kg and can do 3x10 decline diamond push-ups with 1min rests and a 40cm high decline, I don't know how that would translate into bench though.

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Pretty weak. Around 60kgx5 is max i can do. Everything else (squat, DLs etc. both 100 kg) is going well. What do i do?

That sounda bout the right ratio. If you can DL 100kg x5, I'd expect a squat about 80kg and a bench of bout 60. Just keep going.

You can cure it with dry fasting

I have a fucked upper to lower body strength ratio. I can squat 3pl8s and deadlift 4 pl8s for at least 5 reps each, but barely manage to bench 205 for more than 5 reps

The bench today will be for you. Injure and condition bros, I feel you all. Broken arm and twisted shoulder here, it fucks pretty much every pushing motion I do but I adjust my arm in such a way to still do it. I'm aware that I might literally be destroying my body but what else am I to do? I sure as fuck ain't going back to be a weak fat fuck.
My bench is 90kg right now but I had it to 100kg. I'm deloading now.

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1pl8 + 5kg, so along with the bar it's 70kg or 155 for the burgers